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June 2015


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Homeland Security’s Jeh Johnson: Illegal Immigration Drops to Lowest in Decades

By Steve Neavling

A year after a surge in illegal immigrant children and their families trying to cross the U.S. border, illegal immigration is on pace to be the lowest this year than any year since 1972, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Monday, the Washington Times reports.

Johnson stopped short of saying whether the trend would continue but said he was encouraged.

“The bottom line of all this is, in recent years the total number of those who attempt to illegally cross our southwest border has declined dramatically, while the percentage of those who are apprehended has gone up,” the secretary said at the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University. “Put simply, it’s now much harder to cross our border illegally and evade capture than it used to be — and people know that.”

During the first eight months of the fiscal year, Border Patrol captured 213,145 immigrants at the border, a decline of 34% from the same point in 2014.

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Comment from DFrancis
Time June 9, 2015 at 3:57 pm

A president WE Americans cannot trust.

This President has gone too far, as he has trodden on our freedoms and the doctrines of the US Constitution. Alas we have a President who is a modern day British Neville Chamberlain who tried to appease Adolph Hitler prior to World War 2 and we know how that worked out? Rather than use the heavy gauntlet of American power Obama is trying to appease the Iranian zealots, who is on their own fast track to a nuclear bomb. Everywhere we look Obama’s administration has hesitated, especially on foreign policy. Both Russia, China is laughing at our docile power, as stealthily this Liberal government is in retiring members of the armed forces when we need those the most. Cutting back when recruitment should be the policy to show our strength and resolve?

While giant foreign powers rattle their swords, this President has pushed aside Congress and the laws of the land, using his authority to implement executive presidential privilege in passing pro-illegal immigration amnesty. Millions of people came here, knowing they were committing an offence against immigration laws and under this administration rules currently cannot be deported. Stealthily Obama’s elected officials done little to stop the influx and now Taxpayers are forced to cover the massive cost. A passed along whisper that if you break into the United States you will not be deported. The US border is open day as people are arriving everyday demanding a free ride of food stamps and other benefits. Since Obama’s presidency American have been marginalized into different groups. We are a divided people.

George Soros a strong billionaire socialist who has his nose poked in every part of the political spectrum has poured millions of dollars into Liberal causes. He initiates a daily dose of crap on his preoccupation with throwing away the America we know and love. His friends are open border fanatics and his shadow government main ambition is to destroy Capitalist society that has made this country a powerful world leader up to now. Even under a former President as Bill Clinton didn’t want to destroy our values and traditions. His Majesty Obama is doing exactly that. So many aspects of his principles are condemned overwhelmingly by citizens. So far Obama’s 4 years in power he has managed to run up at least 7 Trillion dollars going 19 T.

He has racked god knows how man billions catering to illegal aliens. The millions who have come here under Obama’s furtive undermining executive order, we and the taxpayer have to support them. We still have still tens of millions without a job, with even more unemployed. And cannot feed their families and live in abject poverty. If Obama Amnesty becomes law American-Hispanics, Latino’s, blacks and whites will be in the same line for food stamps as impoverished Americans. If an illegal alien births a baby on American soil, the entire family can access welfare programs that were supposed to be for U.S. citizens — in addition to the government assistance illegal aliens can collect right away, such as food stamps and housing subsidies, free medical care and free schooling. Our ludicrous “anchor baby” policy was invented out of whole cloth by Justice William Brennan and slipped into a footnote in a Supreme Court opinion in 1982. (This law was originally approved after the Emancipation Declaration meant only for slaves. SLAVES! Not millions of babies brought here with intent to gain free welfare.) This amendment has added the ‘CHAIN MIGRATION’ clause, so whole families can follow the original petitioner?

Attention should also be drawn to voter fraud, which is happening and encompassing the nation. The Democrats are insistent that people can vote without any form of ID. No matter who you are everybody should have to produce some form of federal, state identification card when voting. Democrats and their Liberal rabble rousers don’t want ID as then illegal aliens cannot vote. Our election laws should be fair and equitable, as long as you’re an American citizen. I believe that every U.S. state should issue a specific free ID card, so non citizens cannot circumvent the law of elections.

I think its time to stand for something? Every American and legal resident to see how damaging this Democratic Party is to our beloved country and realize that there is no alternative but to IMPEACH OBAMA if we wish to survive. Deliver your message to all 100 senators and 435 members of the House of Representatives and tell them that we ‘The People’ demand that they impeach this President. We need a courageous somebody who has the will to fight ISIS, and not give in to the demands of Iran. Not the Bush’s or Clinton’s, but a free thinker not corrupted by Democrat, Liberal Progressive or GOP Establishment ideologies.

Any Presidential candidate, whether Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Bush, Huckabee or any of the growing list are going to need substantial money in their campaign chest? But my choice and the growing numbers of potential voters have credence in Donald Trump as he needs no crony money and doesn’t even want a salary. He is his own man and will stop any more colonization of America by the illiterate, criminal aliens who arrive here demanding a free ride. Donald may have an ego the size of one of his high rises, but Presidential hopeful billionaire Donald Trump ultimatum has already pledged “I Would Build the Greatest Wall you have ever seen on the Mexican Border.” Trump cannot be bought like the Hillary Clinton’s and other politicians, who must be provided with donor cash to survive. Trump doesn’t need ‘Super Pacs’ money that wealthy donors use as favors to sweeten many politicians positions in Congress. Trump would be completely isolated from bribery that the People are ONLY occasionally aware; unlike most Americans who commit a felony, there is very little accountability for elected officials or CEO of giant banks or investment houses.

We must caution this Congress, that if they side with the Obama’s socialist ideals, desecrate our Constitution or eradicate our freedoms there will be hell to pay. Join a State group now at the Coalition to impeach Barack Obama.

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