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FBI Agent Peter Strzok May Not Comply With Subpoena to Testify on Hill

Peter Strozk

By Allan Lengel

The drama surrounding FBI agent Peter Strzok continues.

On Tuesday, his lawyer suggested Strzok  might not comply with a recent subpoena issued by two powerful House committees, according to his attorney, The Hill reports. 

“My client will testify soon, somewhere, sometime,” Lawyer Aitan Goelman tells CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday night. “We just got this subpoena today, so I don’t know whether or not we are going to be testifying next Tuesday in front of these two particular House subcommittees.”

Goelman says he thinks the real motive behind the subpoena is not about seeking the truth, but rather “it is a chance for Republican members of the House to preen and posture before their most radical conspiracy-minded constituents.”

Radio Personality Comes Under Secret Service Scrutiny for Prank Call to Trump; Hires Michael Avenatti

John Mendez (Twitter photo)

By Allan Lengel

The Secret Service doesn’t have a great sense of humor when it comes to matters involving the president.

After prank calling President Donald Trump on Air Force One, radio personality John “Stuttering John” Melendez was reportedly brought in for questioning Monday by the Secret Service, reports the website,

To add to it all, he’s turned to Stormy Daniels’ omnipresent attorney  Michael Avenatti for help.

Comey Defends His Legacy at Aspen Ideas Festival

By Allan Lengel

Fired FBI director James Comey seems to be on a campaign to protect his legacy.

On Saturday, he spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival, defending his controversial actions before the 2016 presidential election and likening President Donald Trump to a forest fire that must be “contained,” reports Scott Condon of the Aspen Times.

In an interview with journalist Katie Couric in front of several hundred audience members,  he said history will vindicate him in the Hillary Clinton email controversy.

“Whether you agree with them or not, they were good decisions in the way that they were made and values that guided them,” Comey said. “I actually think in the long run people will see that.”

Updated: FBI Agent Peter Strzok Will Testify in Public Hearing

Peter Strozk

Update: 4:06 p.m. Tuesday — Well it turns out that FBI agent Peter Strozk will be testifying after all before the joint House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committee’s public hearing on July 10. His attorney said he wasn’t going to testify. But the committee issued a subpoena, and so, he’ll be there.

By Allan Lengel

FBI agent Peter Strzok, whose critical emails of presidential candidate Donald Trump triggered a firestorm inside the Beltway, has been advised not to testify before a House Judiciary Committee public hearing on July 10.

Strozk would “happily” answer lawmakers’ questions about the beginnings of the government’s Russia collusion investigation but was instructed by a bureau lawyer that he shouldn’t, his attorney said, according to Bloomberg.

Attorney Aitan Goelman complained in a letter to the staff of the House Judiciary Committee that Republicans have been “grandstanding” and “twisting” Strozk’s answers from a closed-door interview last week Bloomberg reports.

For now, he won’t testify, Goelman said.

Deputy White House Counsel Uttam Dhillon Expected to Head DEA

Uttam Dhillon (Linkedin photo)

By Allan Lengel

The musical chairs continues at the DEA.

Uttam Dhillon,  deputy White House counsel, is expected to be named the next interim head of the DEA, replacing  Robert W. Patterson, who  announced last month he was leaving the agency after a 30-year DEA career, the Washington Post reports.

The agency has a long history of keeping interim heads for years without being confirmed.

Dhillon has played a key role in internal discussions surrounding the firing of FBI director James B. Comey and the special counsel’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election,  the Post writes.

Michael Cohen Says His Loyalty Is To His Family And Country

By Allan Lengel

Attorney Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s fix-it guy, may not be as loyal to Trump as he originally said.

In the first in-depth interview since the FBI raided his office and homes in April, Cohen signaled to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos his willingness to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller and federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York.

“My wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will,” Cohen said. “I put family and country first.”

Personal Assistant To Manafort Granted FBI Access to Storage Locker

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

By Allan Lengel

The drama of the Paul Manafort’s case continues to unfold.

The latest: A personal assistant to Manafort granted the FBI access to a storage locker, allowing the government to secure evidence that President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager is trying to suppress, Mark Hosenball and Nathan Layne of Reuters reports.

The disclosure was made public during testimony on Friday in a federal court hearing in Virginia.

FBI special agent Jeff Pfeiffer made the disclosure at a hearing to consider whether evidence from the locker and a separate search of Manafort’s home, both in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Alexandria, could be used in a Manafort trial set for July, Reuters reports.