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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for April 27th, 2022

Book Review: ‘Like Jack Webb, He Gives Us ‘Just the Facts, Ma’am’

“FBI Case Files, Michigan: Tales of a G-Man” by Greg Stejskal, a retired FBI agent.

Randy Tessier is a lecturer in English language and literature at the University of Michigan

By Randy Tessier

If the key to effective writing in the true crime genre is striking the perfect balance between reportage and storytelling, retired FBI agent Greg Stejskal gets it. As he informs us in the introduction to FBI Case Files, Michigan: Tales of a G-Man, “I’m just telling the stories.”

And tell them he does. Yes, like Jack Webb, he gives us “just the facts, ma’am.” But there is so much more here. He also dives deeper, informing us about little known facts that do more than entertain, they educate. Who knew the 1978 William Luther Piece novelistic screed, The Turner Diaries, was the inspiration for Timothy McVeigh’s horrific act in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Stejskal makes a complicated subject, McVeigh’s anti-government beliefs, easier to understand.

Along the way, we get Longfellow’s poetry, and a perfect gloss on where Paul Revere’s ride really took us historically, a political revolution. Stejskal cleverly elides the legendary film director, John Ford’s, script for “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” (1962), with his own involvement in the search for, and apprehension of, the Unabomber –  a feat for which Stejskal himself has been lauded, and even been identified as the man who first fingered Ted Kaczynski.

These kinds of shrewd associations are a constant through the book and make for engaging, and at times riveting, reading. We get organized crime stories, institutional poisonings, and, of course, high and low profile kidnappings, like Jimmy Hoffa’s still unsolved abduction in 1975.

We move from the wilds of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, to the Texas panhandle, to the mountains of Idaho; from an Oklahoma City day care nursery to the suburbs of Detroit, through a host of tales that never lose the reader’s interest. Whether it’s stolen meteorites or illegal sex spas, Stejskal always keeps us entertained. Whether it’s legendary Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler, or activist filmmaker Michael Moore, or former Attorney General Janet Reno, or GM CEO Roger Smith, we get inside information and little known facts that engage and educate.

Here are 23 cases of skullduggery, murder, mayhem and deceit that hold together as a piece because of the weave and weft Stejskal achieves in compiling this thoughtful and engaging book. If what we seek in compelling storytelling is a voice, style and focus that keeps us reading, Stejskal succeeds beautifully on all counts.

Armed Robbery Occurs Just Outside FBI’s Headquarters in Washington D.C.

The FBI’s current headquarters in Washington D.C.

By Steve Neavling

A brazen armed robbery occurred just outside FBI’s headquarters at 10th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. on Tuesday evening. 

Police responded to a report of a robbery involving a gun at the intersection at about 6:45 p.m., The Washington Post reports.

Details of the robbery weren’t immediately clear, but no injuries were reported. 

It’s unusual for a robbery to occur so close to the J. Edgar Hoover Building. 

But without visible signage on the block-long building, it’s possible the robber had no idea that he or she was committing such a brazen crime just steps from the doors of FBI headquarters. 

Former FBI Assistant Director Lambasts Tucker Carlson for “Aiding And Abetting Terrorism’

C. Frank Figliuzzi/fbi photo

By Steve Neavling

Frank Figliuzzi, the FBI’s former assistant director for counterintelligence, slammed Fox News host Tucker Carlson for peddling Russian propaganda. 

Speaking on the Really American PAC’s “Talking Heads” show, Figliuzzi said Carlson’ had “gone way beyond free speech” by pushing Kremlin talking points before and during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Huffington Post reports.

“I took an oath of office when I became an FBI agent to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution,” said Figliuzzi. “That means I was willing to risk my life for somebody like Tucker Carlson’s right to free speech.”

Figliuzzi suggested Carlson was “aiding and abetting terrorism” because of Putin’s war crimes. 

Russia’s state media has broadcast Carlson’s clips. 

Because of that, Figliuzzi said, “you’ve got to stop and say, wait a minute, this isn’t free speech anymore. This is now being our own people deliberately being used by an enemy against us.”