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Archive for April 10th, 2014

Student Slashes, Stabs 21 Classmates, Security Guard at Pennsylvania High School

Steve Neavling

In an era of school shootings, sophomore Alex Hribal brought knives.

The 16-year-old boy used two 8-inch knives during a vicious attack Wednesday morning at a high school near Pittsburgh, PA, stabbing and slashing 21 fellow students and a security guard, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports.

“When I saw a kid bleeding on the ground is when I realized this was really serious,” student Hope Demont told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Hribal, who was treated for minor hand wounds, was charged as an adult following the attack. Four of his classmates were in critical condition Wednesday evening.

Elite FBI Team Rescues Kidnapped Man from Atlanta Apartment Late Wednesday

Steve Neavling

In a daring rescue mission late Wednesday, the FBI saved a man being held in an Atlanta apartment.

The News & Observer reports that Frank Arthur Janssen, 63, was rescued unhurt by an elite rescue team. It was unclear this morning whether arrests have been made.

Janssen went missing after coming home from a bike ride Saturday morning. His wife found droplets of blood.

Wake Forest police brought in the FBI, which determine it was a kidnapping case.

Middle School Gang Suspected of Mob Violence in Downtown Louisville Last Month

Steve Neavling

Three hours of mob violence in downtown Louisville last month was perpetuated by a gang of middle school students who call themselves “Young ‘N Off that,” or YNO.

Louisville Courier-Journal reports that the students are “armed in a major way” and belong to several different schools after it started at Frost Middle School.

The gang of students showed up to Waterfront Park on March 22 to fight another local gang, Trill Young Savages, or TYS, according to an FBI memo.

“TYS members apparently didn’t show, which is when the ‘mob violence’ ensued,” the agent wrote.

The teens committed at least 20 robberies assaults and acts of vandalism.

Border Patrol Agent Taken to Hospital After Head Slammed into Tree By Illegal Immigrant

Steve Neavling

A 39-year-old Guatemalan suspected of entering the country illegally is behind bars after slamming a Border Patrol agent’s head into a tree branch in Texas early Sunday morning.

The agent, who was identified only as J.C., was taken to a hospital for lacerations on his face, but the injuries are not life-threatening, The Monitor reports.

The suspect, Cresencio Perez, was ordered to jail without bond.

The struggle ensued after the agent began to chase Perez.

Gunmaker Sues ATF, Saying Feds Wrongly Classified Its ‘Muzzle Brake’ a Silencer

Image from

Steve Neavling

A gunmaker is suing the ATF for claiming the company is selling a gun silencer.

Gunmaker Sig Sauer said that the ATF wrong classified its “muzzle brake” as a silencer.

“If classified as a silencer, no market exists for the subject device given that it will not silence, muffle, or diminish the report of a firearm and yet it would still be subject to the burdensome requirements set forth above as if it really is a silencer,” Sig argues through

Manchester attorney Mark Rouvalis and Virginia attorney Stephen Halbrook.

By classifying it as a silencer, sales will drop significantly because people won’t want to deal with the “required burdens” that come with a silencer.