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February 2015


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Democrats Hope to Block Republican Measure to Defund President’s Immigration Plan

By Steve Neavling

It’s a big week for Homeland Security.

Funding is on the line as Senate Democrats prepare to block a House-approved measure driven by Republicans to defund President Obama’s executive action on delaying deportation of millions of illegal immigrants, The Hill reports.

The Senate needs 60 votes to advance the DHS bill. The first procedural vote is scheduled for Tuesday at 2:30 p.m.

If Democrats are able to block the bill, Republicans will be forced to craft an alternative plan.

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Comment from DFrancis
Time February 2, 2015 at 1:21 pm


Yesterday on the history channel, I viewed and absorbed the opening account of the Colonies and the British Empire and the Revolution War that followed. The Colonies at the time were being forced to pay taxes for tea, china and other goods. The rallying cry went out, “Taxation without Representation” This is exactly what is happening today Taxation without Representation, as we are being forced to pay more taxes to support criminals who crossed our Southern border without permission or deliberately “overstayed” their visa. Both parties are refusing to secure the border, and self proclaimed king Obama has passed illegal laws to give criminal illegal aliens permanent residence.

The CONSERVATIVES, Tea Party, Independents and not Republicans, is fighting to stop this travesty of our immigration laws. They should have the backing of all Americans who believe in our natural rights to sovereignty, the rule of law and honoring the edicts passed down to us in the US Constitution. Obama and his minions have undermined the Congress, trampled our sovereignty and he gone his own way against the will of the people. The judgment of most prudent citizens, he should be impeached. But the majority on the Republicans, the millionaires, the corporate industry lovers, the campaign donors side that are weak and without a backbone to halt his Imperial majesties push of absolute power.

A large portion of mainstream voters are out for what they can get FREE of charge, the parasites that live amongst us and not just illegal aliens? They sit and collect the benefits of American sweat who have worked all there lives. Millions of our population is out of a job, out on the streets. Yet Obama wants Washington to approve billions of dollars in catering to foreign nations, who gave us the finger and crossed into our country. King Obama has laid out laws that they cannot be touched by border agents; a ‘Catch and Release’ program, that if you reach America, it becomes a sanctuary for these people. President Obama has become a nemesis to the taxpayer, and taking us deeper into the economic toilet.

You need to be aware of this. The Tea Party has been watching this situation closely and is deeply concerned where it’s going to lead? We have to step in now as they are counting on you to STAND YOUR GROUND AND VOICE YOUR ANGER.

Although it is difficult to wrap our head around, it seems Obama has a secret GOP ally who is turning his back on conservatives everywhere.

Speaker of the House John Boehner threw us under the bus and we are very worried that he has taken the GOP with him. Having fallen to the Obama curse, those who were supposed to represent us are now mere puppets in King Obama’s socialist theater. The ravaging of America continues! Obama is spurring even greater waves of illegal aliens coming into our country with his reckless and dangerous policies. The Tea Party begs you, open your eyes and see the threat to our nation! These nationals and criminals will be knocking down your door soon. You will live in fear for your life and your family. Whether Illegal or criminal, drug-addicts or murderers, Obama is still going to open the door to them nice and wide and let them flow in. In 2013, under Obama’s “catch and release” policy, 36,007 criminally convicted aliens were released by U.S. immigration officials, and in just one year 1,000 of them have since been convicted of a number of crimes, including but not limited to rape, assault with a deadly weapon, terrorist threats and lewd acts with a child under 14.

Senators Chuck Grassley, Jim Inhofe, Jeff Sessions, David Vitter and Ted Cruz have introduced the “Keep Our Communities Safe Act” to put an end to this dangerous Obama policy. GOP Should Not Confirm Attorney General Worse Than Eric Holder. It is time that Republicans exercised the power of their new majority and stood for SOMETHING, and standing for the Constitution and the principle of the equal and uniform application of the law by defeating the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General would be a good place to start.

Despite Obama dealing a killer blow to our health and welfare and educational and financial systems, Obama is going for the jugular—ready to let American hemorrhage to death from forcing upon us more desperate, impoverished people, with expenditure to pander to them.

He is not going to back down or back off on amnesty. He doesn’t care what the new Republican-led Congress thinks. He said so the other night, threatening veto at every turn. These people are coming in droves and using fake IDs and fake birth certificates to get through our borders—and their numbers are on the rise. The 5 million illegal aliens Obama is already granting amnesty to could swell TIMES TEN. It’s excessive. In California alone, the health care costs for illegal aliens is pushing the state $5.8 BILLION over inflation.

Folks, we have to work harder than we have ever worked before to get that amnesty bill overturned. Obama has already proclaimed his veto powers to be supreme—damn rule of law!

It is time dear Patriot to force the GOP to reverse course—remind them of their election promises and their thirst to right what Obama has destroyed.

The GOP promised to overturn amnesty, to defund or outright get rid of Obamacare and even to impeach the despicable excuse for a president.

But now…under Boehner’s guiding hand they’re flim-flaming. Getting flaky and making rumblings they may not do anything.

This makes no sense unless John Boehner is cutting deals with Obama. We don’t know what he’s been promised but we sure know what we were promised and we intend to force the GOP to make good.

…but we need your help. We need to not only stop them but to grow the Tea Party…get stronger and mightier. If we are to fight the Obama machine on our own we must have you with us.

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