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October 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


Relatives Get Rare Opportunity to Raise Objections to Release of Certain FBI Files of Ted Kennedy

Late Sen. Ted Kennedy

Late Sen. Ted Kennedy

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON – In a rare move, the family of Edward M. Kennedy will be allowed to raise objections before thousand of pages of the late Senator’s FBI file are released, the Boston Globe reports.

The paper reports that the the FBI is providing the “uncommon” opportunity so that the privacy rights of living relatives will not be violated, the Globe reported.

“In certain circumstances [such as] the family of victims of crimes or, as in this case . . . a public official, [the FBI] may coordinate the release of certain material with the family,” Dennis Argall, an FBI spokesman told the Globe, noting that the practice was rare. “The family of a deceased person may have a privacy interest.”

“But the reason [for objecting] can’t simply be that it is embarrassing” Argail told the Globe.

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Retired G-Man Operates Website to Pay Tribute to FBI Agents Who Went After the 1930s Outlaws

Agent George H. Franklin at shooting range/photo from Wack's website
Agent George H. Franklin at shooting range in 1930s/ photo from Wack’s website

By Allan Lengel

Sure, there’s been endless stories about the many gangster of the 1930s like John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Bonnie and Clyde.

But what about the FBI agents who battled the criminals of that era, says Larry Wack, who worked as a special agent from 1968 until 2003 and who lives in New York state.

“So much has been written about the Dillingers of the era, I wanted to ensure the memories and more of the Agents who pursued these outlaws,” Wack said.

Wack has launched a website “Faded Glory: Dusty Roads of an FBI Era” to find relatives of the agents of that era to share stories and photos of their loved ones.

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Jurors in Ex-Cong. William Jefferson Said Mundane Documents — Not $90,000 in FBI Money or FBI Tapes — Convinced Them to Convict

Jefferson stands next to attorney Robert Trout during sentencing /Sketch by Art Lien/NBC News
Jefferson stands next to attorney Robert Trout during sentencing last November /Sketch by Art Lien/NBC News

By Allan Lengel

Rep.William Jefferson was hardly a household name — that is until FBI agents found $90,000 in his freezer at his Capitol Hill home on Aug. 3, 2005.

In the public’s eye, that seemed to be the center piece of the government’s case against Jefferson.

But  jurors who convicted the ex-Congressman of 11 of 16 public corruption charges last August have broken their silence and told the New Orleans Times-Picayune that it was the mundane documents that convinced them of his guilt, not the cash or photos or FBI secret recordings.

The Times-Picayune, in a story published Sunday by reporter Bruce Alpert, wrote that “particularly compelling, the jurors said, were letters and contracts outlining the payments that businesses were to pay to companies controlled by Jefferson’s family in return for the congressman’s assistance in brokering deals in West Africa.”

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FBI Tapes, 3 Aging Chicago Mobsters and a Plan to Rob

mafia33By Allan Lengel

The arrest of three Chicago area mobsters on Thursday — all senior citizens — had the makings of a movie, from the FBI surveillance and listening devices to the plan to knock off an armored car and rob the home of the late mob boss Angelo “The Hook” LaPietra.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that authorities arrested Jerry “The Monk” Scalise, 73, Art Rachel, 71 and Robert Pullia, 69, all of the Chicago area. Scalise and Rachel were both convicted in the infamous 1980 heist in London in which the men made off with jewelry including a famous Marlborough Diamond. They appeared in federal court Friday afternoon and were detained, the paper reported.

The Sun-Times reported that the feds charged all three men with planning to rob an armored car that was going to pick up money at a bank in LaGrange, a Chicago suburb.

The paper reported that the FBI had been surveilling the crew since December and learned that they also planned to rob the home of feared mobster boss LaPietra, who died in 1999.

“All my client has told me so far is this is nonsense,” Terry Gillespie, who represents Scalise said, according to the Sun-Times.

The paper reported that the FBI secretly recorded Scalise’s conversations via listening devices in his van. In one instance, the FBI recorded him talking  about killing a cooperating witness in a mob trial..

“We got to spare some time [and] a bullet for that f—— piece of s—,” Scalise is quoted as saying about the unnamed witness, according to the Sun-Times.

The Sun-Times reported that  director Michael Mann hired Scalise as a consultant for the Johnny Depp film, “Public Enemies”.

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Grandma Led 3-Generation Drug Ring

OxyContin/dea photo

OxyContin/dea photo

By Allan Lengel
For AOL News

Nancy Bell is not your typical grandma. Just ask the feds and the sheriff’s department in Lee County, Va.

Authorities say the 64-year-old Tennessee grandmother, who suffers from heart ailments, and her daughter Iris Gibson, 45, and granddaughter Misty Parker, 23, illegally trafficked in OxyContin. The powerful narcotic painkiller sometimes is referred to as “hillbilly heroin.”

Earlier this week, Bell pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Abingdon, Va., to multiple counts of distributing OxyContin and maintaining a place for distribution of controlled substances. Her daughter and granddaughter had already pleaded guilty.

All are awaiting sentencing on June 8 before U.S. District Judge James P. Jones. All potentially face serious prison time.

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Qatar Diplomat Scares the You Know What Out of Everyone Aboard DC-to-Denver Flight: No Joke

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — First lesson: if you’re going try your hand at humor on a plane — better it be funny, than scary.

The Associated Press reported that something went wrong on United Flight 663 from Washington-to-Denver Wednesday night when a diplomat from Qatar, who has lived in the U.S. for years, tried to sneak a smoke in the bathroom.

The AP reported that an official said the man “made a joke about it” after being confronted, which only alarmed people more on the Boeing 757 with 157 passengers and six crew members.  AP did not specify what the joke may have been, but there were some reports implying it could have related to lighting a shoe.

Authorities said no explosives were found and it appeared the man was not trying to harm anyone, AP reported.

Nonetheless, an air marshal, who apparently didn’t get the humor, restrained the man. No joke. ABC identified him as Mohammed al Modadi.

And there was another not-so funny moment. AP reported that fighter jets were scrambled, but the plane landed safely in Denver. Law enforcement was interviewing the man.

Maybe as a real joke, the State Department can expell the man from the U.S.


FBI Arrests S.F. Man for Threatening Calls to Speaker Nancy Pelosi

house photo

house photo

By Allan Lengel
For AOL News

WASHINGTON — The FBI arrested a San Francisco man this afternoon for allegedly making dozens of threatening phone calls to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over health care reform, the latest in the backlash against lawmakers who supported the legislation.

Gregory Giusti, 48, was arrested around 12:15 p.m. and was scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in San Francisco at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, Patti Hansen, a spokeswoman for the FBI in San Francisco, told AOL News.

Hansen said the charges were under seal, and, therefore, she could not comment on them.

“We take threats against elected officials very seriously,” she said.

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Key FBI Official Arthur Cummings Retiring: Head of FBI Memphis Office Coming to Washington

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON —    A key FBI official,  Arthur M. Cummings II, executive assistant director for the FBI’s National Security Branch at headquarters– which includes weapons of mass destruction, counterintelligence and counterterrorism — is retiring soon to work for a financial institution in Connecticut.

Cummings, who has been an agent for 22-years, had served in his latest position since January 2008. Over the years, he held a number of posts in the FBI including special agent in charge of the Counterterrorism and Intelligence Branch at the Washington field office.  He is former Navy Seal and speaks Mandarin Chinese.  His replacement has not been announced.

In other developments in the FBI, Memphis’ top FBI agent My Harrison, who has headed the office for the past five years,  is moving to Washington to take over as as deputy assistant director for the FBI’s Security Division, which includes FBI background checks and building security, authorities said. Her replacement in Memphis has not been announced.