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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for June 5th, 2014

San Francisco Political, Media Consultant Had Bomb-Making Supplies to ‘Maim Or Kill’

Steve Neavling

The San Francisco political consultant who was the subject of a nationwide manhunt had bomb-making materials that were “designed to main or kill,” the FBI said.

It’s unclear whether the FBI has any information indicating that Ryan Chamberlain planned to use the equipment found in his apartment on Saturday, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

FBI agents found the supplies in a messenger bag on the dining room floor of his apartment.

“FBI bomb technicians believe that the circuit board … was designed to serve as a remote control, allowing detonation of the device from afar,” the affidavit stated.

The FBI said Charmberlain lived alone.

Secret Service Not Bothered by Viral Video of President Obama Working Out at Poland Hotel

Steve Neavling

The Secret Service said it’s not worried about surreptitiously captured video of President Obama working out in a hotel in Poland, the Associated Press reports.

A hotel guest is believed to have captured the video, which has gone viral on the Internet.

The video offers a candid look at President Obama grimacing as he lifts weights.

The Secret Service said guests aren’t prohibited from taking pictures and that the hotel gym was not closed while the president worked out.

TSA Publishes Unusual – And Dangerous – Discoveries at Airport Checkpoints

Steve Neavling

The TSA is making unusual discoveries at checkpoints.

There was the Taser disguised a tube of lipstick. A phone that stores knives. And a knife designed to look like a key.

ABC 7 Denver reports that the objects are being posted through the TSA’s blog and most recently Instagram.

“I guess I’m not too surprised by anything someone tries to pass through the checkpoint. Unless it’s something like a chain saw,” said Jeff Price, an aerospace science professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Columnist: FBI Has Made ‘Public Sport of Stalking’ Pro Golfer Phil Mickelson

By Norm Pattis
New Haven Register

I have no idea whether Phil Mickelson, one of the world’s premier golfers and three-time winner of the Masters golf tournament, is guilty of insider trading. But the mere fact that we are talking about it tarnishes his reputation. And why are we talking about it? The FBI has made public sport of stalking him.

It all has to do with the price of Clorox stock. In 2011, Mickelson and several others, including a big-time sports bettor from Las Vegas named William Walters, made millions virtually overnight on well-timed stock trades, according to reports published in The New York Times and elsewhere.

How’d they do that? They bought and sold shares just before billionaire Carl C. Icahn announced a takeover bid for Clorox, driving up the price of the shares.

The Securities and Exchange Commission spotted the transactions, and, apparently, federal investigators decided to look more closely at Mickelson, Walters and Icahn, suspecting more than mere serendipity accounted for the windfall.

Insider trading is what criminal defense lawyers call “white-collar crime.” In terms of a bygone era, these offenses are the sort committed by folks who don’t get their hands dirty while working for a living.

Insider trading is basically a form of rigging a market. Information is shared among favored parties before some event affecting a stock’s value is announced on the open market. Those privy to the secrets get a jump on the market.

To read more click here.

Friend of Boston Marathon Bombers Sent Money to Six Countries Using Fake Names

Khairullozhon MatanovSteve Neavling

A friend of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects is accused of sending more than $71,000 to six countries, often using fake names between 2010 and 2013, the Associated Press reports.

An FBI agent spoke of the money during testimony at a hearing Wednesday.

The friend, Khairullozhon Matanov, stopped sending them money when one of the suspects was in Russia. the agent testified.

Matanov also is accused of lying to investigates and deleting computer files.