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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


FBI: About 50 Law Enforcement Officials Killed in Line of Duty in 2012

Steve Neavling 

Nearly 50 law enforcement officials were killed in the line of duty in 2012, according to preliminary records from the FBI.

The good news: The 47 killed is 25 fewer than 2011.

“Each of these losses reminds us that our safety and freedom come at great cost,” Director Mueller said in a May 13 video message to law enforcement colleagues. “We must continue to do everything in our power to reduce the threats to our officers, deputies, and agents and to keep our colleagues safe from harm.”

Of those killed, eight died during traffic stops; another five were killed in ambushes; and the others died while investigating suspicious activity, according to the FBI.

Report: New Border Patrol Initiative Is Not Keeping Migrants from Re-Entering the U.S.

Steve Neavling 

A strategy to send migrants back to Mexico in areas far from where they entered isn’t working as initially planned, according to a new study that monitored the agency’s efforts, the Associated Press reports.

Lateral repatriations, as the strategy is called, are used to make it tough for migrants to reconnect with smugglers.

But an assessment of the plan has shown that migrants caught crossing the border often get captured again, the AP reported.

The most effective deterrents are criminal prosecutions and formal deportation procedures, the report found.


FBI: New Orleans Parade Shooting Appears to be Street Violence, Not Terrorism

Steve Neavling 

The FBI suspects that the New Orleans Parade shooting was the result of “street violence,” not terrorism, the Huffington Post reports.

Gunmen opened fire at the Mother’s Day parade, injuring at least 19 people.

Videos from the shooting shows victims scattered on the ground, bleeding.

FBI agents said the shooting appears to be a flare up in street violence, the Huffington Post reported. “These “These kinds of incidents will not go unanswered. Somebody knows something. The way to stop this violence is for you all to help,” New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said.



FBI Planes That Are Flying Over Boston Appear to be Conducting Surveillance

Steve Neavling 

Residents have been reporting suspicious, loud and low-flying aircraft in the Boston area since last month.

Turns out, the small planes belong to the FBI, the Business Insider reports.

While the FBI won’t comment on the planes, which include a Cessna 208 carrying registration N1132F, Cessna 206H N309JK, and Cessna 182s N859JA and N906TM, the aircraft appears to be conducting aerial surveillance and intelligence, the Business Insider wrote.

Some of the aircraft includes eavesdropping systems, including thermal and video imagery.

FBI Agent Describes New Details of Women Held Captive in Cleveland Home

FBI Agent Charged in Slaying of Estranged Wife in Virginia

 Steve Neavling

An FBI agent in Stafford County is accused in the fatal shooting of his estranged wife, the Associated Press reports.

Arthur “Art” Gonzales told dispatchers he was acting in self-defense when he shot and killed his 42-year-old wife, Julia Sema Gonzales.

The 43-year-old agent, who is being held in jail without bond, said his wife attacked him with a knife.

Gonzales was a supervisory special agent-instructor at the FBI’s National Academy at Quantico.


Boston Police: FBI Failed to Share Russian Warning about Boston Marathon Bomber

Steve Neavling

The FBI failed to tell Boston police about Russia’s 2011 warning that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the two accused bombers, was becoming radicalized, the New York Times report.

Had police known, they would have investigated, said Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis.

“We would certainly look at the individual,” Commissioner Davis told the House Homeland Security Committee. “When information is out there that affects the safety of my community, I need to know that.”

The FBI responded that some Boston officers should have been aware because Tsarnaev was among about 1,000 people who were assessed by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Times reported.

Cleveland Police Removed Kidnapping Victim, Michelle Knight, from FBI Database Early On

Steve Neavling 

Nearly a decade before Michelle Knight escaped her captor’s house in Cleveland, police removed her from an FBI database that stores information on missing people, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

Just 15 months after Knight went missing in 2002, her name was wiped off the database.

Police defended the move, saying they couldn’t reach her mother to verify the woman was still missing.

But at the time, the police department had a written policy that required an officer to verify a missing person has been found and then inform the FBI, the Plain Dealer wrote.