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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for March 16th, 2015

Ronald Kessler: Reform the Secret Service

Ronald Kessler is a former Washington Post reporter and the author of “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents.”

secret service photo

By Ronald Kessler
Washington Post

When Michaele and Tareq Salahi crashed a White House state dinner five years ago, President Obama said he “could not have more confidence” in the Secret Service.

When the Secret Service sent home 11 agents from Cartagena, Colombia, for hiring prostitutes, the White House said Obama had “full confidence” in the Secret Service.

When an armed intruder penetrated the White House itself in September, a spokesman again said Obama had “full confidence” in the Secret Service.

Even now, after two senior Secret Service managers suspected of having been drinking drove their vehicle, overhead lights flashing, through security tape at the White House and hit a temporary barricade, the White House said Obama has “full confidence” in his newly appointed director, Joseph P. Clancy.

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Dallas Mavericks Richard Jefferson Seeks Help from FBI Following $2M Theft

By Steve Neavling

The FBI is reportedly investigating the theft of money from Dallas Mavericks forward Richard Jefferson.

The New York Post reports that Jefferson accused his former business manager of stealing $2 million from his bank credit line.

Jefferson recorded a covert call to Ted Kritza in which he confessed.

Jefferson reported the case to the FBI.


Retired FBI Agent: Sheriff’s Office Intentionally Sabotaged Crime Scenes

By Steve Neavling

A retired FBI agent investigating the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office in California alleges local law enforcement intentionally sabotaged crime scenes in an effort to conceal the destruction of missing persons files, The Mercury News reports. 

Jeff Rinek, who was asked to help the bureau with the notorious “Speed Freak Killers” case, said the Sheriff’s Office even used a backhoe in 2012 to commingle bones in an effort to make the remains unidentifiable.

“(The Sheriff’s Office) actions at the Linden well were intentional to catastrophically destroy the crime scene,” Rinek said. “In my opinion, it’s nothing short of a felony. … This is the most heinous thing I’ve ever seen.”

Rinek’s allegations add to a growing number of people in law enforcement who have complained that San Joaquin County Sheriff Steve Moore jeopardized the investigations of the serial killers.

MassLive: Justice Department Is Wrong to Work with CIA on Spying on Americans

By MassLive

If the CIA and the Justice Department were to get married, what kind of kids might the odd couple have?

One answer: Spies who’d believe that they possess the legal smarts to talk their way out of nearly anything.

When The Wall Street Journal reported late last year that the Justice Department was operating airplanes that flew across the land carrying devices mimicking cell towers scooping up details about the mobile phones of innocent citizens below – normal people who were accused of nothing, suspected of nothing, all in the name of tracking a few criminal suspects – we said in this space that the program was fundamentally anti-democratic. It was, plainly stated, un-American.

To have the authorities flying over the land and sweeping up information about the citizenry – even if it was in the name of locating a few bad actors – treated ordinary people like outlaws. We asked at the time – and we’ll ask again now – what becomes of the data that the Justice Department gathers? Who has access to it? How long is it retained?

Now comes a new report in the Journal detailing the CIA’s work with Justice. The U.S. Department of Justice is supposed to be working to enforce the law, not seeking to find novel ways to spy on the people. And our nation’s Central Intelligence Agency, established in 1947, was created to watch over the doings in foreign lands, not to aid Justice in spying on the American citizens.

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Border Patrol Agents May Lose $10M in Overtime As Part of Overhaul

By Steve Neavling

Border Patrol agents are going to have a harder time getting overtime under a proposal to overhaul the system after a whistleblower exposed abuse, FOX10 News reports.

The overhaul of the overtime system is expected to save about $100 million.

The agents aren’t happy about the new system, though, because many feel like they will still work more than they get paid for,” Fox10 wrote.

In the meantime, the Border Patrol Council is lobbying for raises.



Drunken Secret Service Agents May Not Have Interrupted Investigation at White House

By Steve Neavling

Serious claims launched against Secret Service agents may not be true.

CNN interviewed law enforcement officials who contradicted a Washington Post story that asserted two Secret Service agents crashed through a crime scene at the White House.

But according to two law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation, the agents did not interrupt an active investigation.

CNN also took issue with the Post’s claim that a senior supervisor prevented law enforcement from taking a field sobriety test.

“There is a sense now that that might not be true,” one of the sources said.

Federal officials, including lawmakers, are looking into the case.

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