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Ex-FBI Agent Who Stole Heroin From Evidence to Be Sentenced Today

fbi badgeBy Steve Neavling

A former FBI agent who stole heroin from criminal investigations to feed his addiction should be sentenced to seven to nine years in prison, prosecutors plan to urge a judge, the Washington Post reports.

Former agent Matthew Lowry, who worked in the Washington field office, spoiled drug case and forced prosecutors to dismiss drug charges against 28 people.

“Whatever can be said of the defendant’s decision to self-medicate, what is both indefensible and inexcusable is the fact that the defendant decided to supply himself with heroin by stealing it from FBI custody,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin R. Brenner wrote in a sentencing memorandum.

Lowry is scheduled to be sentenced at 1:3o p.m. today.

Check Out Secret Service’s Most Telling Code Names

secret service photo

By Steve Neavling

The Secret Service has come up with some interesting code names of the people they are paid to protect.

Here is a partial list compiled by Vanity Fair:

Roger Clinton: The half-brother of President Bill Clinton, notorious for his attempts at influence-peddling and a conviction for cocaine use, got the nickname “Headache” for obvious reasons. “I don’t have a choice of being first brother,” he recently told The New York Times.

Senator Ted Kennedy: Back when the late Lion of the Senate was but a wee brother of the president, his pale Irish complexion didn’t mix well with the summers playing flag football in Hyannis Port, or his penchant for drinking. Hence, the name “Sunburn.”

Dick Cheney: The former vice president usually went by “Angler,” both for his love of fly fishing and his tendency to take favorable angles on things like invading Iraq. (He was also known as “Backseat,” because really, he was the ultimate backseat driver.)

George W. Bush: Speaking of invading Iraq, Bush’s code name was “Tumbler,” assigned to him back when he was just the son of George H.W. Bush. (Bush had a notorious drinking problem while his father was vice president, making the code name especially cruel if it wasn’t randomly assigned.) When he became president, he changed it to “Trailbazer,” which is more manly and sounds less like women’s gymnastics.

Click here to see the rest of the list. 

Liquid Meth Is No. 1 Drug Crossing Border Because of Cheaper Ingredients

dea-badgeBy Steve Neavling

Forget marijuana and cocaine.

The No. 1 drug entering the U.S. from the Southwest border is liquid methamphetamine, reports. 

“The Mexican cartels have figured out a very effective way to massively produce very low cost, inexpensive methamphetamine year-round,” said Wendell Campbell, spokesperson for the DEA’s Houston division.

One reason it has become so popular is the price, which has dropped from $21,000 per kilo in 2010 to $10,000 last year.

In just the past few years, the DEA has witnessed a 350% increase in seizures.

Some of the chemical ingredients come from China.

The substance is mixed with gas or acetone and heated over an open fire to make it crystallize.

Stories of Other Interest

Gun Used to Murder Woman in San Francisco Was Stolen from Federal Agent

courtroomBy Steve Neavling

A man accused of killing a 32-year-old woman on San Francisco’s waterfront used a gun stolen from a federal agent’s car, sources close to the investigation told the

The gun was a .40-caliber pistol, but it did not appear to be the agent’s official gun.

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez was charged in the murder of Kathryn Steinle.

The suspect was in the U.S. without documentation and was deported five times to his native Mexico.

The gun was stolen in a downtown robbery.

It wasn’t immediately clear which agency the agent worked for.

Subway Breaks Ties with Jared Fogle Following Child-Porn Investigation

Jared Fogle

Jared Fogle

By Steve Neavling

Subway has ended its 15-year relationship with its pitchman Jared Fogle following an FBI raid at his Indiana home.

The investigation of Fogle is centered around child pornography accusations, just two months after his friend was arrested on charges of possessing hundreds of vile videos, the New York Daily News reports. 

Subway immediately scrubbed its website of Fogle’s presence.

Fogle’s attorney said his client is cooperating and has not been charged with a crime.

Subway and Jared Fogle have mutually agreed to suspend their relationship due to the current investigation,” the company announced.

Secret Service, Obama, Former Presidents Celebrate Agency’s 150th anniversary

Secret Service photo

By Steve Neavling

President Obama and other four former presidents joined Secret Service officials to celebrate the agency’s 150th anniversary.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Secret Service Director Joe Clancy gave brief speeches at the small, private gathering inside the National Archives building Tuesday, CNN reports. 

The nation’s four living former presidents – Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush – delivered video speeches in what CNN described as “a rare and poignant tribute that could only be reserved for the Secret Service.”

This come amidst troubles in the agency that caused a shakeup in leadership, but officials managed to stay clear of that subject during the celebration.

TSA Screeners Aren’t Charged on Allegations of Groping ‘Attractive’ Male Passengers

tsaBy Steve Neavling

Two Denver airport security screeners who were fired after being accused of fondling attractive male passengers will not be charged, NBC News reports. 

The TSA screeners, a man and a woman, were fired in April following a six-month investigation by the TSA, which alerted Denver police to the allegations in March.

But Monday, the Denver district attorney’s office said investigators were unable to prove that one of the screeners was working at the time of the alleged incidents.

The male screener was accused of signaling to the female screener when an attractive man was approaching. The female passenger was then accused of patting down the passenger’s groin by signaling to the machine that the passenger was a woman.

“These alleged acts are egregious and intolerable,” the TSA said in a statement in April. “TSA has removed two officers from the agency.”

Other Stories of Interest

Lengel: Dr. Farid Fata, the Dr. Mengele of Michigan

Dr. Josef Mengele (left) and Dr. Farid Fata.

By Allan Lengel

DETROIT — It’s not always fair to compare someone to an evil figure in history. But when I saw the Metro Detroit oncologist Dr. Farid Fata sitting in federal court in Detroit Monday,  I couldn’t help but think of Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi SS officer and evil physician at Auschwitz during World War II, who conducted genetic experiments with no regard for human life.

Perhaps Mengele, who died in 1979, did it for science. Or out of hatred for the Jews. Or out of loyalty for the Nazi party.

Dr. Fata did it for money.

Dr. Fata, who will be sentenced this week, is accused of administering unnecessary treatments, including chemo for terminally ill patients, and for some who didn’t even have cancer. Some people are suffering the ill effects of the unnecessary treatments. Some possibly died sooner than they should have as a result of his treatments. In one instance, prosecutors have alleged that Dr. Fata gave 155 chemo treatments to a patient who was cancer free.

He has pleaded guilty to defrauding Medicare of millions of dollars for unnecessary treatments to more than 500 patients.

Dr. Fata got rich being Dr. Evil. He didn’t do it for some ideological reason.

And he, like  Dr. Mengele, carried out the medical acts with no regard for human life.

This week, starting on Tuesday, in a seventh floor courtroom occupied by U.S. District Judge Paul Borman, about two dozen people — family members of victims of Dr. Fata —  will give brief statements about the horrors they experienced, having trusted Dr. Fata.  At the end of all that, the judge will sentence Fata, likely on Thursday. The prosecution is asking for 175 years. Fata’s attorneys are asking for no more than 25 years.

It’s hard to imagine he’ll get anything short of a life sentence. The cruelty involved is beyond comprehension.

On Monday, as part of the sentencing hearing, the government called to the witness stand Dr. Dan Longo, a Harvard Medical School professor, who testified about the unnecessary and puzzling treatments Dr. Fata meted out to various patients.

Longo concluded that treatment in cases he was asked about were beyond aggressive and over the top.

Dr. Fata, clad in a black suit and an open collared, white shirt, sat stoically, next to his two attorneys and two medical experts. He often just stared at the witness, expressionless, and occasionally jotted down something on paper and passed it on to someone at the table. Some of the victims’ family members sat in the gallery, having come traveled aboard a charter bus parked across from the courthouse on Lafayette Blvd.

Dr. Longo testified that the unnecessary treatments exposed patients to severe side effects, including lowering immunity systems.

He testified that patients received a “stunning” number of injections of a drug called Rituximab, which is used to treat aggressive lymphoma. One patient got 112 doses when the max is 24.

The prosecutor, John Neal, brought up a Fox 2 report about a patient who was operated on for pancreatic cancer. After the surgery, he went to Dr. Fata, who followed up with five years of chemo. Dr. Longo said six months of chemo was more appropriate under the circumstances. The patient told the station that he has suffered from a series of ailments from the chemo.

Dr. Fata is a scary reminder why we need second opinions when confronted by serious medical issues,  and that the bad doctor must pay dearly for the Dr. Mengele that lurks inside of him.