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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for July 18th, 2018

How Much of Netflix’s Show ‘Narcos’ Is Real? A Former DEA Agent Addresses That

Steve Murphy (DEA photo)

By Allan Lengel

Steve Murphy, a retired DEA agent who helped track down Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, talks about how realistic Netflix’s popular show ‘Narcos’ is.

“One-third of the show is true,” Murphy said, according to Real Clear Life. “Those events happened and they are depicted correctly. The second third, those events happened, but they’re not depicted the way they actually occurred. They dramatize it. They glorified it. They made it more exciting. They added sex to it and all that kind of stuff. And then the last third, well, that’s just straight out of Hollywood.

Real Clear Life writes:

Murphy’s exploits, alongside DEA partner Javier Peña, in the late 1980s and early 1990s form the basis of the Netflix drama Narcos…

Murphy and Peña were speaking to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) late last month as part of the DIA’s “Masterminds” guest speaker series. The DIA said the pair’s DEA work overlapped with their own because both agencies “play a role in transnational organized crime threats – to include narcotics and threat finance through the America’s Regional Center.”

The show is going into its fourth season.

DEA Unveils Billboards Discouraging Youth From Smuggling Drugs

By Allan Lengel

The DEA has unveiled new billboards at the border to discourage youngsters from smuggling drugs across the border, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

A billboard in Tijuana near the port of entry and two in San Ysidro along Interstates 5 and 805 were unveiled Monday.

Comey, A Long-time Republican, Urges People to Vote for Democrats; Blasts Trump

James Comey (Twitter photo)

By Allan Lengel

Ex-FBI Director James Comey is stepping outside his box.

Comey, who had been registered as a Republican most of his life, urged “all who believe in this country’s values” to vote for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, CNN reports.

In a tweet on Tuesday evening, Comey called the Republican-held Congress “incapable of fulfilling the Founders’ design.”