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June 2018


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Retired FBI Official Kevin Kendrick: ‘House Republicans Are An Absolute Joke’

The writer was as assistant special FBI agent in charge of the Detroit field office from 1999-2002 and retired in 2006 as head of the Charlotte Division in North Carolina. 

Kevin Kendrick

By Kevin Kendrick

House Republicans are an absolute joke.

Jim Jordan is especially an utter embarrassment to the country.

If I lived in his district in Ohio, I would seriously consider moving. The way all of these men are scrambling to protect Trump is disgusting because they are intentionally attempting to harm career government employees and undermine entire agencies in the process.

Instead of making an earnest effort to determine the root cause of what is known Russian interference in our elections, these quislings are attempting to silence the messengers.

Instead of showing concern about the increasingly troubling relationship between so many in Trump-world to Russia and specifically, Russian intelligence operatives, they would rather whine about the length of the investigation and clamor for its resolution.

Trey Gowdy, one of the more sensible lackeys, appeared histrionic today saying it was time to wrap up the investigation. (Yes, this is the same Trey Gowdy that spent 2.5 years investigating Benghazi that resulted in all of those indictments. And by “all of those indictments”, I mean ZERO. None. Perhaps ‘nada’ works best with these guys.)

They completely ignore all of the activity by Trump and his band of comrades. It’s as if Peter Strzok arranged for the meeting in Trump Tower. And that Peter Strzok made up the lies on the plane about why that meeting occurred. That Peter Strzok told Lester Holt about why Trump wanted to fire Comey. That Peter Strzok invited the Russian ambassador and others into the Oval Office to brag about firing Comey.

That Peter Strzok arranged for Michael Flynn to lie to investigators and then plead guilty. That Peter Strzok caused all of the money laundering Manafort has been charged with as well as the latest charges of witness tampering.

That Peter Strzok made Trump ask Russia to continue looking for HRC’s emails. It’s as if Peter Strzok orchestrated all of the activity leading up to the 20 indictments and five guilty pleas thus far obtained in this case.

I am literally ashamed of this activity by those who call themselves representatives of the American people. Each and every one of them needs to take a look at that oath they took to support the Constitution…and not a tyrant in the making.”

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