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November 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


For 2nd Time in Less than a Week, Rep. Cummings Blasts Rep. Issa Over Fast and Furious

Rep. Elijah Cummings/govt. photo

By Allan Lengel

For the second time in less than  a week, Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings has publicly blasted  Republican Rep. Darrell Issa over ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious, which encouraged Arizona gun dealers to sell to middlemen, all with the hopes of tracing the guns to the Mexican cartels. ATF lost track of many of the weapons.

The latest round started Thursday when Issa and Sen. Charles Grassley fired off a letter to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III inquiring whether a third weapon from Operation Fast and Furious was recovered at the scene in Arizona where Border Agent Brian Terry was killed last December. The FBI has been investigating the case and had stated that only two guns were recovered and that ballistic tests were inconclusive as to whether they were used in the murder.

Thursday’s letter from Issa and Grassley to the FBI director, which was posted on ABC News’ website,  stated: “Several internal emails between ATF personnel initially indicated confusion over whether there were two or three weapons being traced. Given all these circumstances, it is reasonable to ask the FBI to clarify what it has learned about how many guns were possessed by the illegal aliens shooting at our Border Patrol agents and the current location of each of those firearms.”

Rep. Issa/gov photo

The letter asked:  “Does the FBI believe that a third weapon killed Agent Terry? If so, what steps has the FBI taken to locate the weapon and what is the status of the FBI’s search?”

In a press release issued Thursday, Rep. Cummings, who sits with Issa on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, blasted Issa, saying the FBI had already said there was no third weapon. Cummings earlier in the week had chastised Issa for making the same allegations about a third weapon  on Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation.

“Frankly, I am shocked that Chairman Issa would continue to spin this conspiracy theory—that the FBI is hiding a third weapon—even after his recent allegations proved false,” Cumming said on Thursday. ” Rather than acknowledging this embarrassing mistake and apologizing for making false accusations about the FBI, Chairman Issa’s letter is an unprecedented attack on the integrity and credibility of law enforcement that could seriously jeopardize the ongoing prosecution.”

Cummings’ press release Thursday continued: “On Sunday, Issa told Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer that he suspected the FBI had recovered a third gun at the scene of the murder, but was hiding that evidence to protect a confidential informant.”

“Issa based his erroneous claim on supposed flaws in the FBI’s evidence-marking procedure. Two firearms recovered at the scene were marked ‘K2’ and ‘K3.’ Issa suggested on Sunday that a firearm labeled ‘K1’ must be missing: ‘when you have tickets that are numbered two and three and there’s no ticket one, in other words, the weapon – one weapon has a two, one has a three on it, there’s no one.’ He claimed that it is ‘weapon number one that appears to be missing.’”

After Issa’s remarks on Sunday, the Justice Department issued a statement saying:  “Unfortunately, this most recent false accusation not only maligns the dedicated agents investigating the murder of Agent Terry, it mischaracterizes evidence in an ongoing case.” The Justice Department added: “According to the FBI, the item that Chairman Issa refers to as ‘K1’ is a blood sample from Agent Terry, not a firearm.”

Minn. Women Convicted of Material Support for Terrorists

By Danny Fenster

It wasn’t the Avon lady. It wasn’t even two generous ladies seeking donations for the poor and needy of Somalia they claimed to be.

Amina Farah Ali, 35, and Hawo Mohamed Hassan, 64, two naturalized U.S. citizens from Somalia living in Rochester, Minn.,  were convicted  Thursday in federal court in Minneapolis of providing material support to Somali terrorist groups, according to a U.S.  Attorney press release out of Minnesota.

Ali, Hassan and others raised money for the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab by soliciting donations door-to-door in Somali neighborhoods of Minnesota and other North American cities for the poor and needy of their homeland.

In the trial, authorities said the evidence showed that Ali had been in telephone communications with al-Shabaab members, who had requested financial assistance from her from Sept. 17, 2008 to July 19, 2010. They then used various money remittance companies to transfer the money to al-Shabaab with false names identifying recipients.

“On July 14, 2009, the day after the FBI executed a search warrant at her home, Ali telephoned her primary al-Shabaab contact, saying, ‘I was questioned by the enemy here . . . . they took all my stuff and are investigating it . . . do not accept calls from anyone.,'” according to the press release.

The two face a maximum 15 year sentence for conspiracy to provide material support to a terrorist organization. Hassan faces eight years for making false statements to agents when questioned about her support.

Ex-Amusement Park Worker Convicted of Threatening FBI Agent, Estranged Wife and Others Via Facebook

By Allan Lengel

Anthony Delonis tested his First Amendment rights in federal court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania via Facebook and lost.

The Legal Intelligencer reported that a federal jury on Thursday convicted him of threatening people through Facebook postings including an FBI agent, his estranged wife, the Pennsylvania State Police and the Berks County Sheriff’s Department and a kindergarten class.

The defense claimed he was just venting after his life unraveled, the Intelligencer reported. He was not convicted of threatening his ex-employees and patrons of the amusement park where he had worked.

It all began, according to an FBI affidavit by agent Denise M. Stevens, who stated that Elonis lost his job as a supervisor in the operations department with Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, Pa.

He then started posting threatening notices on his Facebook page, which concerned his former boss Daniel Hall, who contacted the FBI.

On Oct. 19, 2010, according to the affidavit, he posted this: “Someone once told me that I was a firecracker. Nah. I’m a nuclear bomb and Dorney Park just fucked with the timer. If I was the General Manager, I’d be on the hone with Sandusky discussing a damage control plan, but I’m not, and y’all haven’t heard the last of Anthony Elonis.”

He continued to post more threatening notes, resulting in a visit by agent Stevens and another agent.

Last Nov. 30, agent Stevens and agent Van Durme went to visit his home. The agents waited several minutes for him to come out onto the front porch. When he did, he asked if he was free to go.  Agent Stevens, according to the affidavit, said yes and he said thank you very much and went back inside and closed the door.

Later that day, Elonis posted on his Facebook page:

“Little Agent Lady. You know your shit is ridiculous. when you have the FBI knockin’ at yo’ door. Little Agent lady stood so close, Took all the strength I had not to turn the bitch ghost, Pull my knife, flick my wrist, and slit her throat, Leave her bleedin’ from her jugular in the arms of her partner (laugher).

“So the next time you knock, you best be serving a warrant,  And bring yo’ SWAT and an explosives expert while you’re at it, Cause little did y’all know, I was strapped wit’a bomb, Why do you think it took me so long to get dressed with no shoes on? I was jus’ waitin’ for y’all to handcuff me and pat me down, Touch the detonator in my pocket and we’re all goin’ (BOOM!).”

Read FBI Affidavit


DEA Busts NY Doctor for Writing Scripts to Drug Gang

By Danny Fenster

A Manhattan doctor has been supplying street gangs with the powerful painkiller Oxycodone for street sale, authorities say.

Dr. Felix Rodriguez was arrested when DEA agents and deputy U.S. Marshals  raided his offices Wednesday morning , reports NBC New York.

The internal medicine doctor wrote hundreds of prescriptions for gang members who allegedly sold the pills-nearly 50,000 of them-for as much as $30 a a piece the street, the station reported.

Rodriguez had been questioned by agents in February. He had told DEA agents that he was addicted to the painkillers and had been writing the prescriptions for patients, who would then return them to him for free medical care.

“Today’s arrests place a doctor whose oath was to keep people healthy, and his drug distribution organization behind bars,” Wilbert L. Plummer, DEA Acting Special Agent in Charge of the N.Y. Office said in a statement.

“Dr. Felix Rodriguez hid behind his white jacket while overseeing and facilitating an oxycodone distribution ring based in the Bronx, New York. The abuse of diverted prescription pain medication is the fastest growing drug problem in our country…”

To read more click here.



Gay Rights Advocates Weigh in on Upcomig J. Edgar Hoover Film that Portrays Him as Gay

By Danny Fenster

There has been an avalanche of opinions voiced by ex-FBI agents and current ones over the upcoming film “J Edgar” and his portrayal as being gay. Now, some Gay rights advocates are weighing in.

“I don’t know specifically why current officers object to the claim that Hoover was gay,” Jacob Appel, a New York-based lawyer that has written and advocated for gay and lesbian rights, told “If their concern is solely for historical accuracy, and they don’t feel there is evidence to support that claim, then that’s certainly a reasonable position.”

“On the other hand, if these individuals actually believe that being gay would somehow tarnish Hoover’s image–and I sincerely hope that no one in the FBI holds such deeply misguided views today–then their positions would reflect the sort of bigotry and ignorance that have no place in civilized society,” said Appel.

Clint Eastwood is producing the film and Leonard DiCaprio is playing the legendary Hoover. The film, scheduled for general release on Nov. 11, reportedly portrays Hoover as having a romantic relationship with Clyde Tolson, his number two man in the bureau.

Some agents, and particularly some retired agents who still idolize Hoover, credit him with building a world-class law enforcement agency, and have expressed concern about his portrayal as being gay.

Many say there’s no evidence that Hoover was gay. Instead, they argue that he was married to the job and that he was essentially asexual.

“I find it interesting that Hollywood has no proof of Hoover being a homosexual, a story that was sparked by a discredited author,” former FBI official Anthony Riggio recently wrote in a column for “Yet it tickled the media’s fancy and now the media can’t get over it, and every chance they get, they herald this unfounded suspicion.”

Then again, there are some FBI agents today who simply could care less.

Eastwood has caught some flack for the portrayal, but defends the film.

“It’s not a movie about two gay guys,” Eastwood told GQ. “It’s a movie about how this guy manipulated everybody around him and managed to stay on through nine presidents. I mean, I don’t give a crap if he was gay or not.”

DiCaprio says he’s not sure of Hoover’s sexual orientation.

“If I were a betting man, I actually don’t know what I would bet,” he told GQ.

Some gay rights advocates concerns are not just over the negative reactions from some FBI and former FBI agents, but of Hoover himself.

Rod Hearne, the Executive Director of the Seattle-based Equal Rights Washington,  comments:

“In 2011 it’s hard to imagine that two such powerful, unmarried, near-constant companions as J Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson would be seen as anything but gay.

“If the FBI and J Edgar Hoover’s friends and associates resist the notion that the blackmailing, extorting, empire-building, racist, homophobic man was gay, fine, whatever they wish to think. The straights can have him.”

Author Ronald Kessler, who penned the book “The Secrets of the FBI”, wrote in an article on the website Newsmax:  “Hoover and Tolson, both bachelors, were inseparable. They ate lunch together every day and dinner together almost every night. They vacationed together, staying in adjoining rooms, and they took adoring photos of each other.”

The relationship with Tolson, he wrote,  “points to Hoover’s being gay.  Most telling, when Hoover’s will was probated, Tolson received his estate  estimated at $560,000 … the equivalent of $2.9 million today. The bequest to Tolson was the final word on the closeness of their relationship and another indicator that Hoover was gay.” Kessler called the movie’s portrayal of their relationship a “legitimate dramatization.”

Appel, the New York lawyer, says if there is evidence that Hoover was gay, or for that matter, a cross dresser as some have suggested,  it would be a matter of “public historical interest…especially in light of his fierce and nearly monomaniacal persecution of gays and lesbians throughout his career.”

Bit what is far more important, he said, is “to remember the shameful legacy that Mr. Hoover left this country with in regard to his persistent hounding of ethnic, sexual and ideological minorities … Mr. Hoover squandered tax-payer dollars in a bizarre and longstanding effort to expose the supposed (and extraordinarily unlikely) homosexuality of Adlai Stevenson, one of our nation’s great statesmen and patriots.”

Appel called Hoover a “divisive and destructive figure, whether or not he slept with Clyde Tolson.”

But not all the gay rights advocates have such pointed views.

Christian Berle, the Executive Director at Log Cabin Republicans, which works within the Republican party and advocates for gay and lesbian rights, was far more cautious in his statement to

“Speculation as to J. Edgar Hoover’s sexuality has a long history, and it is natural that Clint Eastwood might want to explore that angle in this film. At the same time, it is understandable that members of the FBI and those who value his memory would be concerned that Hoover’s story be treated with respect and dignity. Whatever Hoover’s orientation may have been, the world today is a much different place than when he was at the helm of the FBI, and Americans can be proud that today’s FBI has a solid record of nondiscrimination.”

Most certainly the controversy over the movie’s portrayal of Hoover’s sexuality will help bolster tickets sales.

Nontheless, Warner Bros.. which is producing the film,  is remaining equally tight-lipped about the portrayal.

“We respectfully decline to comment on the portrayal (of Hoover’s sexual orientation), “their online press spokeswoman Anne Chun told

The film is scheduled for a limited release on Nov. 9 in  Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. The film opens nation-wide on Nov. 11.

FBI Dir. Mueller Honored Along With Some Who Played Role in Russian Spy Network

FBI Dir. Robert Mueller/fbi file photo

By Danny Fenster

FBI Director Robert Mueller was awarded one of the Justice Departments highest honors on Wednesday for his “outstanding professionalism and exemplary integrity,” reports CNN.

The award was one of more than 300 commendations, forty-nine of them among intelligence officials, including counterespionage agents, for their roles in catching 10 Russian secret agents in the summer of 2010.

The Russian “deep cover” operatives had carefully constructed false identities. FBI agents had decrypted the agents’ messages back to Moscow and conducted extensive surveillance, using an “exceptionally creative and tenacious multiyear investigation.”

New Deputy Director Sean Joyce accepted the award for Mueller, who was traveling for “personal business,” according to CNN. The award is named after US Attorney General Edward Levi

Another 65 law enforcement officials were commended for their work in the investigation and prosecution of Faisal Shahzad and n attempted  May 2010 bombing in Times Square.

To read more click here.


FBI Probing Airplane Outburst that Grounded Flight

By Danny Fenster

The FBI is investigating a Florida man’s airplane outburst that caused a Southwest Airlines flight to make an emergency landing in Texas on Tuesday.

It was a complete shock to Ali Reza Shahsavari’s family when news came that the 29-year-old was arrested on charges of interfering with a flight crew, according to

Authorities initially claimed that Shahsavari tried to break into the cockpit, but later recanted that part, saying he was “unruly and had confronted the cabin crew,” according to the Florida website.

“I have no idea what happened; he has no issues,” said his father, Mohammad Shahsavari. “They were supposed to come home. One of our friends is getting married.”

“The FBI continues to investigate, but initial indications are that there was no terrorist intent,” FBI Special Agent Mark White in Dallas said, according to the paper.

To read more click here.

Teresa Carlson to Head FBI’s Milwaukee Division

Teresa Carlson/fbi photo

By Allan Lengel

Teresa L. Carlson, FBI section chief in the Directorate of Intelligence, has been named the new head of the Milwaukee Division.

Carlson, a 19-year veteran of the FBI, started her career in the Chicago Division where she worked violent crimes and public corruption cases.

While in Chicago, she was a case agent for Operation Silver Shovel, an undercover investigation that involved bribery, drug trafficking, and organized crime activity. It resulted in more than 20 convictions, including elected officials, the FBI said.

She went on to the Inspection Division at headquarters before heading south to the Birmingham bureau, where she was a supervisor in the white-collar crime program.

After that, she served as assistant special agent in charge of the white-collar crime and cyber programs in the New York Division.

She returned to FBI headquarters in the  National Security Branch, which is responsible for national security matters, including budget matters and liaison with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Congress, and the White House.