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May 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Judge May Sanction Ex-Fed Prosecutor in Wild Tiff With Supervisor

tampa1By Allan Lengel

In a case chock full of drama and wild accusations, a federal judge in Tampa is considering whether to sanction a former federal prosecutor in connection with his libel lawsuit against his former supervisor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Tampa Tribune reported.

The paper reported that the judge is considering whether ex-prosecutor Jeffrey Del Fuoco tried to “perpetuate the pattern of harassment” and “scandalous and impertinent accusations” in his suit against former boss, assistant U.S. Attorney Robert E. O’Neill.

De Fuoco, who left his job on bad terms four years ago, sees himself as a whistleblower, the paper wrote. And O’Neill sees De Fuoco as unhinged.

The paper reported that De Fuoco has tried to derail any chances of O’Neill becoming the U.S. Attorney and has written officials accusing him of him of adultery and corruption.

At one point, the paper reported that De Fuoco accused O’Neill of being a member of the Irish Republican Army.

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LA U.S. Atty. Asks for 27 Months for Man Who Videotaped ESPN Reporter Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews/ espn photo

Erin Andrews/ espn photo

By Allan Lengel

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles is recommending that the man who secretly videotaped ESPN reporter Erin Andrews naked through hotel peep holes and posted the material on the Internet, get 27 months in prison.

“She has lived in fear for her physical safety,” according to the government’s sentencing document filed on Monday for the defendant Michael David Barrett, 49. “She has nightmares about defendant. She also wakes up at least once a night fearing that defendant is breaking into her home.

“Every time she turns on a computer, Victim Andrews is reminded that the videos cannot be removed from the Internet…, and she knows that her future husband and her future children will have to confront these videos.

“Whenever she goes to work, she must deal both with worries that she is not being taken seriously and with “fans” that say things about the videos to her.

“Also disturbing is the fact that many people, including some of Victim Andrews’ peers in the media, wrongly believed that Victim Andrews had something to do with these videos, i.e., that she orchestrated them to boost her career.”

“Victim Andrews’ father has also suffered significant emotional distress, with his daughter calling in tears and being “ravaged on the Internet. Taken together, the nature and circumstances of defendant’s conduct require significant punishment.”

Read Sentencing Document


New York Times Editorial: Republicans Using Fear and Terrorism for Politics and Sound Bites For Nov.

NervousThe New York Times
Editorial Page

An election is coming, so the Republicans are trying to scare Americans by making it appear as if the Democrats don’t care about catching or punishing terrorists.

It’s nonsense, of course, but effective. The be-very-afraid approach helped former President George W. Bush ram laws through Congress that chipped away at Americans’ rights. He used it to get re-elected in 2004. Now the Republicans are playing the fear card for the fall elections.

The most recent target is the Obama administration’s handling of the failed Christmas Day bomber, particularly its decision (an absolutely correct one) to have the F.B.I. arrest and interrogate the suspect and file federal terrorism charges rather than throw him into a military prison where the Republicans seem to expect that he would be given no rights, questioned and held without charges.

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Make No Mistake: Bank Robber in Nixon Mask is a Crook

fbi photo

fbi photo

By Allan Lengel
For Aol News

WASHINGTON — It was in November 1973 that President Richard Nixon famously declared, “I’m not a crook.”

Now, nearly 37 years later, a crook has been prancing around Encino, a hilly district in Los Angeles, impersonating our 37th president, wearing a Nixon mask and sticking up banks with a gun.

So far, the man dubbed the “Ex-President Bandit” has hit four banks, the FBI says. Two stickups happened within a week in November, and another two took place during a week in January.

The suspect, who was described as being a black male in his 40s, brandished a gun “liberally throughout the bank to enforce orders given to victims in the bank,” according to the FBI.

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Is The White House Really Still Considering 9/11 Trial in NY?

Acquitted Cleveland DEA Agent Wants Job Back

clevelandBy Allan Lengel

Cleveland DEA agent Lee Lucas who was acquitted last week of helping frame 17 suspects in a 2005 sting,  would like to return to his job, his attorney told the Associated Press on Monday.

“Lee looks forward to returning to duty with the DEA as quickly as possible,” Joel Kirkpatrick told the AP in a phone interview.

AP reported that Kirkpatrick expected Lucas , a 19-year DEA veteran, to be cleared in the civil lawsuits filed  by people who were wrongfully charged in the sting.

Lucas was known as a hard charging agent, but also somewhat of a cowboy whose tactics sometimes raised questions.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office had charged him with  covering up and lying about made up information provided by an unreliable informant.

The AP said it could not reach anyone Monday at DEA headquarters for comment.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that DEA officials this week could decide on the status of  Lucas, who had been suspended without pay after his indictment last year.

Ex-NY Fed Prosecutor Could Become the First Openly Gay Federal Judge

Alum Sen. Charles Schumer
Sen. Charles Schumer

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Daniel Alter, a former N.Y. assistant U.S. Attorney who served on the prosecution team in the 1998 African embassy bombings, could become the first openly gay federal judge.

New York Sen. Charles Schumer has sent  the White House a recommendation nominating the Yale Law School graduate as a U.S. District judge in Manhattan, according to a press release from Schumer’s office.

“I’m proud to nominate Daniel Alter. Period,” Schumer said in a statement. “But I am equally proud to nominate him because he is a history-maker who will be the first openly gay male judge in American history.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial: Criticism in Detroit Case “Entirely Unjustified”

Suspect Abdulmutallab/u.s. marhsals photo

Suspect Abdulmutallab/u.s. marhsals photo

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Editorial Page

PITTSBURGH — Criticism by some senators of Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to treat attempted airline bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab as a prisoner to be handled according to American standards of justice is entirely unjustified.

When Mr. Abdulmutallab was arrested Dec. 25 he was questioned briefly and read the Miranda rights that cover anyone arrested on American soil. According to Mr. Holder, he made the decision to handle Mr. Abdumutallab in that fashion after consultation with the FBI. The Nigerian was clearly both an alleged criminal and a potential source of intelligence.

The charge by South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and others is that in dealing with Mr. Abdumutallab in that fashion — as opposed to labeling him an enemy combatant, turning him over to the military and the CIA, and likely grilling him with irregular methods such as waterboarding (as might have been his fate during the Bush administration) — the attorney general risked losing useful intelligence that could possibly have been extracted from the Nigerian.

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