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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


Former Fla. Detective Gets Two Years for Public Corruption

By Danny Fenster

A former homicide detective in St. Petersburg, Fla. was slapped with two years in prison for public corruption charges, the FBI announced on Wednesday morning.

Anthony V. Foster received the sentence after pleading guilty to wire fraud to deprive the public of honest services on October 20, 2011. Court documents show that from 2009 to June 2011, Foster told a criminal source facing charges, who was secretly working with the FBI, that he would get hold of state judges and attorneys to give them positive information about the source in exchange for cash bribes.

Foster acknowledged in the plea that he met with the source on April 6, 2011, and received $7,075, then again on April 15, where he received another $325 and 40-inch flat screen TV, according to the FBI. Foster later called Assistant State Attorney of Hernando County, who was prosecuting the case against the source, giving positive information about the source’s involvement in various law enforcement investigations. Foster also encouraged other officers to call the attorney with similar claims.


Idaho Man Charged With Attempting to Assassinate Pres. Obama

white house photo

By Allan Lengel

Truthfully, Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, 21, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, didn’t come close.

Nonetheless, he was indicted by a D.C. federal grand jury on Tuesday for attempting to assassinate President Obama on Nov. 11.

A 17-count indictment against Ortega-Hernandez, who has been in custody since his arrest November 16, also includes charges that he assaulted federal officers with a deadly weapon and damaged federal property.

According to the government, Ortega-Hernadez drove his Honda Accord westbound in the 1600 block of Constitution Avenue NW around 9 p.m., stopped the vehicle just past the entrance to the Ellipse, and fired several rounds at the White House.

No one was injured.

FBI investigators examined the building and located several confirmed bullet impact points on the south side of the building on or above the second story residence area. Several bullets and fragments also were collected in the area near the impact points.


FBI “Blackballing” FOIA Request Files?

By Danny Fenster

The website Truthout has reported on some unflattering FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) practices Tuesday morning.

The site claims that the FBI regularly engages in the “blackballing” of files–returning a “no records” response to FOIA requests when in fact the records do exists.

An interesting story, particularly for those seeking FBI files.


To read more click here.


Wahlberg: “Whitey” Bulger Wants to Meet With Me

Whitey Bulger/fbi

By Danny Fenster

The imprisoned  Boston gangster James “Whitey” Bulger is trying to get hold of Mark Wahlberg, the actor says.

The meeting is only speculation at this point, reports The Inquisitr, but it seems plausible Bulger wants Wahlberg to portray his likeness in a possible biopic on the criminal.

“I actually got a call about coming to see Whitey, he wants me to come down and visit him,” Wahlberg has previously said to Reuters. “Maybe he’ll give me the exclusive rights to tell his story, because he knows we can do it better than anybody else.”

Bulger was a long-time informant for the FBI at the same time he ran a vast criminal enterprise in Boston, which later caused much embarrassment to the bureau. When the FBI decided to indict Bulger on murder charges he took off as and lived for 16 years as a fugitive, making the FBI’s Top Ten most wanted list before being arrested last year.

To read more click here.

“Seven Second Bandit”, Out on Early Release, Wanted Again

By Danny Fenster

Out of federal prison only since July, the “Sevon-Second Bandit” Jack Mannino is again wanted in connection with a bank robbery, reports

Mannino, a former Gambino Crime Family associate,  got his name in the 1990’s, according to SI Live, when he was caught entering banks with a package and threatening tellers that he would detonate a bomb in seven seconds if he did not receive money.

Since the 90s, Mannino has been in federal prison, lost a mother to lung cancer, developed colon cancer himself, then pleaded for an early release, according to SI Live.

The 43-year-old  associate is now wanted in connection with a Dec. 29 robbery at a Capital One Bank in Brooklyn, N.Y.

To read more click here.



FBI Recovers Over 6 Tons of Cocaine from Sunken Ship

By Danny Fenster

The FBI has gone digging for sunken treasures, and the find was no small prize.

FBI divers, with the US Coast Guard and a Canadian warship, found over six tons of drugs on a recovered drug cargo ship in the Caribbean, AFP reported early Tuesday morning.

An FBI laboratory technical dive team recovered more than 6,700 kilos of cocaine from the sunken vessel, according to AFP.

Traffickers pursued by US and Honduras forces had scuttled the vessel off the coast of Honduras, officials told AFP. A Honduran official said three suspects were arrested on November 20, but the vessel remained some 3,000 feet underwater.

To read more click here.


Boston Globe Obtains FBI Interview of Imposter Clark Rockefeller

By Maria Cramer
Boston Globe Staff

BOSTON — Clark Rockefeller slumped in a chair in the interview room of an FBI office in Baltimore, his left wrist chained to a metal bar, and stared glumly at his interrogators.

Why, they asked, had he lied about places he never visited, jobs he never held, and names that were not his?

He shrugged, defeated. “If you’re born short,’’ he said, “you want to be bigger.’’

The August 2008 interview, obtained by the Globe, offers new insights into the motivations of the German con artist who was born Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter but assumed many false identities over his lifetime as he charmed his way into society circles in Boston, New York, and California.

To read the rest click here.



ACLU Celebrates MLK Day with FBI Jab photo

By Danny Fenster

On this MLK day holiday, the blog of the ACLU has some recriminations for the FBI’s treatment of the civil rights movement hero.

“Over the course of two decades, the FBI went to war against Dr. Martin Luther King,” their January 16 blog post begins.

Under J. Edgar Hoover’s direction, the FBI grew obsessed with King as his political power and influence grew, the ACLU writes, leading the bureau to use a variety of tactics in the ‘50s and ‘60s to discredit King, mounting a “full-court press to portray him as a Communist provocateur, attempting to disrupt tributes after Dr. King won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 and repeatedly bugging his hotel rooms.”

When Congress first considered making King’s birthday a holiday, in 1969, the FBI even tried to covertly tarnish his reputation posthumously, the ACLU writes.

ACLU points to its 2002 report  which highlighted the campaign against King, what they call “one of the sorriest chapters in FBI history.”

To ACLU report is available at the above link; to read more click here.