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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


Crime: The Good and Bad About Social Networking Sites Like Facebook and MySpace

facebook1Bank Robber Discovers It’s Not A Good Idea To Blog Everything You Do

By Brian Schott
A man who robbed a South Carolina bank and then blogged about it on MySpace pleaded guilty Thursday  to the crime in a South Carolina federal court.

On Jan. 20, Joseph Wade Northington, 27, of Roanoke, Va., robbed the Security Federal Bank in North Augusta, S.C., and made off with nearly $4,000, according to the FBI.

After suveillance photos aired on television, a tipster called authorities to say the robber was Northington, the FBI said.

Agents then tracked him down in Virginia.

Of course, the prosecution’s job was made a little easier by the fact Northington had posted on social networking site MySpace, for all to see:“On tha run for robbin a bank Love all of yall.”

He faces a maximum fine of $250,000 and a prison sentence of seven years to life.

Fake Facebook Profile Leads to Child Porn Charges

A Kansas man is charged with creating a fake Facebook account to solicit pictures of underage children, according to a federal indictment announced last week.

Michael Cowley, 38, posed as a 19-year-old woman on the social networking site in order to entice the victims – including a 13-year-old boy – into sending him illicit images, according to a Department of Justice press release. He could face over 30 years in prison and up to $1 million in fines if convicted on all counts.

Reputed Chicago Mob boss Michael “The Large Guy” Sarno, a Cop and 5 Others Indicted


Associated Press
CHICAGO – A reputed mob boss, a police officer and five other men were charged Thursday in a sweeping racketeering indictment that alleges eight years of armed robberies, burglaries, jewel thefts and arson based in the western suburbs of Chicago.

Michael “The Large Guy” Sarno, 51, of Westchester allegedly masterminded much of the group’s illegal activity, including a February 2003 pipe-bomb explosion that wrecked the storefront offices of a company distributing video poker machines.

Prosecutors say the bombing was a message from organized crime to stop intruding on its $13-million-a-year video poker gambling business.

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Justice Department Spars With Washington Times Over Black Panther Report


Interesting to see the Democratic administration sparring with the conservative media voice in town. This is not likely to be the last time.

By Mary Jacoby
Main Justice

WASHINGTON — The Department of Justice is disputing a Washington Times report today claiming that Obama administration political appointees overruled career Civil Rights Division attorneys in dismissing a voter-intimidation lawsuit against members of the militant Black Panthers. In an editorial, the Times expressed dismay the story hadn’t been “front-page news.”

In a statement issued by Civil Rights Division spokesman Alejandro Miyar, the DOJ said:

Contrary to the report in the Washington Times, a career attorney in the Civil Rights Division made the final decision to dismiss charges against three of the defendants in this case following a thorough review that determined the facts and the law did not support pursuing the claims in this case

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Another Story: FBI Attacks New York Post for Story on Cyber Virus Attack on FBI Computers  (FBI Press Release)

Indicted Chicago Alder. Isaac Carothers Wore FBI Wire

There’s something to be said about tradition in the great city of Chicago. In the last 36 years, 30 sitting or former aldermen have been convicted of  crimes. Obviously Alderman Carothers is all about upholding tradition. His father, a former alderman, went to prison in the 1980s for extortion.  Viva la tradition.

Alderman Isaac Carothers

Alderman Isaac Carothers

Chicago Sun-Times
CHICAGO — One of Mayor Daley’s closest allies on the City Council has been wearing a wire and secretly recording “public officials and real estate developers” for more than a year, a City Hall bombshell that was revealed in a federal court document Thursday.

Ald. Isaac “Ike” Carothers (29th) was charged Thursday with fraud and bribery for allegedly accepting $40,000 in home improvements and other gifts from a politically connected developer, but he has been cooperating with the feds since April 2008, according to court papers.

A government motion filed in February asked to keep under seal the indictment of the developer — Calvin Boender — until May. It was unsealed Thursday.

The document identifies Carothers as “Public Official A” — with clear identifiers pointing to him, including a reference to one of his family members running for Congress in 2004.

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D.C. U.S. Atty. Jeff Taylor Stepping Down

Jeff Taylor/doj photo

Jeff Taylor/doj photo

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — D.C. U.S. Attorney Jeff  Taylor, who held one of the higher profile U.S. Attorney posts in the nation, is stepping down this Friday.

Taylor, 44, who held the post since 2006, oversaw some of the biggest FBI investigations including the deadly anthrax probe.

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton had made it clear that she planned to recommend a replacement, and Taylor knew he had no chance of staying on under the Obama regime.

His interim replacement is likely to be named by Friday. Melissa Schwartz, a Justice Department spokesperson, said late Thursday afternoon that no one had been named yet.

In a prepared statement, Taylor said:”Serving the residents of the District of Columbia has been the most rewarding experience of my life.”

Taylor will lead the fraud investigation practice at the auditing firm Ernst & Young, according to a company press release.

Before taking the post, from 2002 to 2006, Taylor served as counselor to Attorney Generals John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales. Prior to that, he was an assistant U.S. Attorney in California and served as counsel to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

Initially, Taylor took the U.S. Attorney post on an interim basis and federal judges extended his tenure.

Some candidates for the permanent U.S. Attorney job include the office spokesman Channing Phillips, Ron Machen, Roy Austin Jr. , Anjali Chaturvedi and Shanlon Wu.

So far, President Obama has only nominated six U.S. Attorneys around the nation.

FBI Releases on Website New Files and Photos on Infamous Bank Robbers Bonnie and Clyde

Clyde Barrow/fbi photo

Clyde Barrow/fbi photo

WASHINGTON —  The legend of Bonnie and Clyde lives on 75 years after the infamous couple was gunned down in Louisiana in a law enforcement ambush.

The FBI said it is releasing about 1,000 pages  of new material including photos  from the investigative files of the Dallas FBI office that was recently uncovered while preparing  for an exhibit in Dallas.

Allan Lengel

To See Files And More Photos  Click Here

Baltimore U.S. Atty. Loses Top Staff to Main Justice

U.S. Atty. Rod Rosenstein/gov photo

U.S. Atty. Rod Rosenstein

A game of musical chairs has left the Baltimore U.S. Attorneys office with a void or “brain drain”. Such moves may help main Justice, but may not be so good for the Baltimore U.S. Attorney’s office. Then again, it’s not clear if Rosenstein will get to stick around himself as Pres. Obama begins replacing some Bush appointees.

By Henri Cauvin
Washington Post Staff Write
Maryland’s U.S. attorney, Rod J. Rosenstein, has lost three of his top prosecutors to high-profile jobs at Justice Department headquarters in Washington.

Jason M. Weinstein, who was the chief of violent crimes for the federal prosecutor’s Baltimore office, started this week as a deputy assistant attorney general in the criminal division at what’s often called Main Justice.

Mythili Raman, who was the U.S. attorney’s appellate chief, has been serving as acting chief of staff in the criminal division at Main Justice since summer and is expected to be kept in the job by the new criminal chief, Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer.

James M. Trusty, who was deputy chief of the U.S. attorney’s Greenbelt office and who oversaw the Maryland federal prosecution of the MS-13 gang, became deputy chief of the national gang unit at Main Justice in March.

Breuer said in a statement that the new leaders from Maryland are a testament to the Justice Department’s ability to recognize talent and Rosenstein’s ability to develop it.

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Ill Sen. Roland Burris Responds to FBI Tape: Denies Buying Senate Seat