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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


President Obama to Appoint Veteran Secret Service Official to Oversee Agency

Steve Neavling 

President Obama plans to appoint a veteran Secret Service official to oversee the agency, Reuters reports.

David O’Connor, a former assistant director of investigations who retired last year, is Obama’s pick for the post, which protects the president and other top federal officials, Reuters wrote.

Senate confirmation is not required.

Reuters wrote that O’Connor will replace Mark Sullivan, who retired in January after nearly three decades with the agency.


Lead FBI Agent in Rep.William Jefferson Case Speaks Out About the Victories and Near Misses

Lori Mody

By Gordon Russell
New Orleans Times-Picayune
NEW ORLEANS — Were it not for Virginia businesswoman Lori Mody’s skillful undercover work, William Jefferson would probably still be representing Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District in Washington, according to the FBI agent who oversaw the case against the longtime Democratic congressman.

It was Mody who first brought Jefferson’s corruption to the attention of federal investigators, Special Agent Tim Thibault says. And more importantly, it was Mody’s zeal for the case and mastery of hidden-wire work — as well as her willingness to put her own money at risk — that made the case.

Thibault conceded that Mody was an imperfect government operative, referring obliquely to her “personal issues.” What he didn’t say was that the FBI learned just days before Jefferson’s 2009 trial was to begin that she had slept with one of the case agents, causing federal authorities to decide to keep her off the witness stand. She had been penciled in as the star witness.

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FBI Investigates Special Agent After Police Say He Used Badge to Avoid Arrest

Steve Neavling

The FBI is investigating one of its own after he allegedly used his badge to avoid arrest for drunken driving in Georgia, the Chattanooga Times Free Press reports.

Fort Oglethorpe police say Special Agent Ken Hillman received special treatment after getting pulled over for drinking and driving.

For the first time, the FBI acknowledged its investigating Hillman, who also is under fire for allowing a civilian to work on the Northwest Georgia Crimes Against Children Task Force, the Free Press wrote.

“The FBI is aware of the allegations made against one of our special agents and we have launched an investigation into those allegations,” agency spokesman Stephen Emmett told the Free Press.

Former DEA Officials: Go After States That Legalized Pot for Recreational Use

Steve Neavling

If the federal government doesn’t act soon, it may lose the chance to stamp out recreational pot laws in Colorado and Washington, cautioned eight former DEA officials, the Associated Press reports.

Although voters legalized small amounts of possession last year in those states, the law still conflicts with a federal ban on marijuana.

The DEA heads plan to issue joint statements to President Obama’s administration Tuesday, the AP wrote.

“My fear is that the Justice Department will do what they are doing now: do nothing and say nothing,” said Peter Bensinger, one of the former DEA administrators said. “If they don’t act now, these laws will be fully implemented in a matter of months.”


Opinion: FBI Headquarters Should Stay in Washington D.C.

Garrett M. Graff
Washington Post

The FBI lists its official address as 935 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, as if one could wander by the angular, concrete, block-size headquarters without noticing the J. Edgar Hoover Building. The aging 11-story monstrosity — an especially ugly example of the Brutalist movement in architecture — is nearing the end of its life, and not even preservation experts want to save it.

But that doesn’t mean the bureau should leave the District.

The FBI’s requirements have shifted with time: Digital records have negated the need for floor upon floor of fingerprint files, while staff increases have led to workers being scattered across more than 20 annexes in this area alone. The thousands of Hoover Building staffers who spend their days in its drab corridors would almost certainly love a building filled with natural light and less linoleum.

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FBI Raids Homer Police Department As Part of Tight-Lipped Investigation

Steve Neavling

FBI agents raided the Homer Police Department in Louisiana Friday as part of an investigation into the department, the Shreveport Times reports.

Agents executed a search warrant announced, the FBI confirmed to the Times.

The nature of the investigation is unclear but officers were told to turn over their Tasers, the Times wrote.

The investigation comes as the city tries to do away with the police force to save money.

Looming Budget Cuts Prompted Homeland Security to Release Thousands of Illegal Immigrants

Steve Neavling

Homeland Security released more than 2,000 illegal immigrants facing deportation because of looming budget cuts, not a few hundred as originally reported, Catholic Online writes.Since Feb. 15, about 1,000 illegal immigrants considered low risk have been released each week, according to Catholic Online. 

The Obama administration said it was not aware of the plan, and Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano criticized her agency’s handling of the release.

“Beyond that normal movement, and as fiscal uncertainty remains over the continuing resolution and possible sequestration, ICE reviewed its detained population to ensure detention levels stay within ICE’s current budget and placed several hundred individuals on methods of supervision less costly than detention,” ICE spokesman Brian Hale said.


FBI Forensic Artists Construct Facial Models of Missing Bodies

Steve Neavling

FBI artists are crafting facial models of people whose remains were found and never identified, The Virginian-Pilot reports.

The idea is to release the images to the public and hope someone can identify them

Forensic artists construct “facial approximations ” using plastic and molding material, The Virginian Pilot reported.

The busts were unveiled at a news conference in Norfolk.

Since 2011, Leah Bush, Virginia’s chief medical examiner, worked with the FBI on 15 faces, three of which led to identifications.