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Ex-FBI Director William Webster Helped Feds Bust Jamaican Con Artist


William Webster (Wikimedia Commons)

By Allan Lengel

Former FBI and CIA Director William Webster helped the FBI nab a  Jamaican man who tried to scam him out of $50,000, Tom Jackman of the Washington Post reports. [2]

The scam took place in 2014.

Webster got a call from a Jamaican man,  who was later identified as Keniel A. Thomas.

Thomas told Webster he had won $72 million and a new Mercedes Benz in the Mega Millions lottery, but he needed to send $50,000 in taxes and fees to get his money. He also told Webster he’d done his homework and knew exactly who he was, according to the Post story.

“You’re a great man,” the Jamaican man cajoled. “You was a judge, you was an attorney, you was a basketball player, you were in the U.S. Navy, homeland security. I know everything about you. I even seen your photograph, and I seen your precious wife.”

Webster contacted the man the next day with the FBI listening. During one of the many conversations, he threatened the life of Webster’s wife, the Post reports.

Thomas was arrested in late 2017 after landing in New York from Jamaica. On Friday, he got a total of six years in prison.