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February 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Chicago Man Faces Assault Charges for Allegedly Spitting in Face of FBI Agent

By Steve Neavling

A 55-year-old Chicago man is facing federal assault charges after authorities say he spit in the face of an FBI special agent. 

The incident occurred while the agent was in his car on the morning of Jan. 12, waiting in line to enter the parking lot at the FBI’s Chicago Field Office, The Chicago Tribune reports

Behind him was Jerome Bychowski, who began honking the horn of his van, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday. When the agent asked Bychowski to stop honking, the man pulled his van next to the agent’s vehicle and said he was honking at the SUV in front of the agent. 

Bychowski grew angry when the agent refused to talk to the driver of the SUV.

“Go inside and do your (expletive) job,” Bychowski is accused of saying. 

After the agent asked Bychowski to calm down and get back in his van, Bychowski drove next to the SUV, walked toward the agent and then said, “If you’re such a tough guy, get out of the car and show me.”

The agent remained in his car and again told Bychowski to stop being aggressive. At that point, Bychowski allegedly called the agent an “(expletive) who’s hiding behind your job and your car and afraid of getting your ass kicked.”

The Bychowski spat at the agent through the agent’s open driver’s window, striking him in the cheek and forehead, according to the complaint. 

After the agent advised Bychowski that he had committed a crime, he got back in his van and began reversing, the complaint states. This time the agent got out of his car and again told Bychowski against that he had committee a crime. 

Bychowski responded, “Good luck proving it – there’s video.”

Turns out, the driver of the SUV was also an FBI agent and heard Bychowski admit that he had spit on the agent, according to the complaint. Using his cell phone, the agent took pictures of Bychowski and his license plate. 

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