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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for December 11th, 2015

Weekend Series on Crime: LBJ Talks to FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover in 1963

FBI Joins Investigation of Possible Serial Killer in Long Island

Ocean Parkway, Long Island.

Ocean Parkway, Long Island.

By Steve Neavling

Authorities began discovering the remains of 11 human beings five years ago along a New York highway.

Now the FBI is joining the investigation to determine if a serial killer was responsible for the deaths, Fox News reports. 

Suffolk County Deputy Police Commissioner Tim Simi announced the FBI’s involvement in the case Thursday, on the eve of the fifth-anniversary of the first body being discovered.

“Law enforcement techniques, particularly with homicide investigations, are ever changing, and we wanted to ensure that we are doing everything we can to solve these murders,” Sini said.

“Bringing the FBI to the table with all of its expertise and resources is a step in the right direction,” toward possibly finding a killer, Sini said. “Working together is the best way to solve complex cases.”

The bodies included eight women, a man and a toddler. They were found near Ocean Parkway on Long Island.

FBI Dive Team Searches Lake for Evidence in San Bernardino Shooting Massacre

Seccombe Lake in California.

Seccombe Lake in California.

By Steve Neavling

An FBI dive team is searching a small San Bernardino lake as part of the investigation into the massacre that killed 14 people at a holiday party in California, reports. 

Investigators believe the couple may have dumped digital evidence into Seccombe Lake after visiting the site after the Dec. 2 shooting.

“We are building a timeline of everything we know to ensure that we can retrace every step they took,” said FBI Director David Bowdich. “We’re just trying to ensure we account for every minute of the time that day.”

Investigators can’t find a hard drive from a computer at the home of the suspects, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik.

The FBI is hoping to find more clues about a possible connection between Farook and the leader of a terrorist group who was arrested in 2012.

Maryland Lawmaker Proposes Ban on Firearms for People on Terrorism Watch Lists

Rep. Chris Van Hollen

Rep. Chris Van Hollen

By Steve Neavling

Maryland is at least the second state pursing a ban on firearm sales to people on the federal terrorism watch lists.

The Associated Press reports that state Rep. Chris Van Hollen is asking the governor to “explore every possible state action” to prevent guns from getting into the hands of terrorists.

Van Hollen, a Democrat, sent the letter to Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, on Thursday, the same day the Connecticut governor said he would sign an executive order banning people from the no-fly list from purchasing firearms.

President Obama said Sunday that he supports a similar measure on the federal level.

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