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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for February 4th, 2015

FBI: ISIS Is Recruiting Teenagers from U.S. to Join Widening Terror Campaign

American war reporter James Wright Foley was beheaded by ISIS.

By Steve Neavling

The terrorist group, ISIS, is recruiting teenagers in the U.S. as part of a broadening campaign of violence, a top FBI official told CNN.

Michael Steinbach, head of the FBI’s counterterrorist division, said the teenagers are as young as 15. He said he “can’t speak with 100% certainty that individuals of that age group have not gotten over there successfully.”

Even parents are encouraging their children to join terror groups, he said.

“There are individuals out there who are inspired by the message of terrorist groups and they encourage family members, including their children, to follow that path,” he said.

ISIS also is recruiting women.

“The recruitment of women by ISIS is much more than we’ve ever seen by a terrorist organization,” he said. “We have seen everything from a female fighter — dedicated groups of women fighters — and those who have come over to support foreign fighters by marrying them.”



FBI to Allow Companies to Reveal When They Receive National Security Letters

By Steve Neavling

Companies like Google and Microsoft have long expressed frustration with the inability to disclose when they’ve received a secretive compliance order from the FBI seeking records.

Under a new FBI policy, companies will be able to disclose the “national security letters,” but only “at the earlier of three years after the opening of a fully predicated investigation or the investigation’s close,” The Wall Street Journal reports.

Until now, the FBI has been able to obtain telephone, banking and Internet company records without a court order, and the company was legally prevented from disclosing bureau’s order.

The changes are part of President Obama’s call to reform surveillance practices and data collection.

Defiant Justice Department Attorneys Target California Marijuana Dispensary

By Steve Neavling

A federal appeals court wants to know why the Justice Department was targeting a popular marijuana dispensary after the federal government said it would not intervene in states’ medicinal pot laws, The Associated Press reports.

“The United States government, the president and the attorney general and the justice department is largely looking the other way in terms of medical marijuana facilities,” 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Stephen Murphy said while hearing arguments in a city lawsuit fighting the closure of Harborside Health Center in Oakland. “What’s the end game here?”

Other judges also expressed concerns.

Justice Department attorneys said they don’t know why the U.S. Attorney’s Office was targeting the center but added that the federal government still has authority to close down medical marijuana facilities.

In December, President Obama signed into law a measure blocking the Justice Department from raiding dispensaries that are permitted by state law.

Border Patrol Agents Say Gun Shortage Forces Them to Share Rifles

istock photo

By Steve Neavling

A gun shortage at the Border Patrol has forced about 400 agents to share 100 rifles, one agent told Fox News.

That means agents aren’t able to calibrate their weapon.

“We are left to check out rifles that were unzeroed to us,” a border patrol agent told “This practice needs to be outlawed, as it could cost someone their life.”

One agent said it’s important to have a calibrated rifle.

“Imagine you are out in the mountains of Arizona, walking a trail known to be used by drug smugglers.As you walk up a ridge, a group of smugglers crest over the mountain on the same trail 100 yards away – coming straight toward you, armed with AK-47s,” he said.

The shortage was prompted by the agency’s desire to weed out M4 carbine rifles because of fears that they would malfunction.

Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent Charged Accused of Taking People Hostage, Shooting 1

Alberto Montelongo

By Steve Neavling

An off-duty Border Patrol agent accused of taking two people hostage was arrested Tuesday after an intense standoff that lasted several hours, the El Paso Times reports. 

Alberto Montelongo, 40, was involved in a domestic dispute with another off-duty Border Patrol agent, authorities said.

Another man, who is not an agent, was shot and in critical condition.

Montelongo has been charged with attempted murder.

Authorities said Montelongo barricaded himself and two others inside a home at Mountain Vista after a domestic disturbance.

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