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September 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


FBI DNA Lab Helps Crack 19-Year-Old Texas Brutal Rape of Girl Age 8

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N.J. FBI Arrests Port Authority Cop Who Worked on FBI Task Force

FBI arrests Port Authority Police Detective Michael Palermo

Chihuahua-Slaying Texas FBI Agent Still Faces Internal Probe 4 Months After His Sentence

FBI Agent Shot A Chihuahua Just Like This One/istock photo

FBI Agent Shot A Chihuahua Just Like This One/istock photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Last time we checked, Texas FBI agent Lovett Leslie Ledger, who fatally shot his neighbor’s 3 pound Chihuahua named Sassy with a pellet gun, was still an FBI agent facing an internal investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibilty.

That was four months ago.

Well, on Tuesday the FBI said nothing has changed. The pellet gun-totting, Chihuahua slaying Ledger remains an FBI agent in the San Antonio Division — at least until the internal investigation is completed.

After that, who knows? Penalties for such action can range from a letter of reprimand to a firing. In the meantime, there’s a good likelihood he’s in the dog house at the FBI.

Back in early July, Waco, Tex., State District Judge Matt Johnson gave Ledger, 40, two years deferred probation and 300 hours of community service for the 2008 shooting.  He pleaded no contest to animal cruelty charges.

The Waco Tribune-Herald reported that a neighbor saw Ledger shoot the dog with a pellet rifle in February 2008.

FBI and Secret Service Probe Anti-Obama Message With Swastika at Boston Area Golf Course

wbz-tv photo
wbz-tv photo

By Allan Lengel

The FBI and U.S. Secret Service are investigating who carved a swastika and President Obama’s name on the 18th hole of a golf course in Lakeville, a town some 40 miles south of Boston, the Boston Globe reports.

Early Monday morning, workers at the Lakeville Country Club discovered the message “I (swastika) Obama” and immediately notified authorities, the paper reported.

“We investigate these cases thoroughly,” Steven Ricciardi, special agent in charge of the Secret Service’s Boston office told the Globe. The local police chief told the paper that the crime was likely a hate crime.

FBI Using Futuristic Facial Recognition Technology on Driver’s Licenses

Like out of a sci-fi movie, the FBI is using this advanced technology. It seems cool. But not everyone is cool with it, like the ACLU. Will this futuristic approach bump up against legal challenges?


Associated Press
RALEIGH, N.C. – In its search for fugitives, the FBI has begun using facial-recognition technology on millions of motorists, comparing driver’s license photos with pictures of convicts in a high-tech analysis of chin widths and nose sizes.

The project in North Carolina has already helped nab at least one suspect. Agents are eager to look for more criminals and possibly to expand the effort nationwide. But privacy advocates worry that the method allows authorities to track people who have done nothing wrong.

“Everybody’s participating, essentially, in a virtual lineup by getting a driver’s license,” said Christopher Calabrese, an attorney who focuses on privacy issues at the American Civil Liberties Union.

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41 Years Later, FBI Arrests Pan Am Hijacker in NY

pan-am-logoBy Allan Lengel

Better late than never.

The FBI in New York arrested Louis Armando Pena Soltren, 66, who was wanted for the 1968 hijacking of Pan Am Flight 281 bound from New York to Puerto Rico, the New York Times reports. Soltren arranged to surrender so he could visit his famiy, including his wife.

He was arrested Sunday at Kennedy airport at 1:30 p.m. after arriving from Cuba, the Times reported. To read more, click here.

Justice Dept. to Review Mandatory Waivers of DNA Testing for Some Fed Convicts

This is an interesting issue. The bottom line is: No one should have to waive their right to DNA testing if there’s any remote possibility that it will prove their innocence. It’s called the justice system. Why should we take something away that can provide justice? If we can prove something beyond a reasonable doubt, why not go for it?

DNA code analysis

By Jerry Markon
Washington Post Staff Writer

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. has ordered a review of a little-known Bush administration policy requiring some defendants to waive their right to DNA testing even though that right is guaranteed in a landmark federal law, officials said.

The practice of using DNA waivers began several years ago as a response to the Innocence Protection Act of 2004, which allowed federal inmates to seek post-conviction DNA tests to prove their innocence. More than 240 wrongly convicted people have been exonerated by such tests, including 17 on death row.

The waivers are filed only in guilty pleas and bar defendants from ever requesting DNA testing, even if new evidence emerges. Prosecutors who use them, including some of the nation’s most prominent U.S. attorneys, say people who have admitted guilt should not be able to file frivolous petitions for testing. They say the wave of DNA exonerations has little impact in federal court because all those found to be innocent were state prisoners, and the waivers apply only to federal charges. DNA evidence is used far more frequently in state courts.

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FBI Releases Soundless Video of Tsunami Striking Its Parking Lot in American Samoa

Note: It takes some patience to watch this. The action doesn’t come until the last few seconds of this 2:08 minute tape.