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FBI Stands ‘Firmly Behind’ Agent Accused of Committing Perjury in Criminal Case

Steve Neavling

The FBI is standing behind an agent who is accused of committing perjury.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that the FBI stands “firmly behind” Agent Brian Grehoski, who is accused of lying during testimony in a hearing on campaign finance allegations.

FBI spokesman Manuel Johnson said he’s unaware of any internal investigations of Grehoski.

Even Yavapai County prosecutors who are handling the case are defending Grehoski.

TSA Causes Stink by Seizing Expensive Bottle of Perfume Shaped Like ‘Grenade’

Steve Neavling 

The TSA caused controversy by seizing a woman’s expensive bottle of perfume because it is shaped like a grenade, Fox News reports.

Country music promoter Lois Lewis was stopped by TSA agents and then investigated after after trying to bring her 2-ounce bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume in her carryon at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor.

The TSA defended the move, saying it removes any toy weapons or other items that resemble weapons.

“I’m not a casual traveler. I was trying to show them look I’m PreCheck. My risk has been assessed you know. I carry this with me always,” Lewis saidd. “They said if as a passenger you were to get on an airplane and you were to wave this around that people could maybe construe that as you making some sort of a threat.”



New York Congressman: FBI, NTSB Need to Get More Involved with Malaysian Airliner Investigation

Steve Neavling

Frustrated with the pace of the investigation into the missing Malaysian airliner, a New York Congressman insisted Sunday that the FBI and NTSB should get more involved, Fox News reports.

New York Rep. Peter King, a Republican, said the the Malaysia government is not cooperating.

“This has been frustrating for the FBI,” said King, chairman of the House Sub-Committee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence and a former chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security. “My understanding is the Malaysian government is not cooperating.”

Among the 239 missing passengers are three Americans.

Much of the frustration stems from the slow Malaysian response.

Report: Man Who Died in Border Patrol Custody Was Believed to be Faking Seizure

Steve Neavling

An American citizen died in U.S. Border Patrol custody after paramedics erroneously concluded that he was faking a seizure, according to a medical examiner’s report, Al Jazeera reports.

Steven Keith, 58, died on Christmas at a Southern California checkpoint facility about 20 miles from the border.

The cause of Keith’s death is an overdose from methamphetamine, which may have been the result of him swallowing a packet of meth that broke in his digestive system.

When Keith arrived at the Campo Border Patrol Station on Christmas eve, a paramedic was asked to examine him because of “seizure-like activity.”

“The paramedic reportedly applied pressure to his shoulder area and initially assessed that he was faking a seizure. He was then left alone in the cell and continued to be monitored via camera,” the report said.

When a Border Patrol agent checked on Keith’s cell, he was  “discovered lying unresponsive,” according to the report.

Family Members Express Shock That Border Killed Self After Alleged Assaults

Steve Neavling

Family members of a Border Patrol agent who killed himself after allegedly assaulting three immigrant women are having trouble processing the news.

“It’s really hard to believe,” Susana Manzanares said of her ex-husband Esteban Manzanares, who shot himself after authorities say he sexually assaulted three women on Wednesday.

Manzanares described her husband as kind-hearted and always willing to help strangers.

“What surprises me is that he would leave his children,” she said.

Details of what happened are still emerging.

Owner of Gun Parts Store in California Refuses to Give Feds List of Customers

Steve Neavling 

The owner of a California gun parts store is refusing to release the names of customers to federal agents, the Washington Times reports.

Dimitrios Karras, who owns Ares Armor in Oceanside, insisted it was an invasion of privacy to hand over the identities of 5,000 customers who purchased gun parts.

“They said either give us these 5,000 names or we are coming in and taking pretty much anything — which is a huge privacy concern and something we are not willing to do,” Karras said.

“They were going to search all of our facilities and confiscate our computer and pretty much shut our business down,” he said. “The government invades our privacy on a daily basis and everyone thinks it’s ok. This is one of those situations where hopefully the governmental institutions will come in and say this is protected and no you’re not taking it from them.”


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Senators Call for Inspector General Investigation of Ethics Infractions by Justice Department

Steve Neavling

A new report shows that Justice Department lawyers committed hundreds of ethics infractions ranging from recklessness to misconduct.

Now a bipartisan group of senators is supporting a bill that would empower the inspector general to conduct an investigation, NPR reports.

The senators want to bypass the traditional route – using the Office of Professional Responsibility, which reports to the Attorney General and has been criticized for being too secretive.

“Current law invites undue influence from the Attorney General’s office into the process and should be changed to ensure the integrity of investigations of misconduct within the Justice Department,” Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, said in a prepared statement.

The bill would give the inspect general limitless jurisdiction.

Some of the cases involve intentionally misleading courts.