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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


FBI-Homeland Bulletin Says No Specific Terrorist Threat Against U.S. as There is in Europe

terrorismBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The feds are saying there’s no indication of any specific terrorist threat to the U.S. or its citizens as there is in Europe, the Associated Press reported.

The FBI and Homeland Security Department in an intelligence bulletin said there is nothing out there to indicate there’s a planned attack against the U.S., AP reported.

“We are aware of, and closely monitoring, recent reporting indicating a terrorist threat to Europe,” the bulletin said, according to AP. “At this time, there is no indication that the reported threat is directed specifically toward the United States, its citizens, or infrastructure; however, we assess that al-Qaida and its affiliates continue to plot against the Homeland and US allies.”

U.S. travelers to Europe have been warned to be careful and vigilant.

FBI Nabs Suspect in Fatal Brinks Robbery in South Fla.

florida-map1By Allan Lengel

The FBI has captured one man but is still looking for at least two others in the armored car robbery in South Florida on Friday in which a Brinks security guard was killed, the Associated Press reported.

Authorities said Sunday that  the FBI captured Nathaniel Moss, 31, on Friday, shortly after the heist at a Bank of America in Miramar, Fla. , AP reported. The suspects’ car crashed into a trash bin and they ran.

FBI Special Agent John Gillies told AP that the suspects made several mistakes that “gave an opportunity for law enforcement to react quickly.”

Brinks guard Alejandro Nodarse Arencibia,48, was fatally shot when two men approached him. He was carrying cash from the bank to an armored truck at the time, AP reported.

Brinks is offering a $75,000 reward and the FBI announced on Sunday it was offering an additional $25,000, AP reported.

Retired FBI Agent Lester Davis Dies at Age 94

fbi logo large
By Allan Lengel

Retired FBI agent Lester G. Davis of Atlanta, who developed an impressive record for capturing bank robbers in the 1950s while working in New Orleans, died Saturday at age 94, according to an obituary in the  New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Lester’s career with the FBI spanned 32 years, starting in 1942. He retired in 1974, the obituary said.

In the late 1960’s he went off to work in Atlanta and he became a serious coin collector, the paper said.

Target of FBI Raid Was Invited to White House in April

20 FBI Agents Said Detroit Imam Was Warned to Show Hands

Luqman Ameen Abdullah

Luqman Ameen Abdullah

By Allan Lengel

A 300-page police report released Friday stated that  20 FBI agents and three others in  law enforcement  said they heard agents warn Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah to show his hands or they’d send in a police dog, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The report backed the conclusion this week by the Michigan Attorney General, who found agents acted properly.

The imam was shot and killed by agents during a raid on a Deaborn warehouse involving stolen goods. Other law enforcement agents who mentioned teh warnings were from the U.S. Border Patrol, Oakland County Sheriff’s Department and ICE, the Free Press reported.

The paper reported that agents released the dog, which bit him. Abdullah fired three shots in the direction of the agents and the dog, which was killed. No agents were injured. Abdullah was killed after four FBI agents fired 20 times.

The police report said the FBI brought in 14 agents from the elite Quantico, Va. squad known as Hostage Rescue Team to help the Detroit FBI, and three of the four agents who shot Abdullah were from that unit, the Free Press reported.

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Column: Ex-FBI Agent Says Scathing IG Report Doesn’t Faze Bureau in Raids on Anti-War Activitists

Rowley in center

Rowley in center

By Coleen  Rowley
Ex-FBI Agent
For Huffington Post

The war on dissent, rather than terrorism, continued full steam with FBI SWAT teams breaking down doors at 7 am Friday (Sept 24) morning and raiding the homes of several anti-war leaders and activists in Minneapolis, Chicago and possibly a couple other Midwest cities.

Members of the FBI’s “Joint Terrorism Task Force” spent a few hours at each Minneapolis residence, seizing personal photographs and papers, computers and cell phones as well as serving Federal Grand Jury subpoenas on the various activists.

Obviously the scathing review of post 9-11 FBI “terrorism investigations” targeting various peace and social justice groups completed by the Department of Justice Inspector General (IG) and just issued four days ago gave no pause to the FBI to reflect before continuing to do more of the same.

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FBI Says Ex-NY University Official Forced Students to Perform Chores For Scholarships

SJ_LogoBy Allan Lengel

Now it’s the feds turn to teach Cecilia Chang, former vice president and dean of a New York university, a big lesson.

Federal authorities in New York on Wednesday indicted the former St. John’s University official for allegedly threatening to revoke scholarships if students failed to carry out certain tasks like cook, shovel snow, clean, wash clothes and chauffeur her family, who lives in Queens.

She also had students deliver money to her at a casino, authorities alleged in a court document. She is charged with soliciting and accepting payments of things of value as an agent of an organization and forced labor.

FBI agent Kenneth F. Hosey in an affidavit said that Chang had the authority to grant “discretionary scholarships” to up to 15 students each year.

“Chang threatened the students and placed them in fear that if they refused to perform these personal services, they would lose their scholarships and be unable to attend St. John’s,” Hosey wrote.

Read FBI Affidavit


Fed Prosecutor (WAS) in Hot Water After Jumping in Pool with Boxers

Boiling Water on GasUPDATE: The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office decided Tuesday (10-18) not to press formal charges, saying there was insufficient evidence to show  he `intentionally exposed his genitals in a lewd or lascivious manner,” according to the Miami Herald.

By Allan Lengel
For AOL News

Depending how you look at it, Miami federal prosecutor Sean Cronin landed in hot water when his privates went public. Or when he first plunged into a cool pool at a watering hole wearing just his boxer shorts.

Whatever the case, one thing led to another on Sunday afternoon at a beer, chicken wings and sushi joint overlooking the Miami River. A mother covered her daughter’s eyes. Then the Miami cops showed up and arrested Cronin, 35, on a felony charge of lewd and lascivious exhibition and a misdemeanor count of resisting a police officer without violence.

Federal prosecutor Sean Cronin was arrested Sunday on suspicion of lewd and lascivious conduct after jumping into a restaurant pool in his boxer shorts.

Now it’s in the hands of the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, which is trying to figure out whether to move forward or drop the whole matter.

“It’s too early to tell if any charges are going to be filed,” Terry Chavez, a spokeswoman for the State Attorney’s Office, told AOL News. “We have to bring witnesses in and see if [Cronin] and his lawyer want to make statements. It’s a brand-new case. Our lawyers are looking into it like any other case.”

Sean Cronin/miami-dade corrections

Sean Cronin/miami-dade corrections

Cronin’s lawyer, Joel Denaro, told The Miami Herald the charges are “beyond absurd. He went swimming in his boxer shorts, for God’s sake. He did nothing wrong.” Attempts to reach Denaro and Cronin, who works in the U.S. Attorney’s Appellate Division, were unsuccessful. The U.S. Attorney’s Office did not return calls for comment.

The incident happened Sunday afternoon at Finnegan’s River, a restaurant and bar on Southwest Third Avenue in Miami. The New England Patriots football game was on the big screen, and Cronin, a Boston native, was watching. At some point, the 5-foot-5, 160-pound Cronin jumped into the pool at the bar, wearing only his boxer shorts. A woman and her young daughter were at the pool.

Then, according to a police report obtained by AOL News, when Cronin “came out of the pool, his penis was exposed and appeared to be erect.”

The mother “covered her daughter’s eyes,” then alerted pool staff members, who tried to detain Cronin until police arrived, the report said.

“While trying to detain the defendant, he tried escaping through a back exit,” the report said. “At this time Officer Arzola … arrived on the scene in a marked police vehicle wearing full uniform [and] observed the defendant running out the back of the establishment … and [he] continued fleeing southbound, jumping over multiple fences.” The officer apprehended him.

The bar where it all happened isn’t commenting — at least not to the media. “We’re not able to release any information,” a Finnegan’s River employee said over the phone.

Still, that hasn’t kept people from offering up opinions and talking about the matter, particularly in the law enforcement community.

“I do believe, however, that our society has overcriminalized people’s behavior and actions to the point of absurdity,” Tony Riggio, a former high-ranking FBI official, told AOL News. “We have all been guilty of stupidness at various times in our life. That a mother and daughter were offended is too bad, but wouldn’t it have been more human to just laugh it off as a silly stunt or an act of a man being ‘boy.’ It seems we take our lives too seriously and fail to enjoy life.”

A Miami federal agent, who asked not to be named, told AOL News that some people in Miami law enforcement circles think the whole thing has gone too far and that Cronin has a reputation as a good prosecutor and a decent guy.

“He shouldn’t have run,” the agent said. “But it’s been blown out of proportion. Should the guy be ruined and destroyed over one act of indiscretion? His indiscretion was drinking and jumping into the pool with loose-fitting boxer shorts on.”