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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


2nd shooter in Bobby Kennedy Assassination? Witness Swears YES


Shoshanna Utchenik

Robert F. Kennedy was shot dead in an L.A. hotel in 1968, just moments after winning California’s Democratic primary election. The facts beyond that may be in the air if “new” evidence of a second shooter is allowed in court for the first time, 44 years later.

The convicted lone gunman Sirhan Sirhan is appealing his life sentence on the grounds of new evidence, and currently awaits a U.S. District Court ruling which could see him released, re-tried or granted a hearing, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Sirhan was the only person ever arrested in the case, and this is the first time he has contested his single-shooter conviction. The U.K. Daily Mail reports that witness Nina Rhodes-Hughes, now 78, was a volunteer on Kennedy’s campaign at the time and is adamant that she heard 12-14 shots, many more than the max 8 Sirhan could have fired with his small-caliber handgun.

Sirhan’s lawyer William Pepper called the alleged FBI alteration of Rhodes-Hughes’ story ‘deplorable’ and ‘criminal’ and said it ‘mirrors the experience of other witnesses’. If granted, the hearing would illuminate Rhodes-Hughes’ and others’ eyewitness accounts which swear by more than 8 shots, as recorded in L.A. Police summaries but contradicted by FBI reports.

Ex-CIA Officer Defends Waterboarding

Taiwanese Pair Held for Alleged Drug and Arms Smuggling

Shoshanna Utchenik

What first looks like a routine drug bust seems to have evolved into international arms smuggling charges.

The FBI is alleging that Taiwanese nationals Hui Sheng-shen, 45, and Huan Ling-chang, 41, known as “Charlie” and “Alice”, were trying to acquire military spy drones, E-2C Hawkeye surveillance airplanes and stealth technology relating to F-22 jets, on behalf of wealthy Chinese connections and possibly even the Chinese government. The Taipei Times reports that the couple has been held for the past two months awaiting trial, charged with selling 1kg of nearly pure crystal methamphetamine to undercover agents.

Newark U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said the pair’s activities were revealed during an investigation into counterfeit Chinese goods.

“The charges against Shen and Chang illustrate starkly why we do this work and what is at stake when the security of our ports is breached for any reason, ” Fishman said in a statement. “National security isn’t an a la carte enterprise. The same conduits that bring knockoff sneakers flood our communities with illegal drugs and establish dangerous criminal relationships.”

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FBI Move to $150M New Chelsea, Mass. HQ in Limbo

Shoshanna Utchenik

Are sour grapes delaying construction of the FBI’s new $150 million regional headquarters in Chelsea, Massachusetts?

Slated to begin construction late last year (never happened) bid-winning developer Emerald Corporate Center LLC, a division of ACS Development Corp. is facing a lawsuit from losing-bidder Boston Harbor Development Partners, an arm of Pappas Enterprises in South Boston, the Boston Business Journal reports.

Pappas’ attorney argued that Emerald Corporate Center’s site for the FBI headquarters in Chelsea “failed to meet the minimum requirements of the bid and were ineligible for the award”… meaning the Pappas’ bid and MassPort parcel on Fargo Street in Boston should be reconsidered for the lucrative project.

Naturally Boston Mayor Thomas Menino thinks it would be better to keep the FBI HQ in town, while local Chelsea officials are still advocating the move. “It’s not a good decision to put the building in Chelsea,” Menino told the Boston Business Journal. “It makes more sense to put the FBI near the other law enforcement agencies like the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the federal courthouse.”

On the other side, Patricia Simboli said her company ACS has a signed legally binding lease with the federal government, with no escape clause. “We will be constructing the FBI building and Pappas is unhappy about that,” she said.

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5 Gambino Gangsters Plead Guilty to Laundry List of Dirty Deeds

Shoshanna Utchenik

Racketeering, narcotics trafficking, assault, extortion, murder? Just another day-in-the-life of a Gambino mobster.

Five Gambino wise guys pled guilty this week to a range of nefarious charges, announced Preet Bharara, NY U.S Attorney in Manhattan.

Working as “soldiers” and “associates” of the Gambino crime family, Vincenzo Frogiero, Todd Labarca, John Brancaccio, Christopher Reynolds, and Sean Dunn earned millions for the Gambinos by trafficking hundreds of kilos of cocaine and marijuana, and thousands of ecstasy and vicodin pills through operations based in Queens over the past 30 years.

Labarca also pled guilty to conspiracy to murder fellow gangster Martin Bosshart in a 2002 turf war, after Bosshart made a power grab in the Gambino’s marijuana import operation. Bosshart was found shot point blank in the back of the head for his ambitions.

The 5 will face similar fates in their July sentencing as a couple dozen other Gambino members and associates snared by the FBI recently as part of a nationwide takedown of organized crime.

According to Bharara, “The laundry list of illegal conduct to which LaBarca and these four other defendants pled serves as a reminder of the scourge that is organized crime and that our efforts to root it out will continue unabated.”

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Feds Urge Locals to Stay Alert

Retiring Head of Dallas FBI Recalls the Cases He Oversaw

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Senators Gone Wild?

Sen. Pryor/official photo

By Allan Lengel

Senators gone Wild?

Hardly, says Arkansas U.S. Senator Mark Pryor.

Prior told the Associated Press that on Wednesday that he’s asked the FBI to investigate who set up a bogus online auction for an internship in his D.C. office.

Interestingly, thefounder of “Girls Gone Wild” videos says he was the winning bidder, AP reported, and that he bought it for the winner of a reality show.

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