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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


FBI Joins Hunt in Drive-by That Wounded Anchorage Cop

anchorage-mapBy Allan Lengel

The FBI has joined local and state police in the hunt for whoever is responsible for a drive-by shooting that wounded an Anchorage police officer on Saturday, the Anchorage Daily News reported.

The officer, Jason Allen, 47, was shot five times and remained hospitalized, the paper wrote.

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Ex-FBI Official Says FBI Should Get Some Credit For Fighting Terrorism

James Kallstrom is a former FBI Assistant Director and a member of the FBI Director’s Advisory Group. He was also a director of the New York Homeland Security Agency.


New York Post Op-Ed

Ever since 9/11, critics have suggested that the FBI isn’t up to its task as our nation’s lead counterterrorism agency.

Yet, as the nation focused on the failures of the intelligence community in the Christmas Day bombing attempt over Detroit, last Friday saw two more arrests in the ongoing FBI investigation of a plot to bomb New York City first exposed by the September arrest of Najibullah Zazi.

It’s easy to stand on the periphery, without the benefit of real-world experience, and render judgments with the benefit of hindsight. But counterterrorism cases are extremely complex and often require a relatively quick series of judgments, often with incomplete information. Counterterror investigations and intelligence gathering aren’t black and white, simple or easy.

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FBI Creates Email for Tips for Serial Killings in Virginia in 1980s

colonial_parkwayBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The FBI has created  an e-mail account to collect tips on at least eight slayings between 1986 and 1989 in Virginia known as the Colonial Parkway Murders, the Washington Examiner is reporting.

None of the murders along the 23-mile stretch between Jamestown and Yorktown have been solved and the FBI said it “will use DNA and other new techniques to take a fresh look at the murders”, the paper reported.

The e-mail is People can also call the Norfolk FBI at 757-455-0100.

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The Latest from the Once Friendly Skies: FBI Arrested Intoxicated Passenger Who Locked Himself in Bathroom

plane window2By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — And now for the latest from the once friendly skies.

Authorities say a Virginia man who forced an Atlanta to San Francisco AirTran flight to divert to Colorado on Jan. 8 got angry after flight attendants cut him off from having more alcohol, according to Denver tv station KDVR. He had downed 5 airplane sized wines.

Federal prosecutors say Muhammad Abu Tahir, 47, eventually locked himself in the bathroom and took off some of his clothes and at one point  placed his shoes and socks outside, the station reported, the station reported.

At another point he opened the lavatory door, revealing that he was shaving with no shirt, the tv station reported, referring to the arrest affidavit. As a precaution, flight attendants strategically placed beverage carts to prevent the man from reaching the cockpit.

Two military F-16s escorted the plane to Colorado Springs Airport while Tahir remained in the bathroom, the station reported.  The  FBI then arrested him.

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Ex-FBI Agent and Columnist Greg Stejskal Says FBI Knew About McGwire’s Steroid Use Way Back

Retired FBI agent Greg Stejskal

Retired FBI agent Greg Stejskal

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Former FBI agent Greg Stejskal, a columnist for, tells that he didn’t need baseball slugger Mark McGwire’s confession on Monday to know he was taking illegal steroids.

Stejskal says informants told the FBI about McGwire’s doping regimen two decades ago and added that it was unfortunate he wasn’t caught back then during a federal steroid probe dubbed Operation Equine that Stejskal helped lead for the FBI.

Stejskal tells that the feds never considered charges against McGwire, but had they, it might have brought more attention to the problem.

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Michael Ward Named Head of Newark FBI

Michael Ward/fbi photo

Michael Ward/fbi photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Michael B. Ward has been plucked from the FBI mothership to head the agency’s  Newark Division, starting in March.

Ward, currently the assistant director of Counterrorism Division’s Operations Branch II at headquarters, started his FBI career in 1988 and spent the first nine years in the Dallas office dealing primarily with violent crime, interstate theft and criminal enterprise investigations, the FBI said.

In July 1997, he was promoted to supervisory special agent in the Office of Professional Responsibility at FBI Headquarters. Nearly two years later, he was named assistant inspector in the Inspection Division.

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Muslim Parents Coming Forward Against Extremism is More Common Than Public Realizes, Muslim-American Leaders Say

Publisher Osama Siblani
Publisher Osama Siblani

By Allan Lengel
For (A new AOL news site)

WASHINGTON — The dramatic, fast-paced events of recent weeks that had parents contacting the FBI and CIA about their children’s links to radical Muslims may clear the way for other reluctant parents to come forward, say key figures in the Muslim-American community.

But on the flip side, leaders fear the cases may leave the wrong impression that the Muslim parents in Northern Virginia and in Nigeria who stepped up were exceptions, and that others ordinarily would never do such a thing.

“I am pleased to see the recent two examples,” said Nawar Shora, legal director for the Washington-based American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. “To see that the Northern Virginia parents did not face any negative ramifications, if anything, it might help push a few people who were uncertain.”

But he said Muslim parents, contrary to what some may think, have contacted authorities before and have long been sensitive to children’s exposure to “self-radicalization.”

“That’s always been there,” Shora said. “No parent wants to lose their kid to extremism.”

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Website Challenges Conservative Columnist Over the Firing of a D.C. FBI Agent

Frank Gaffney/facebook

Frank Gaffney/facebook

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The news website TPMmuckraker is challenging an assertion by conservative columnist Frank Gaffney in a recent op-ed piece  that D.C. FBI agent John Guandolo lost his job because of fierce opposition to radical Islamic ideology, not because he was sleeping with a key witness in the ex-Congressman William Jefferson public corruption case as was reported.

“And in an e-mail exchange with TPMmuckraker, Gaffney is standing by the column, while providing no information to back up his claim,” the website wrote.

The website wrote: ” The Jan. 5 column, which ran in the Washington Times and elsewhere and encourages president Obama to hire Guandolo as part of a terrorism “Team B,” includes this passage (emphasis ours):

“Moreover, few in the military, intelligence or law enforcement communities have missed what has happened under this administration (and, in fairness, under the previous one) to patriots like the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s erstwhile Shariah specialist, Steven Coughlin, or an FBI special agent with deep expertise in counterterrorism and jihad, John Guandolo. For courageously challenging the official orthodoxy on the ideological wellspring of the threats we face, namely Shariah, they lost their jobs.”

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