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Bi-Partisan Panel: States Should Use Single Drug for Executions to Reduce Errors

Steve Neavling

A bipartisan panel of criminal justice experts concluded that states should administer capital punishment with a single drug approved by the U.S. government for executions, the Washington Post reports [2].

The legal research team called the Constitution Project released the 165-page study, which also calls for lethal-injection protocols in each of the 35 states that carry out executions. Three of those states phased out the death penalty but it is not retroactive.

“Without substantial revisions — not only to lethal injection, but across the board — the administration of capital punishment in America is unjust, disproportionate and very likely unconstitutional,” Republican Mark Earley, a member of the Constitution Project’s death-penalty committee, said in a statement.

The aim is to reduce the number of errors while administering capital punishment.