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Archive for January 8th, 2015

ATF, FBI Team Up to Track Down Person Who Detonated Bomb Outside NAACP Office

By Steve Neavling 

To solve the question about who detonated a small bomb outside the NAACP chapter in Colorado Springs on Tuesday, the federal government sent in two big guns – the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and the ATF, the Denver Post reports.

Federal and local investigators still have a lot of questions to answer, including whether the mosque was the target, after the first day of the probe didn’t appear to hone in on a suspect.

“We are investigating all potential motives at this time,” said Special Agent Amy Sanders, an FBI spokeswoman. “An act of domestic terrorism is certainly one possibility, in addition to many others.”

Damage from the blast was minimal, contained primarily to a small section of the exterior.

Investigators found a can of gasoline next to the explosive device.

Authorities said they don’t know with certainty that the neighboring barber shop was the target, though the owner said he has no enemies.

“Everybody loves me,” the owner, Gene Southerland, told an inquiring client over the phone on Wednesday morning. “I don’t have any enemies.”

FBI Director Comey: No doubt that North Korea Behind Cyber-Attack on Sony

By Steve Neavling 

FBI Director James B. Comey said on Wednesday that he has no doubt that North Korea was behind the devastating cyber-attacks on Sony Pictures, the New York Times reports

Comey said the hackers were easily trackable because they made a critical error by failing to conceal their location, sending messages and attacks from North Korean Internet addresses. More sophisticated hackers would have routed their attacks and messages through decoy servers – something the hackers tried to do after realizing they were using their country’s Internet addressees, Comey said.

That was all Comey said about the evidence against North Korea, which has denied playing a role in the attack. Private cyber-security firms have expressed doubt that North Korea was the attacker, saying disgruntled Sony employees could have been to blame.

But Comey said the evidence is very clear.

New York Man Indicted for Allegedly Threatening, Stalking FBI Agent

By Steve Neavling 

A New York man accused of stalking and threatening a Pittsburgh FBI agent who was investigating his cousin was indicted Tuesday by a federal grand jury in Ohio, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

Ron Bergin will be in court Thursday to determine if he will be detained until trial to avoid placing Pittsburgh FBI Agent Shawn Brooks in danger. The Post-Gazette the court will “almost certainly be detained pending trial.”

He was charged Tuesday with cyberstalking, threatening a federal law officer and communicating threats across interstate lines.

Agent Brooks was investigating Bergrin cousin, Paul Bergrin, a well-known defense attorney and former federal prosecutor.

Authorities allege Bergin repeatedly called her and sent her four Easter cards to her new home in Pittsburgh.