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September 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


FBI Probe of Trenton Mayor Tony Mack Involves Environmental Clean Up Company

Mayor Tony Mack

By Steve Neavling

The ongoing investigation of Trenton Mayor Tony Mack includes an environmental cleanup that was awarded city work at rates much higher than quotes obtained from three competitors, reports the Times of Trenton, citing recently obtained records.

Turns out, according to the records, the company Clean Green received the job without a written contract. And the person who exclusively handled the quote is Charles Hall III, a recreation department worker who has been identified as a cooperating witness.

The firm was paid $22,000 to remove contaminated soil, even though another company that had been recommended for the job was not chosen, despite a bid at just $12,500, the Times of Trenton reports.

Clean Green and its founder, Eric Wallace, are named in FBI subpoenas and search warrants involved in a wide-ranging investigation of Mack’s investigation.

FBI Probes Whether Domestic Terrorism Behind Fire at Mayor’s Law Office

Steve Neavling

The FBI is investigating whether a fire at the private law office of Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis in California was an act of domestic terrorism, reports NBC Bay Area.

Vallejo Fire Chief Paige Meyer said the early Saturday morning blaze looks “very suspicious,” NBC Bay Area reported.

The city called in the FBI and ATF to investigate, and both are treating the fire as possible terrorism, according to the NBC Bay Area.

Investigators are hoping that a surveillance video across the street from the building will shed light on the fire’s origins.

Woman Who Found Renoir Painting at Yard Sale for $7 Might Not Be So Lucky After All

Steve Neavling

 A Virginia woman who hit the yard sale equivalent of the jackpot with the $7 purchase of a rare Renoir painting may have gotten more than she bargained for, the Washington Post reports.

A highly publicized auction for the impressionist painting was canceled after new evidence found this week suggests the work was stolen from the Baltimore Museum of Art decades ago.

The painting is valued at between $75,000 and $100,000, the Post reported.

The Virginia woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, said she didn’t know the painting was valuable until her mother suggested it may be an authentic Renoir, according to the Post.


Airline Passenger Accused of Saying, ‘I Will Murder All of You’

Steve Neavling

One sure way to draw the attention of authorities is to threaten to kill all of the passengers aboard a commercial jet.

“I’m from Afghanistan and I will murder all of you,” Arash “Ash” Durrani, 26, is accused of saying on an Chicago-to-Orange County flight, the L.A. Times reports.

Durrani is to appear in federal court this morning.

What prompted the outburst is unknown, but the L.A. Times reported that passengers restrained the self-identified actor and model.

Sen. Grassley Demands Answers About an Undercover FBI Agent Accused of Spending Taxpayer $$ for Prostitutes in Philippines in Gun Trafficking Sting

By Allan Lengel

A controversy over allegations that a California undercover FBI agent paid for prostitutes for himself and targets of a gun trafficking sting in the Philippines seems to be picking up some steam.

The latest: Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Ia.) fired off a letter to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller on Wednesday demanding answers. was first to report on the allegations that were made by John Littrell, a deputy Federal Defender in Southern California. The office filed a motion in Los Angeles District Court on Sept. 17 asking the judge to dismiss the gun trafficking case against three defendants because of egregious governmental misconduct.

The office alleged that the the agent paid for prostitutes for himself and the three defendants, and that one brothel was raided by Philippine authorities who found underaged girls and signs of sex trafficking.


In his letter Grassley wrote:

 In light of this information, I ask that you provide a briefing to my staff on this issue as soon as possible. I also request that you come prepared to answer the following questions:

1) Of the $14,500 requested by the undercover agent for reimbursement, how much was the agent actually reimbursed by the FBI?

2) Was the undercover FBI agent the case agent for this weapons-trafficking investigation? If not, did the case agent authorize the expenses at the brothels in this undercover operation?

Sen. Grassley/official photo

3) Did any other U.S. law enforcement or embassy personnel visit these brothels with the undercover FBI agent? Please list each agency, the number of employees involved, each individual’s role, and whether they were a recipient of the services for which reimbursement was requested of the FBI.

4) Was any of the activity for which reimbursement was requested recorded by wire or video surveillance? If so, which activity? Please provide all recordings.

5) What other U.S. law enforcement or embassy personnel participated in the Philippines in the overall weapons-trafficking investigation? Please list each agency, the number of employees involved, and their role.

6) Was the first-line supervisor of the undercover FBI agent and/or case agent aware of the undercover agent’s visits to brothels? What other supervisors were informed?

7) When and how did FBI headquarters become aware of these allegations against this FBI agent working in the Philippines?

*What actions were taken by FBI headquarters to investigate these allegations?

9) Has discipline been proposed for any FBI employees (agents or other personnel) in connection with this? If so, please describe the circumstances and procedural standing of the proposed discipline.

10)When did FBI supervisors become aware that minors may have been involved at these brothels?

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Detroit Suburban Police Probing Tip About Whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa’s Body

James R. Hoffa

Steve Neavling

 Nearly four decades after Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa went missing, the FBI continues to investigate tips that lead agents to dead ends.

This time a local police department is investigating a tip that Hoffa may be buried underneath a driveway in Roseville, a suburb of Detroit, not far from where Hoffa disappeared, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Last week, the Department of Environmental Quality found “an anomaly” under the driveway using ground-scanning radar, according to the Free Press.

Authorities are expected to take soil samples from the site Friday.

A forensic anthropologist also will be headed to the scene, the Free Press reported.

Tips about Hoffa’s whereabouts have led the FBI to search dozens of locations nationwide – all to no avail.

FBI Unable to Reach Benghazi to Investigate Attack on U.S. Consulate

Steve Neavling

 FBI agents are having a hard time investigating the killings of four Americans at a U.S. consulate in Libya because they can’t get clearance from the country’s leaders to enter the city of Benghazi, CNN reports.

Making matters worse, the crime scene has not been secured, according to CNN, citing sources.

Libya also has denied the FBI’s request to interview suspects in custody, CNN reported.

The attack on the consulate occurred during a protest over a film that mocked Muslim Prophet Mohammed.

Kentucky Man in Custody After Rushing Obama Roadblock with Guns, Ammo

white house photo

Steve Neavling

 Authorities have arrested a Kentucky man accused of running through a roadblock with three guns and plenty of ammo during a visit from President Barack Obama in Cincinnati, WLMT News 5 reports.

The Sept. 17 incident happened while Obama’s motorcade passed through northern Kentucky

The ATF says Kerry T. Prater has a lengthy criminal record and may be mentally ill, News 5 reported.

Prater is accused of breaching the roadblock and refusing to exit his car before a local police officer forced him off the road, according to News 5.