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Why FBI’s Treatment of Martin Luther King Jr. Should Never Be Forgotten

martin luther kingBy Steve Neavling

Two days after Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous “I have a dream” speech in August 1963, the head of FBI domestic intelligence called the civil rights leader “the most dangerous” American for “national security.”

The FBI believed King was working with foreign communists, and the attorney general approved wiretaps of his home and offices.

Slate reports that “the lessons of the King scandal should weigh heavy on our minds.”

There is a myth in this country that in a world where everyone is watched, everyone is watched equally. It’s as if an old and racist J. Edgar Hoover has been replaced by the race-blind magic of computers, mathematicians, and Big Data. The truth is more uncomfortable. Across our history and to this day, people of color have been the disproportionate victims of unjust surveillance; Hoover was no aberration. And while racism has played its ugly part, the justification for this monitoring was the same we hear today: national security.

Slate wrote that wiretaps and other surveillance, such as encryption, remain a problem following the revelation that the NSA and DEA were logging phone calls of innocent people.

That’s one reason why, Slate argues, the treatment of King must never be forgotten – because the pattern of surveillance continues on innocent people.

San Bernardino Terrorists Who Opened Fire at Holiday Party Intended to Detonate Pipe Bomb

San Bernardino couple who opened fire at a holiday party.

San Bernardino couple who opened fire at a holiday party.

By Steve Neavling

The San Bernardino terrorists who opened fire at a holiday party, killing 14 people on Dec. 2, also planned to detonate an explosive device inside the room, the FBI told the Los Angeles Times. 

Investigators said Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, hid a pipe bomb inside a bag at the Inland Regional Center.

What remains unclear is when the couple planned to detonate the bomb – before or after opening fire.

“Was the intent to detonate prior to their attack?” David Bowdich, the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office, asked. “We just don’t have the answer.”

The bomb, which was attached to a remote-control toy car, “was armed and ready to detonate,” Bowdich said.

The remote control for the toy car was found in the couple’s SUV.

Tensions Mount As Militia Paves Roads, Removes Surveillance at Oregon Wildlife Refuge

Burns, Oregon

Burns, Oregon

By Steve Neavling

Tensions continued as the militia group that took over an Oregon wildlife refuge paved new roads and removed fences and security cameras.

Armed militia members scaled ladders Friday to remove cameras, which they referred to as a symbol of “mass surveillance,” militia spokesman LaVoy Finicum said during a news briefing, the New York Daily News reports. 

Now the Burns Paiute Tribe is afraid that the militia may have destroyed artifacts and desecrated ancient burial grounds.

The headquarters near Burns, Oregon, contains thousands of relics.

“We have no idea whether the militants have disturbed the Tribe’s artifacts or gained access to otherwise confidential information,” wrote tribe chairperson Charlotte Rodrique in a letter to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regional director Robyn Thorson.

Other Stories of Interest

FBI Agents Association Wants International Community to Step Up Efforts to Release Former Agent Robert Levinson from Iran

Robert Levinson

Robert Levinson

By Allan Lengel

On Saturday, the day the U.S. announced that Iran had released five people,  including a Washington Post reporter ,  the FBI Agents Association  (FBIAA) called on the international community to redouble its efforts to gain the release of former FBI Agent Robert Levinson, who disappeared in Iran in 2007.

“FBIAA urges the U.S. and international community to press Iran for information on the disappearance of Bob Levinson,” said  FBIAA President Renaldo Tariche in a statement.  “We ask anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts to come forward with any information that could bring Bob back home.”

Levinson is a retired FBI Agent who served 22 years with the FBI and six with the DEA.  Levinson traveled to Kish Island, Iran as a private investigator and vanished March 9, 2007. The FBI has been investigating the case.

“Bob’s former colleagues have not forgotten him.  We continue to stand with the Levinson family,” said Tariche.  “Bob, married for 38 years with seven children, has missed more than nine years of accomplishments and milestones in the lives of his children.   Each day brings renewed heartache to his family and friends.  We celebrate today’s release of Americans, but the world should not forget Levinson’s continued unjustified imprisonment and continue to work for his release.”

New York Times: The Hunt For Mexican Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’

Joaquin_Guzman-LoeraBy Azam Ahmed
New York Times

MEXICO CITY — Stripped to his undershirt and covered in filth, the world’s most notorious drug lord dragged himself out of the sewers and into the middle of traffic.

Disoriented from his long trudge underground, with gun-toting marines on his heels, he found himself standing across the street from a Walmart. Joaquín Guzmán Loera, the kingpin known across the globe as El Chapo, would have to improvise. His cavalry was not coming.

He and his top lieutenant commandeered a white Volkswagen from a passing motorist, but only a few blocks later, the car became engulfed in smoke, witnesses said. Desperate for another vehicle, the two men spotted a red Ford Focus at a traffic light, driven by a woman with her daughter and 5-year-old grandson.

“Get out of the car now,” said the lieutenant, his weapon trained on the woman as he lifted the door handle, witnesses said. She complied, prying the child from the back seat and leaving her belongings in the car. Politely, the lieutenant handed over her purse before speeding off.

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Sen. Marco Rubio Slams Justice Department, Says It Won’t Indict Hillary

Sen. Marco Rubio

Sen. Marco Rubio

By Allan Lengel

Sen. Marco Rubio earlier this week slammed the Justice Department and said he doubted prosecutors would bring an indictment in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, according to a report in Newsmax.

Appearing on Fox News Sean Hannity show, said if he’s elected, “there will be real accounting with a real Justice Department and a real attorney general” and “we’re going to hold people accountable.”

He said he doubts the Obama administration’s Justice Department will indictment Hillary Clinton in the email case even though Clinton “didn’t care that she exposed classified and sensitive information.”

Wanted By the FBI: A New Chief Information Officer

computer-photoBy Allan Lengel

The FBI is hunting for a new chief information officer, according to a listing on the bureau’s jobs website.

Billy Mitchell of fedscoop reports that the FBI is looking for an American citizen who can obtain a Top Secret-Sensitive Compartmented Information clearance to report to the deputy director and associate deputy director on enterprise IT functions.

Mitchell writes:

According to the listing, the new CIO will be “responsible for overseeing the acquisition and integration of the FBI’s information resources and will provide IT portfolio management, recommend IT program improvements, and coordinate and review the agency’s IT budget to both ensure technology initiatives are aligned to FBI objectives, and sufficiently agile to adapt to the evolving needs of FBI operations.”

That includes: “all data centers, networks, help desks, computer program development, computer systems operations, information sharing, cybersecurity (including policy, standards, and operations), data management, and end-user computing. “