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October 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


Puerto Rico Airport Was Hub in Major Drug Trafficking Bust

Shoshanna Utchenik

Things got hot in Puerto Rico Thursday for two criminal organizations busted for massive-scale narcotics trafficking.

Thirty-six arrests were made in a major bust, culminating a collaboration between the DEA, the Puerto Rico PD, FBI, and San Juan Municipal Police.

It was all part of an effort to disable two criminal organizations which had based much of their drug trafficking out of Puerto Rico’s International Airport, reports Reuters.

Two indictments unsealed Wednesday charged 25 individuals with trafficking cocaine, and 20 more including American Airlines employees who exploited their security access to aid drug couriers, according to an FBI press release. The indictments allege that more than 61,000 pounds (28,000 kg) of cocaine have been smuggled out of PR on commercial flights to the U.S. mainland since 1999.

Laila Rico, a DEA Spokeswoman for the Caribbean Division, called the bust an important blow. She told Reuters, “The Puerto Rico airport is sought-after by drug dealers because it’s basically a mid-point between South American countries and the United States and offers an easy entry point,” Rico said.

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FBI Probing Theft of 6.4 Million Passwords of Linkedin

 By Allan Lengel

Welcome to the endless headaches of the 21st Century.

Reuters reports that the FBI is investigating the theft of 6.4 million members’ passwords from the social network LinkedIn. The company says it doesn’t know of any accounts being taken over. To read more click here.


FBI’s Chief of Birmingham Office Tapped to Become IG in South Carolina

Patrick Maley/FBI photo

By Allan Lengel

Patrick Maley, head of the Birmingham, Ala. FBI office, has picked to become South Carolina’s Inspector General to head up a new agency, according to the Post and Courier.

Gov. Nikki Haley made the announcement on Wednesday.

Haley, 53, a 30 year veteran of the FBI, must be confirmed by the Senate for a four-year term, the paper reported.

“His 30 years of experience with the FBI, focusing on fraud, waste, managing costs and program evaluations will be a tremendous asset to South Carolina,” she said. “Combine that with him being a CPA and dealing with white collar crimes throughout his career.”


Penny-Stock Co.’s, Officers, Promoters, Face SEC Charges for Kickback Schemes

Shoshanna Utchenik

Collaboration between the SEC, FBI, and Florida U.S. Attorney’s office has resulted in charges against several penny-stock companies, their officers, and three promotors for bribes and kickbacks.

The Wall Street Journal reports that shady players charged by the SEC Monday include one caught paying kickbacks to an FBI agent posing as a trustee. Those charged are variously accused of paying to hype microcap stocks in the interest of generating sales illegally.

Eric I. Bustillo, director of the SEC’s Miami office, stated, “The company officers and promoters in many of these schemes disguised their kickbacks as payments to phony consulting companies that performed no actual work. These illegal activities were fully intended to artificially inflate the stock volume and prices of these penny stock companies to the detriment of investors.”

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FBI Adds Accused Rapist and Murderer to Top 10 Most Wanted List

By Allan Lengel

The FBI has a new face on its Ten Most Wanted Fugitive list.

The FBI in Chicago announced Tuesday that Fidel Urbina, the subject of a nationwide manhunt since 1999, was put on the infamous list.

He’s wanted in connection with two sexual assaults and murder.

The former Chicago resident is accused of beating and raping a woman in March 1998, and seven months later—while free on bond—for beating, raping, and strangling a second Chicago woman to death, the FBI said in a press release.  Her body was found in the trunk of a burned-out car.

“Fidel Urbina is wanted for his role in two brutal attacks directed against innocent victims,” Robert Grant, head of the Chicago office,  said in a statement.

“These crimes have demonstrated his violent nature and the need to locate and apprehend him before he can strike again. We are hoping that the publicity associated with this case, along with the significant reward being offered, will lead to his arrest.”


FBI Probes Leak About U.S. Cyber Attack Program Aimed at Iran

By Allan Lengel

The hunt is on for the leak.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the FBI has opened an investigation into a classified U.S. program that involved cyberattacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The New York Times ran an excerpt last week of a book by reporter David Sanger. It included details of the program and a computer worm Stuxnet, which Iran found on its computers, the Journal reported.

The Journal reported that the CIA ran the operation with the Idaho National Laboratory, the Israeli government and other U.S. agencies.

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Agent Daphne Hearn Heads South to Take Charge of FBI’s San Diego Office

Daphne Hearn-FBI L.A.

By Allan Lengel

FBI agent Daphne Hearn is heading south — actually just a bit south — to head up the San Diego FBI office.

Hearn, who has served as special agent in charge of the administrative division in Los Angeles, succeeds Keith Slotter, who is retiring after 25 years.

Hearn, a Kansas City, Mo. native, began her FBI career in 1991. She started out in Buffalo and got involved in an organized crime investigation into an international illegal gambling operation with links to the mob in several cities, the FBI said.

In May 1998, she was went off to the Chicago division where she worked organized crime involving the town of Cicero, Ill.

The following year, she was elevated to the Organized Crime Section of the Criminal Investigative Division at FBI Headquarters, the FBI said.

From there she became an assistant inspector with the Office of Inspection at headquarters before heading off to Kansas City as a supervisory special agent.

In November 2005, she was named assistant section chief in the FBI’s International Operations Division. About two years later, she was promoted to assistant special agent in charge of the Investigative Services Branch at the Washington Field Office.

A year later, she was named special assistant to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III.

In 2009, she was assigned to her current post in Los Angeles.


Lifetime-Achievement Recipient Recalls the FBI Under Hoover

Shoshanna Utchenik

Former FBI agent Norbert Dembinski served under J. Edgar Hoover from 1950-53, and conducted interviews in Russian and Polish.

At a recent ceremony honoring his service he recalled, “It seems I was always at the right place at the right time.”

W. Al Bostdorff, President of the Society of Former Special Agents presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Dembinski last month, at a luncheon at St. Mary’s Villa Residence in Elmhurst, PA, reports the Moscow Villager.

The former agent remembered meeting Hoover and receiving a letter of congratulations when he got married. Dembinski recalled that Hoover “was deeply concerned about the welfare of every agent in the Bureau. He did everything possible to make our lives more comfortable. The FBI was one of the most wonderful organizations to work for.”

Dembinski has been a member of the Society of Former Special Agents for 58 years.

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