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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


Veteran Special Agent in FBI to Head N.C. Department of Public Safety

Steve Neavling

Frank Perry, who served 22 years as a special agent for the FBI, was named as secretary of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Triangle Business Journal writes.

Gov. Pat McCrory made the appointment after Perry began serving as the department’s interim secretary earlier this month.

“Frank Perry has dedicated his life to public safety, primarily through his distinguished FBI career,” McCrory said in an announcement. “He brings a wealth of real-world experience to the helm of DPS in addition to his dedication to public service.”

Perry is a North Carolina graduate who was completing doctoral work on ethics and political philosophy when he was recruited by the FBI, according to the Triangle Business Journal.

Father of Man Killed by FBI to Meet with Florida Prosecutor

Steve Neavling

All Abdulbaki Todashev wants to know is what prompted an FBI agent to fatally shoot his son.

The FBI won’t say what happened when an agent killed Ibragim Todashev, a companion of one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, at his Orlando apartment earlier this year.

The Associated Press reports that the father is meeting with a Florida a prosecutor who will review the case.

The FBI originally said Ibragim Todashev lunged at an agent but has since backed down from that statement.

Top FBI Agent in Washington State Claims She Was Discriminated Against for Job Promotions

Steve Neavling

Laura M.  Laughlin, the top FBI agent in Washington state, says she continues to be discriminated against nearly two years after filing a gender discrimination suit against the bureau, McClatchy reports.

Special agent-in-charge of the FBI’s Seattle field office, Laughlin contends in an updated legal filing that her gender has cost her jobs in other cities, including Washington, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

“The FBI has consistently and intentionally refused to promote (Laughlin) because of her gender,” Laughlin’s attorney, David Wachtel, wrote in an Aug. 15 court filing.

Wachtel added that Laughlin was targeted “because she has opposed the FBI’s gender-based and race-based discrimination against herself and others.”

Whatever the case, Laughlin’s job puts her at the head the Seattle Office and nine satellite locations. She leads a team of 300 agents and support personnel, McClatchy wrote.

Serial Killer Toys with FBI in Newly Released Video of Interrogations

Alaska-based serial killer Israel Keyes, who took his own life last year, is shown in a new video toying with the FBI about his alleged victims, Slate reports.

At one point, Keyes says he’s unwilling to discuss details of the victims because he doesn’t want his mom to find out. Then he jokes with agents that he’s wasting tax dollars with digs for his victims.

When an agent expressed impatience with Keyes for not releasing some information, Keyes responds: “There’s gonna be a lot of frustration before this is all over but I mean there—it’s already been years of frustration for a lot of people. So they’re gonna have to learn to live with it for a little bit longer.”

The investigation and search continues.

“That fact that Keyes is dead makes it more difficult for us,” an Anchorage FBI agent said, “but the investigation absolutely continues.”

Canadian Scuba Diver Busted Trying to Smuggle Marijuana into U.S. Via Waterway

Steve Neavling

Drug smugglers have shown no end to new ways to bring drugs into the U.S.

On Tuesday, authorities said a Canadian scuba diver tried to smuggle $40,000 worth marijuana into the U.S. by swimming across St. Clair River in Michigan, the Lansing State Journal reports.

The scuba diver, who has not yet been identified, was spotted around 1 a.m. towing a big bag in the river.

When the man emerged from the water near Marine City, he was arrested by Border Patrol agents, the Journal reported.

He was found with a large, watertight PVC cylinder full of more than 8 pounds of high-quality pot.


FBI Trains Local Police How to Respond to Mass Shootings

Steve Neavling

Every split second counts in a mass shooting.

So the FBI, acting on a White House directive following a school shooting last year, is training local police how to handle a mass shooting, ABC News reports.

The idea is to establish a standardized strategy to respond to shootings.

Apart from the tactical drills, FBI officials are urging local police to call feds for extra manpower.

Father of Man Killed by FBI Speaks Out About Details of Shooting

Steve Neavling

FBI: Fake Bomb Was Left On Bus for People with Disabilities in St. Louis

Steve Neavling 

Everything about it looked real.

It even spooked authorities, who believed at first they may have found an improvised explosive device on a bus that serves people with disabilities in St. Louis, KCTV 5 News reports.

Turns out, the device was fake but was made to look real to scare people.

“The package in question was intended to look like a hoax device,” FBI spokeswoman Bridget Patton said. “It is an ongoing investigation. We did respond with a significant resources with an abundance of caution because this is a threat taken very seriously by law enforcement.”