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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for May 12th, 2017

Weekend Series on Crime History: Nixon vs. Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox

How Trump’s Boorish Temperament Is Exposing Him to More Scrutiny

donald trump rallyBy Steve Neavling

If President Trump thought firing FBI Director James Comey would rein in the bureau’s robust federal investigation of ties between Russia and Trump’s campaign, the billionaire-turned-political newcomer made a terrible, potentially fateful miscalculation.

Trump’s brazen decision Tuesday to terminate the man who was leading the growing investigation prompted a far-reaching call for an independent special counsel to examine whether the president’s campaign conspired with Russia to interfere with the 2016 election. Some also are questioning whether Comey’s firing constitutes obstruction of justice since he was looking into potential crimes committed by the president and some of his inner circle.

Former FBI Director James Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey

After drawing fierce criticism from both sides of the aisle, Democrats on Wednesday called for an independent special counsel to investigate the allegations. Then on Thursday, 20 attorneys general from across the country urged the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel.

Despite the reaction, Trump continues to take to Twitter and TV to blame the investigation on “fake news” and Democrats who “fabricated” the allegations “as an excuse for losing the election.”

Acting FBI Director Pledges to Blow the Whistle if White House Interferes

By Steve Neavling

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe pledged Thursday to alert congressional members of any attempts by the White House to interfere with the “highly significant investigation” into ties between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Speaking at a public hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee, McCabe also vowed not to share information about the investigation with the White House.

Acting FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Acting FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

A day earlier, Trump claimed Comey had been doing a poor job and suggested in a tweet that the 3-year FBI director “lost the confidence of almost everyone in Washington, Republican and Democrats alike,” despite an outpouring of support within the ranks of the FBI. 

At the hearing, McCabe challenged Trump’s portrayal of Comey, saying working with the director was “the greatest privilege and honor of my professional life.

McCabe added, “The vast majority of FBI employees enjoyed a deep and positive connection to Director Comey.”

McCabe assured the committee that the White House would not deter the FBI.

“Simply put, sir, you cannot stop the men and women of the FBI from doing the right thing, protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution,” McCabe said.

Trump Repeatedly Asked FBI Director Comey for His Loyalty at Private Dinner

Former FBI Director James Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey

By Steve Neavling

Just a month before Donald Trump was sworn in as president, the billionaire who pledged to “drain the swamp of corruption in Washington D.C.” invited FBI Director James Comey to the White House for a one-on-one dinner.

After some small talk, Trump got down to business. He wanted to know whether Comey would pledge his loyalty to the president, two Comey associates who are familiar with the dinner told the New York Times. 

It was an unusual request, not only because the FBI director is supposed to be free of political loyalty, but because Comey and the bureau were investigating whether Trump’s campaign team conspired with Russian operatives to interfere in the presidential election.

Comey explained that he could only pledge loyalty to his job and the country, but he promised to always be honest with the president. 

Unsatisfied, Trump repeated that he needed Comey’s loyalty. Again, Comey declined.

Nearly five months later, Trump fired Comey, who had maintained his independence.