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November 2016


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Deep Division inside the FBI Likely to Persist Long After the Election

By Steve Neavling

The infighting in the Justice Department and FBI over the handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation is creating deep divisions that could impact the agencies long after the presidential election.

The Washington Post reports that “internal dissension has exploded into public view” as FBI sources leak information to reporters about the Clinton Foundation.

And then there’s FBI Director James Comey, who has been criticized by President Obama, other high-ranking Democrats and the Justice Department for revealing information that may or may not be connected to the Clinton server probe.

“He’s got to get control of the ship again,” Robert Anderson, a former senior official in the FBI, said of Comey, a friend. “There’s a lot of tension in the organization, and there’s a lot of tension in Congress and the Senate right now, and all that counts toward how much people trust the FBI.”

The information coming out of the FBI appears to have helped Donald Trump gain in the polls.

Clinton declined to say whether she would fire Comey if she is elected.

“I’m not going to, you know, either get ahead of myself by assuming I’ll be fortunate enough to be elected,” Clinton said, responding to a question from SiriusXM’s Joe Madison. “That’s really up to you and your listeners. People have to turn out, or nothing that I’m going to be proposing will come into reality, but I also would never comment on any kind of, you know, personnel issue.”

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