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Raymond Duda Named Special Agent in Charge of FBI’s Seattle Office

Special Agent Raymond Duda

By Steve Neavling

Raymond P. Duda, a 27-year veteran of the FBI, has been named as the new special agent in charge of the bureau’s Seattle Field Office.

At the end of November, Duda will take over the Seattle office, which has nine satellite offices.

Duda most recently served in the FBI’s Cyber Division and as a senior liaison to the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command.

Duda is replacing Special Agent Jay S. Tabb Jr., who recently left to serve as the executive assistant director of the FBI’s National Security Branch in Washington D.C.

Roger Stone Denies Alleged Role in Wikileaks Dirt on Clinton

Roger Stone on CNN

By Steve Neavling

Roger Stone, a Republican strategist and long-time confidant of President Trump, said his excitement over Wikileaks dirt on Hillary Clinton was nothing more than politics.

Stone, in an interview with CNN on Saturday, distanced himself from connections he reportedly had to email leaks, saying he never colluded with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Stone said he had “no advance notice” of Wikileaks information and simply learned from the media that the hacked emails were going to be leaked.

In October 2016, Stone tweeted that Clinton’s campaign “is done” and that he has “total confidence” in Assange, whom he called a “hero.”

Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Stone’s role in the Trump campaign.

In the CNN interview, Stone said he “testified truthfully” to the House Intelligence Committee and “never had any direct contact” with Wikileaks or Assange.

“What I have done here is perfectly legal,” Stone said Saturday. “I took a solid tip and entirely public information that could be gleaned from the Wikileaks’ Twitter feed and by setting a Google News alert on Julian Assange and reading every interview to hype and punk and promote and posture and bluff the Democrats. That’s politics, but it’s not collusion.”

James ‘Robert’ Brown Named Special Agent in Charge of FBI’s Louisville Office

James “Robert” Brown

By Steve Neavling

James “Robert” Brown, a 16-year veteran of the FBI, has been named as the new special agent in charge of the bureau’s Louisville office.

Brown replaces Amy Hess, who left the office nearly three months ago to serve in a special cyber branch in Washington D.C.

Brown joined the FBI in 2002 to work in the bureau’s Miami Field Office and most often served as deputy assistant director of the National Security Branch’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Doctorate at FBI headquarters.

Before joining the FBI, Brown served as a deputy sheriff for nine years. 

GOP Operative Accused of Offering Money for False Claims Against Mueller

Jack Burkman

By Steve Neavling

Right-wing operative Jack Burkman and a shady intelligence firm are accused of offering to pay women to falsely accuse special counsel Robert Mueller of sexual misconduct.

Burkman, who hosts “Behind the Curtain with Jack Burkman,” is a prolific conspiracy theorist and firebrand conservative. He recently offered a $25,000 reward for information about Christine Blasey Ford, who had accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her while they were in high school.

Details emerged this week that men claiming to work for Burkman and Surefire Intelligence offered to pay women to falsely accuse Mueller of sexual misconduct.

After the allegations surfaced, a far-right website Gateway Pundit posted a document from Surefire Intelligence that claims to have details of a woman who was sexually assaulted by Mueller, who is investigating whether Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to undermine the 2016 presidential election.

Burkman quickly denied the allegations.

“The allegations of paying women are false,” Burkman tweeted. “The left is trying to defend Mueller against sexual assault allegations so they attack me in desperation. The establishment media knows that Mueller may go down over this—they want to deflect attention.”

Whoever is responsible could be charged with obstruction of justice, witness tampering and making false statements, Justice Department officials told Business Insider

‘Whitey’ Bulger’s Attackers Beat Him Beyond Recognition, Tried to Cut Out His Tongue

“Whitey” Bulger

By Steve Neavling

Boston gangster and murderer James “Whitey” Bulger was beaten beyond recognition, and his attackers tried to cut out his tongue, a federal law enforcement official told CNN

The 89-year-old inmate was killed Tuesday at a high-security federal prison in West Virginia on Tuesday, a day after he was transferred from another facility.

It’s a popular punishment in organized crime circles to cut out the tongue of people who snitch. And Bulger was a notorious snitch and a ruthless killer.

His move to the Hazleton Prison in Bruceton Mills gave inmates easy access to Bulger, who was found unresponsive at 8:20 a.m. Tuesday.

Investigators believe several people were involved in the attack, including Fotios “Freddy” Geas, a mafia hitman from Massachusetts who is serving a life sentence for two murders in 2003, according to The New York Times

Dick Lehr, author of “Whitey: The Life of America’s Most Notorious Mob Boss,” said Bulger’s killing was fitting, in a way.

“He lived violently and he apparently died violently,” he said. “It marks the full circle of a terrible life.”