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LA Times: Border Patrol Union Hurts Image with Donald Trump Endorsement

border patrol 3By Scott Martelle
Los Angeles Times

The leadership of the National Border Patrol Council – the union representing rank-and-file Border Patrol guards – came out two months ago with an endorsement of Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions, marking the first time the union had endorsed a candidate during the primary cycle. In the process, those union leaders created a problem: The folks on the front line of border protections have aligned themselves with someone who believes the Mexicans crossing the border are “in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists.”

And who has denigrated women and vowed (likely in violation of the Constitution) to ban Muslims from entering the country.

As Richard Marosi reported, that has exposed a rift within the union in an agency in which (per this 2012 report) more than a third of the employees are Latino, and one in five are women.

The union faced some external backlash after making the endorsement, including calls for the AFL-CIO to kick it out of the labor federation. That’s silly. The union – any union – has a right to endorse a political candidate, though I wish they were a bit more democratic about it rather than having, as in the case of the Border Patrol union, the leadership make the call. And they are within their rights to align with any candidate they like – the AFL-CIO shouldn’t bounce a member union over its political positions, since the main point of the union is to represent its workers. 

But the Border Patrol union did its members a disservice by backing a demagogue who demonizes some of the very people its members encounter as a core function of their jobs.

To read more click here. 

Other Stories of Interest

Lengel: FBI Probe Into Hillary Starting to Border on Obstruction of Democracy


By Allan Lengel

Give the FBI credit for being thorough.

Over the years,  the FBI has often moved forth slowly in big cases involving high-profile, political figures. It’s typical. After all when you go hunting for big game, you better hit the target squarely between the eyes, or pay the consequences and deal with the fall out.

I get it.

But the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails is starting to border on obstruction of democracy.

The Democratic Convention in Philadelphia begins July 25. That’s less than three months away, and the cloud of the investigation still hangs heavy over the Clinton campaign and the Democratic party.

If the FBI and Justice Department plan to indict Clinton, they need to do it very very soon.

An indictment right before, during or right after the convention — or if the case drags — would create serious chaos and undermine the political process.

It would be black eye for the political process and the FBI.

The agency doesn’t need to be accused of meddling in the political processes and having a hand in who Americans elect president.

The FBI needs to quickly finish up the interviews with Clinton’s former staff.  Bring in extra agents if need be. Bring in extra Justice Department lawyers.

Either way, it’s time to pull the trigger very soon — one way or another.

FBI Director: Fewer Americans Joining ISIS After Aggressive Crackdown

ISIS flag

ISIS flag

By Steve Neavling

ISIS is losing its influence in the U.S. as fewer American are traveling overseas to fight alongside extremists in the Middle East, FBI Director James Comey said.

In 2014 and the first half of 2015, the FBI saw between 6 and 10 Americans traveling to the Middle East or trying to join ISIS every month. Now Comey said the number is about one per month, Fox News reports. 

“There’s no doubt that something has happened that is lasting, in terms of the attractiveness of the nightmare which is the Islamic State to people from the United States,” he told reporters during a wide-ranging round-table discussion Wednesday.

The FBI said ISIS’ ability to inspire “troubled souls” remains a constant concern, but federal authorities are beginning to a downward trend.

FBI Director Questions Hillary Clinton’s Characterization of Email Investigation

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

By Steve Neavling

FBI Director James Comey took issue with Hillary Clinton’s characterization of the investigation into her use of a private email server.

Clinton has repeatedly described the FBI probe as a “security inquiry.”

“I don’t know what that means,” Comey told reporters today in Washington, D.C., ABC News reports. “We’re conducting an investigation. That’s the bureau’s business. That’s what we do.” 

The FBI confirmed it recently interviewed a handful Clinton’s closest aides and advisors.

Comey wouldn’t say when the investigation would be complete.

“I don’t tether to any particular external deadline,” Comey said. “Look, I understand the interest in this particular investigation. And so I do feel the pressure to do it well and promptly. As between the two, I will always choose well.”

Border Patrol Agent Charged with Felony Assault After Nightclub Fight

border patrolBy Steve Neavling

A Border Patrol agent who is a trained mixed martial arts fighter has been charged with felony assault after he allegedly punched a man in the face numerous times at a nightclub in Arizona.

Yuma police said Chance Farrar punched a man in the face six or seven times, breaking his cheekbone, after an argument over dancing with a woman, KYMA reports. During the attack, the victim’s head struck a woman in the nose.

 “The punch that was thrown to male subject caused his head to go back and strike her in the face,” said Lori Franklin of the Yuma Police Department.

Farrar, who has been an agent for 15 years, told police he acted in self-defense because of the victim’s tone of voice and body language.

Farrar was suspended without pay.

Homeland Security Released Nearly 20,000 Criminal Immigrants in 2015

immigrationBy Steve Neavling

Homeland Security released nearly 20,000 criminal immigrants in 2015, largely because the convicts’ countries wouldn’t take them back.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officials said they often have no choice but to release the criminals back into the U.S. after they serve their time, Newsday reports. 

Many of them have been convicted of violent crimes, such as murder and sexual assault.

Some members of Congress criticized ICE for releasing the immigrants.

“What is unacceptable is even one (release). Why did you release even one person?” Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, asked Saldana.

ICE Director Sarah Saldana said her agency is developing a item to alert local authorities when a criminal is released back into society.

Chaffetz said that’s not enough.

“They got caught committing a crime. They were convicted of the crime and instead of following the law and deporting them, you released them … and they commit more crimes,” Chaffetz said. “That is so wholly unacceptable.”

ATF Concludes Deadly Fire at Texas Fertilizer Facility Was Intentionally Set

By Steve Neavling

A massive explosion at a fertilizer facility in Texas that killed more than three dozen people and injured hundreds was intentionally set, the ATF said Wednesday.

The announcement comes more than three years after the explosion.

The ATF said it has ruled out “all reasonable, accidental and natural causes,” the Washington Post reports. 

The agency has not made any arrests yet and is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or people responsible.

The explosion also leveled nearby homes.

Other Stories of Interest

Longtime Clinton Aide Walks Out of FBI Interview about Private Email Server

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

By Steve Neavling

Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills briefly walked out of an interview with the FBI.

The Washington Post reports that the FBI asked questions that her lawyer and the Justice Department had agreed were off limits.

Mills, who served as chief of staff while Clinton was secretary of state, and her attorney returned after a short time.

The FBI is expected to interview Clinton in the coming weeks.

Mills, who is an attorney, was caught off guard when the FBI asked about the procedure used to produce emails to the State Department – a question that was supposed to be off limits.