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May 2014


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

DEA Head Fights Against Obama Administration Efforts to Reduce Minimum Sentences for Drug Offenders

Steve Neavling

In her latest defiance of the Obama administration, DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart is unwilling to support a bill to reduce mandatory minimum sentences for federal drug crimes, the Huffington Post reports.

Leonhart has departed with the administration on reforms to drug policies heralded by President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.

“Having been in law enforcement as an agent for 33 years, [and] a Baltimore City police officer before that, I can tell you that for me and for the agents that work for DEA, mandatory minimums have been very important to our investigations,” Leonhart said. “We depend on those as a way to ensure that the right sentences are going to the … level of violator we are going after.”

Leonhart, who also has spoken out against leniency in pot laws, has been a thorn on the side of reform efforts.


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Comment from jlopey
Time May 6, 2014 at 3:04 pm

I commend Ms. Leonhart for speaking out against the attempt by a left leaning administration to completely trash long established laws. I am not opposed to reform, but this administration appears to intent on changing a myriad of different laws based on their political leanings versus careful circumspection and study. The law is the law and any significant changes should accomplished through scientific and logical analysis and facts. Politicizing existing laws is dead wrong!!

Comment from Mariamante
Time May 10, 2014 at 6:08 pm

There is NO “War Against Drugs”. There is a drug epidemic across the nation. The heroin available today is so pure it can be snorted, and the supply is so vast, it is easier to get than beer. It isn’t grown here. There is a level of deception taking place beyond most people’s comprehension. The cartels are running the show. “Drug War? American Troops Are Protecting Afghan Opium. U.S. Occupation Leads to All-Time High Heroin

The bizarre use of the American military to support the Muslim Brotherhood, has been well documented by famed author Seymour Hersch.

It isn’t so bizarre when you remember that the Muslim Brotherhood is cartel for the $multi Billion heroin trade.

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