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September 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Trump Complains about FBI Searching His Home with Their Shoes on

Former President Donald Trump

By Steve Neavling

Former President Trump was back to huffing and puffing about the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago, lashing out at agents for not taking off their shoes when they searched his bedroom. 

Trump made the comments Monday morning, after returning to his Florida home for the first time since the Aug. 8 raid. 

On his social media platform Truth Social, Trump said he returned to the home to “check out the scene of yet another government ‘crime.’”

Calling the search a “Raid and Break-In of my home,” Trump fumed about the agents.

“I guess they don’t think there is a Fourth Amendment anymore, and to them, there isn’t,” Trump posted on Truth Social.

“In any event, after what they have done, the place will never be the same. It was ‘ransacked,’ and in far different condition than the way I left it. Many Agents – And they didn’t even take off their shoes in my bedroom. Nice!!!”

Trump has repeatedly complained about the raid. 

“Terrible the way the FBI, during the Raid of Mar-a-Lago, threw documents haphazardly all over the floor (perhaps pretending it was me that did it!), and then started taking pictures of them for the public to see. Thought they wanted them kept Secret?” Trump posted on Truth Social on Aug. 31.

On the same day, Trump alleged the FBI was being “very deceiving” for posing top-secret documents for a photo . 

During a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., on Sept. 3, Trump described the FBI and Justice Department as “vicious monsters, controlled by radical-left scoundrels.”

Trump’s hyperbolic rhetoric has incensed his supporters and prompted concerns about the safety of FBI agents. 

In a 54-page court filing last month, federal prosecutors said the raid on Trump’s house in Florida came after he and his advisers refused to turn over highly classified documents. 

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