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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


Mother of Slain FBI Agent Sam Hicks Wrote Judge to Ask for Justice

Slain FBI Agent Sam Hicks/fbi photo

By Allan Lengel

The mother of slain Pittsburgh FBI agent Samuel Hicks asked a federal judge for justice before sentencing for drug dealer Robert Korbe, whose wife shot and killed agent Hicks, according to a letter she wrote to a judge in September. The letter was unsealed Monday in U.S. District Court  in Pittsburgh.

Korbe was sentenced in September to 25 years in prison for drug trafficking and other charges. His wife Christina Korbe has been charged with shooting agent Hicks during a raid  on Nov. 19, 2008 at  the Korbe home in Indiana Township, Pa. Authorities said Robert Korbe was trying to dispose of drugs in the basement at the time.

“You knowingly had possession of illegal substances, and guns in your home the day before you were to appear before a judge on criminal charges, and on November 19, 2008, you chose to run to the basement instead of opening your front door, as law enforcement called for and to you many times,” wrote Hick’s mother Charlotte Hicks Carrabotta in a letter dated Sept. 16. “You, again, were running from the law in an attempt to cover your criminal evidence -the core of who you are.”

“Today, Judge Terrence McVerry, I would like to ask that justice be served in this courtroom for the arrogance and defiance shown repeatedly by Robert Korbe against the laws that protect as well as serve (all) of us. These laws are laws that protect Robert Korbe, but also protect the life of Agent Samuel Hicks.”

“One moment of respect for the law -the simple act of opening a door -and my son would still be alive,” she wrote at the end.

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FBI-led Raids Result in Rescue of 69 Child Hookers and Arrests of 99 Pimps

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Child prostitution continues to be a nationwide problem.

With that in mind, over the past few days, the FBI along with local and state police and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) concluded Operation Cross Country V, in which 69 child prostitutes were “rescued”,  the FBI said Monday.

Additionally, authorities said the operation in 40 cities netted nearly 885 arrests including 99 pimps.

“Child prostitution continues to be a significant problem in our country, as evidenced by the number of children rescued through the continued efforts of our crimes against children task forces,” said Shawn Henry, executive assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch. “There is no work more important than protecting America’s children and freeing them from the cycle of victimization.”

The crackdown was part of the  nationwide Innocence Lost National Initiative.


FBI Arrests Philly Police Official With Aspirations to be Chief

Chief Charles Ramsey/dept. photo

By Allan Lengel

The FBI in all likelihood put an end to any aspirations of Philadelphia police inspector Daniel Castro becoming the department’s commissioner.

On Friday, agents arrested him at his home on charges of extortion in a scheme the Philadelphia Inquirer reported ” portrays him more like a gangster.”  Castro is the 15th Philly cop to be arrested since March 2009.

The paper reported that Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, a former Chicago police official and former head of the D.C. police department, knew the inspector was under FBI investigation.  In fact, the paper reported that last month at a press conference announcing the arrests of two officers charged with ripping off drug dealers, he remarked  that it “could get worse before it gets better.”

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7 Israelis Extradited in Lottery Scam That Ripped Off Elderly U.S. Citizens

By Allan Lengel


The U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York announced on Thursday the extradition of seven Israelis, who ran a lottery telemarketing scam that netted about $2 million from elderly victims in the U.S. between 2007 and September 2008.

“The perpetrators of this fraudulent lottery scheme gambled and lost,” said U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. “They allegedly preyed on the elderly, gained their trust, and exploited their vulnerability, but now they will face American justice. ”

Authorities alleged that the defendants identified elderly victims by purchasing the names and contact information of U.S. residents who subscribed to sweepstakes lotteries from list brokers.

They then contacted the victims and solicited information about their finances, saying they had won a substantial cash prize and would get it once they paid the ncessary fees and taxes, authorities said.


Royal Dutch Shell and Other Firms Pay $236.5 Million in Fines for Foreign Bribes

By Allan Lengel

Royal Dutch Shell PLC, a  Swiss freight company, four oil service companies and a U.S. shipping firm will pay a total of $236.5 million in criminal and civil fines for bribing foreign officials in 10 countries for favorable treatment, the Justice Department announced Thursday.

The companies bribed officials for favorable treatment in customs duties, imports and taxes, authorities said.

Authorities said the break down of the fines were as follows: $156.5 million in criminal fines and about $80 million in civil fines and restitution.

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Baltimore Cop Gets 5 Years In Beating of Handcuffed Juvenile

By Allan Lengel

Baltimore cop Gregory Mussmacher was convicted in state court of assault after he used his police baton to strike a handcuffed and shackled juvenile in the head and face.

But the conviction was reversed. So in stepped the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, which convicted Mussmacher in May for the 2004 beating and obstructing justice by trying to cover the matter up, authorities said.

On Wednesday, a federal judge in Baltimore sentenced the former  Baltimore cop to five years in prison, the Justice Department announced.

During its probe into the matter, the Justice Department also brought charges against  two officers, Guy Gerstel and Wayne Thompson,  who pleaded  guilty and testified against Mussmacher. Gerstel, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI during the investigation, is set to be sentenced later this month. Thompson, who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor obstruction charge, was sentenced in September to 6 months of home detention.

“The power that accompanies a police officer’s badge does not give the officer the right to violate the civil rights of those in his or her custody,” said Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil rights Division. “The Justice Department will aggressively prosecute any officer who abuses their power and violates the public trust in this way.”

“Any police officer who abuses a suspect, writes false reports and obstructs justice must be held accountable,” added Rod J. Rosenstein, U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland. “This case is an embarrassment to the many officers who earn our confidence by performing their duties with honor and integrity.”


Judge Rules FBI Agent Cannot Allege in Court that U.S. Attorney Indicted Him Because of Vendetta

By Allan Lengel
With trial set to begin next week, a federal judge has ruled  that an FBI agent accused of lying about his ownership in a building the FBI  leased in Oxford, Miss., cannot allege in court that the charges were the result of a vendetta by then-U.S. Attorney Jim Greenlee, the  Associated Press reported.

The ruling comes just days before the Nov. 8  trial for FBI agent Hal Neilson in U.S. District Court in Aberdeen, Miss.

The feds indicted Neilson in January on charges that he failed to disclose his interest in the Oxford FBI Building, an office he headed up, and lied about it later.

U.S.  District Judge Sharon Aycock ruled that the defense provided no evidence that Neilson was charged as a result of a vendetta by Greenley,  and that the allegation was irrelevant to the case, AP reported.  Greenley is no longer the U.S. Attorney.

Neilson claims the U.S. Attorney came after him after he criticized the office for investigating a number of residents with Middle Eastern names.

Update: FBI Says All 5 Mysterious Shootings at Military Buildings in Va. Are Linked

By Allan Lengel

The FBI said Wednesday that all five mysterious shootings at  U.S. military facilities in Northern Virginia are linked.

Lindsay Godwin, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Washington field office, said all indications from the FBI lab are that they are all from the same weapon.  She declined to say if the agency has a suspect.

The most recent shooting occurred late Monday or early Tuesday at a U.S. Coast Guard recruiting center in Woodbridge, authorities said. No one has been injured in any of the shootings.

In October, the gunman shot twice at the Marine Corpos museum in Quantico, at the Penatagon and the U.S. Marine recruiting facility in Chantilly.

The FBI said last week it suspects that someone with a gripe against the Marine Corps is the shooter.