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Archive for July 10th, 2014

Opinion: President Obama Should Visit Southwest Border to Address Crisis

Pres. Obama/ white house photo

By Jackie Gingrich Cushman

Based on this fiscal year’s eight-and-a-half months of activity so far, the number of unaccompanied alien children from Honduras apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol will increase 22 times from what it was in 2009.

That’s a jump from fewer than 1,000 children five years ago to more than 21,000 this year. Similar increases are predicted for unaccompanied alien children from Guatemala — from 1,115 in 2009 to a projected 17,887 — and a 13-fold increase in UACs from El Salvador, from 1,221 to a projected total of 16,145.
In 2012, when immigration was a key issue during the presidential election, the Border Patrol recorded 24,481 apprehensions of UACs. The year before, (ending September 2011), there were 16,067. Since 2012, the numbers have grown dramatically. In 2013, the total was 38,833, and this year’s figure is expected to reach 90,000.

Before 2012, children from Mexico made up more than 75 percent of UACs. Now, according to the Migration Policy Institute, Hondurans make up the highest percentage of children (28 percent), followed by Mexicans (25 percent), Guatemalans (24 percent), and Salvadorans (21 percent).
This seismic shift in children seeking to enter the United States is due to several factors: a change in immigration policy; an increase in violence in their home countries; an increase in smuggling activity; continued poverty in their countries of origin.

The numerous causes make finding a simple solution impossible. There will have to be changes made on many fronts to create a solution.

New Documents: FBI Worried Nelson Mandela Posed a Significant Communist Threat

Steve Neavling

The FBI closely monitored Nelson Mandela after the Cold War ended, fearing that the South American president was a national security risk, according to documents obtained by Al Jazeera.

The records show concerns among the U.S. that Mandela was a possible communist threat after he was released from prison, even as President George H. W. Bush cultivated a relationship with him and his African National Congress.

The FBI infiltrated Mandela’s meetings with a confidential informant and spied on his gatherings with world leaders, according to the records.

The heavily redacted documents were turned over to a historian, Ryan Shapiro, as part of a Freedom of Information Act request.

Justice Department Highlights New Immigration Strategy in Wake of Border Crisis

Steve Neavling

The Justice Department launched a two-pronged approach to addressing the surge of illegal immigration from Central America, the Washington Examiner reports.

The plan aims to help Central American governments address the growing humanitarian crisis and to speed up immigration cases.

The Executive Office for Immigration Review will prioritize cases involving immigrants who recently crossed the border and are facing removal proceedings.

“This refocusing of resources will allow EOIR to prioritize the adjudication of the cases of those individuals involved in the evolving situation on the southwest border.” EOIR Director Juan P. Osuna said.

The plan calls for hiring more immigration judges and expanding access to legal resources for people facing removal proceedings.

Residents of Small Arizona Town Stand Up Against Border Patrol Presence

Steve Neavling

People living in a small Arizona town about 20 miles north of the Mexico border are growing increasingly angry about the presence of the Border Patrol.

The Associated Press reports that resident of Arivaca are protesting a checkpoint where they say residents’ rights are being violated.

Residents also are monitoring interactions between agents and drivers.

“We’re just standing here for our rights as citizens,” said Carlota Wray, a decades-long Arivaca resident and U.S. citizen who said she’s been harassed by agents several times.

“It has a bad impact on our little town. And it’s a good town.”

The agency defended the checkpoints as important safeguards.

“These checkpoints are critical to our patrol efforts for they deny major routes of egress from the border region to smugglers intent on delivering people, drugs, and other contraband into the interior of the United States. The Border Patrol carefully selects checkpoint locations to maximize border enforcement and continuously evaluates our operations to ensure they are effective and do not pose undo impact to law abiding citizens,” spokesman Andy Adame said.

White House Gets Added Protection from America’s Beloved Four-Legged Friends

Steve Neavling

The White House is using our beloved four-legged friends to help secure the area around the White House, PBS reports.

Secret Service recently began deploying specialized canine units among the general public for the first time.

“This is just one of the proactive, visible security methods being utilized,” said Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan.

Donovan said the agency is always looking for new, innovative ways to address threats.

Although the Secret Service exclusively used Belgian Malinois canines in the past, it’s using non-Malinois this time.