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Archive for July 21st, 2021

‘White Boy Rick’ Sues FBI, Detroit Police in $100M lawsuit Claiming Child Abuse

Richard Wershe Jr.

By Steve Neavling

Richard Wershe Jr., a former federal informant and cocaine dealer known as White Boy Rick, is suing the FBI and Detroit police for alleged child abuse. 

In a federal lawsuit announced Tuesday, Wershe claims the FBI and Detroit police recruited him to snitch at the age of 14. But when law enforcement no longer needed him, Wershe stayed in the drug world before he was busted selling cocaine at the age of 17. 

“Had I not been an informant for the task force, I would never have gotten involved with drug gangs or criminality of any sort,” the lawsuit states.

He was sentenced to life in prison in 1988 and eventually paroled in 2017, only to be sent to a Florida prison to serve time for a 2006 conviction for his role in a car theft while locked up in Michigan. 

Wershe was finally set free on July 20, 2020. 

He is now 52 years old.

Off-Duty DEA Agent Charged in Connection with Jan. 6 Insurrection, Lying to FBI

Off-duty DEA Agent Mark Sami Ibrahim posed for a photo with his badge. Photo: FBI

By Steve Neavling

An off-duty DEA agent who flashed his badge and government-issued firearm outside the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection has been charged in connection with the riot and making a false statement to the FBI, according to court documents unsealed Tuesday.   

Mark Sami Ibrahim, of Orange County, Calif., is the first federal law enforcement officer to be charged in the riot.

He was arrested Tuesday.

Court documents indicate that Ibrahim entered a restricted area on Capitol grounds and later lied to investigators about posing for pictures with his DEA badge and firearm holstered on his hip. 

It wasn’t immediately clear if Ibrahim still works for the DEA. According to court documents, he’s a “probationary employee.”

In March, Ibrahim appeared on Fox News and said he had been fired. He defended his presence at the Capitol, saying he was with a friend to document the rally and had not stepped foot on the building’s steps.

But court documents suggest he did enter a restricted area, and his friend told the Inspector General’s office a different story.

“According to Ibrahim’s friend, Ibrahim went to the rally in order to promote himself,” an IG agent wrote. “Ibrahim had been thinking about his next move after leaving the DEA and wanted the protests to be his stage for launching a ‘Liberty Tavern’ political podcast and cigar brand.”