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April 2014


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Gang Land News: Ex-New York Mobster Alleges that Rev. Al Sharpton Was the Mob’s Go to Guy

By Allan Lengel

An ex-mobster who became a man of the cloth tells Gang Land News that Rev. Al Sharpton  used his ties to the mob to make money, and Sharpton was the mob’s hired gun.

Ex-Colombo crime family Capo Michael Franzese tells Jerry Capeci of Gang Land News that Sharpton used his influence with black entertainers to get cash payoffs from mobsters and mob-connected firms.

He allegedly helped recruit entertainers for a record label with mob ties.  Sharpton insists he had no idea whether some people had mob ties.

Franzese also alleged that Sharpton helped him in a union organizing scam. Franzese planned to unionize hotel security guards in Atlantic City and needed Sharpton’s help.

“I told Sharpton about it. I told him we were going to picket at one of the hotels and needed his help. It was a long time ago, but I remember like it was yesterday. He said, ‘Mike, for the right price, I’ll have six busloads of the nastiest looking n—- down there as quick as you can say Al Sharpton. I’ll have them slamming the front doors of those hotels day and night.”

“Everybody on the street knew Sharpton was a gun for hire,” Franzese told Gang Land.

Sharpton told Gang Land News that Franzese was the “biggest liar” and denied being involved in any mob-related union organizing campaign.

Gang Land News is a paid subscription site, but worth it.


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