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Wife of Missing Ex-FBI Agent Robert Levinson Feels U.S. Hasn’t Done Enough to Pressure Iran

Christine Levinson

By Allan Lengel

The wife of former FBI agent Robert Levinson is expressing frustration about efforts to locate her husband and bring him back home. He vanished in 2007 while on an unauthorized mission in Iran for the CIA.

Christine Levinson told a House panel Thursday that she holds Iran responsible for the disappearance of her husband, Robert, but she also said three American administrations have failed to press the Tehran government hard enough for his return, CBS News reports.

Robert Levinson

“Time and time again, Bob has been left behind, deprioritized, or seemingly forgotten,” she said at a House hearing on the status of Americans detained in Iran. She believes her husband is alive but U.S. officials haven’t done enough to return him home.

“My husband served this country tirelessly for decades,” she said. “He deserves better from all of us and from our government. He deserves our endless pursuit to bring him home, to fight day and night and leave no stone unturned.”


Retired FBI Agent: After Attending Meeting With Christopher Wray, I’m Confident Bureau Is Headed in Right Direction

By Allan Lengel

Retired FBI Agent Herman Groman, who attended a meeting Wednesday with FBI Director Christopher Wray and members of the Las Vegas FBI Field Office, said he left with great confidence that the bureau is headed in the right direction.

Groman said about 150 people attended the meeting at the Marriott hotel in Las Vegas, including about 15 retired agents.


Michael Cohen Asked His Lawyer to Inquire About a Pardon Last Year

By Allan Lengel

Michael Cohen, the former lawyer for President Donald Trump, asked one of his attorneys last summer to inquire about getting a presidential pardon,  Cohen’s attorney and spokesman Lanny Davis tells ABC News.

 Cohen asked his now former attorney Stephen Ryan to meet with Rudy Giuliani about the possibility of a pardon shortly after an FBI raid on his home and offices, Davis tells the network.

Davis said Cohen was part of a joint defense agreement with the president and many of his advisers a the time, but he later bowed out of the agreement and “tell the truth.”

Eric Jackson, Head of Dallas FBI, Leaving With Some Politicians Headed For Prison

By Allan Lengel

Eric Jackson, who began heading up the FBI in Dallas in March 2017, is leaving with a list of accomplishments, particularly in the area of public corruption.

He’s leaving behind a list of local public officials who are now facing prison time, NBC5 reports.

The station talked with Jackson about his tenure in Dallas.

Man Charged With Stealing Guns From ATF Facility in West Virginia

By Allan Lengel

A 52-year-old contractor has been arrested after allegedly stealing firearms from an ATF facility in West Virginia.

Christopher Lee Yates faces federal charges of theft of government property and possession of a stolen firearm from ATF, the Journal newspaper reports. 

“Investigation and intelligence reveals that Yates traveled from West Virginia to Maryland to sell the ATF firearm parts for financial gain,” the complaint signed by ATF Special Agent Seth Cox said. “Yates willfully and knowingly did steal firearm slides and firearm parts of a value exceeding $1,000.”

Trump Turns to D.C. U.S. Attorney For Number 3 Justice Department Job

U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu.

By Allan Lengel

President Trump plans to nominate D.C. U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu as the Justice Department’s No. 3 official, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The nomination comes after a year in which his administration failed to persuade several candidates to take on the challenging position, the publication writes.

The No. 3 post was vacated in February 201 when Rachel Brand left to take a position as a lawyer for Walmart.

Liu was confirmed as U.S. Attorney in September 2017.

FBI Director Wray: Encryption Challenge ‘Getting Worse and Worse’

FBI Director Christopher Wray in Orlando in 2018. ( photo)

By Allan Lengel

Ever since becoming the FBI director, Christopher Wray has expressed concern about the challenges encryption has posed for law enforcement.

On Tuesday, at the RSA Conference in San Francisco,  he said the problem is “getting worse and worse,” according to the website Gizmodo, which reports:

 It’s a common refrain for government officials over the last half-decade, but it’s been a matter of sharp debate especially since the FBI overstated encryption device numbers last year.

“It can’t be a sustainable end state for there to be an entirely unfettered space that’s utterly beyond law enforcement for criminals to hide,” Wray said. “We have to figure out a way to deal with this problem.”

Wray went on to say “I’m hearing increasingly that there are solutions.” But he declined to get more specific.


DEA: Nearly 200 Smuggling Tunnels Have Been Built Along Mexico Border in Past Few Years

By Allan Lengel

If President Trump ever gets his way and builds a wall, will it go down deep enough to stop drug smugglers from using underground tunnels?

Fox 29’s San Antonio’s Yami Virgin sits down with the DEA who tells the station drug traffickers will go above or below to smuggle drugs.

According to the DEA, law enforcement has found nearly 200 smuggling tunnels along the US Mexico border over the last few years. The majority of them officials say are found in Arizona and California.