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Head of Border Patrol Agents’ Union Says We Can’t Stop ‘Catch and Release’


By Allan Lengel

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council and head of the union representing Border Patrol agents, tells CNN [2] there’s  “no way” the “catch and release” of deportable immigrants can stop under President Donald Trump’s executive order to keep undocumented immigrant parents and children together.

Judd said in a Thursday interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room” that the options are either separate families or release migrants after they’re caught.

“We’re going to have to release (families) under what’s called the catch-and-release program,” Judd said. “It’s impossible to not separate the family unless the catch-and-release policy takes hold again. If we can’t hold the children more than 20 days, therefore we can’t hold the parents more than 20 days. It takes about six to nine months to see a deportation proceeding from the beginning to the end.”