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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Mysterious Death of Physical Therapist in Texas Catches Attention of Justice Department

Steve Neavling

Something isn’t right about the death of a physical therapist who was found dead in an isolated section of Texas.

CNN reports that the Justice Department is investigating the death of Alfred Wright, a  ather who disappeared Nov. 7 after stopping at a liquor store to tell family members that he was having car troubles.

His partially clothed body was founded 19 days later in an area that supposedly had been searched. When the body was discovered, the medical examiner concluded the death was accidental, but a family-hired pathologist found “severe trauma” to the body, CNN reported.

Family members said the sheriff’s department said it found no foul play and believed drugs were involved.

Designer Drug That Acts Like LSD Makes Way Around Country, Causes Health Problems

Steve Neavling 

You probably never heard of 25I – or N Bomb.

But the designer drug, which creates hallucinations similar to LSD, is making its way across the country, the Oregonian reports.

Two teenager girls in Oregon were hospitalized last week after having seizures from the drug, a compound called 25I-NBOMe.

The drug is snorted, injected or laced with food, according to the DEA.

The effects include aggression, hallucinations, hypertension, acute kidney injury and even death.


Man Armed with Loaded Rifle, Machete, Gas Arrested for Threatening to Kill former president George W. Bush

White House photo

Steve Neavling

Armed with a loaded rifle, a machete and gasoline, a man threatened to kill former president George W. Bush and win over one of his two daughters, USA Today reports.

The Secret Service arrested Benjamin Smith, 44,  in New York City after he told agents he was “working on a relationship with Barbara Bush.”

After a 12-hour search, they found Rossi with a loaded .38-caliber rifle.

Police received a tip from the man’s mother after finding a note.

“I’m going to work for George W. Bush and the Pentagon,” the note said. “I have to slay a dragon and then Barbara Bush is mine.”


Florida Man Sentenced to 3 Years in Audacious Scheme to Steal Identities of First Lady, ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller

Steve Neavling

Talk about brazen.

A Florida teen tried to steal the identity of former FBI director Robert Mueller and First Lady Michelle Obama, the Examiner reports.

Luis Flores Jr., 19., who also is accused of targeting Kim Kardashian, was sentenced recently to three years in prison.

What did he plan to do with the identities?

According to the Examiner, Flores was using personal information in hopes of gaining access to money or credit.

Border Patrol Agents Accused of Showing Children How to Shoot Paintball Guns at Images of Illegal Immigrants

Steve Neavling

Disturbing images have surfaced showing Border Patrol staff teaching children to shoot paintball guns  at an effigy of an illegal immigrant, the San Diego Free Press reports.

“The target is dressed to resemble a migrant and is located within 100 feet from Virginia Avenue where actual persons have been killed by Border Patrol gunfire.” Pedro Ríos, chairman of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, said.

“While encouraging children to use guns to shoot at a migrant effigy is unconscionable, it is also symbolic of the agency’s unabashed culture of violence which has grown from a lack of accountability, oversight and unprofessional standards that rebuke best practices in situations involving use-of-force.”

The images come at a time when the Border Patrol has come under fire for its use-of-force policies.

Jeh Johnson’s Newest appointee at Homeland Security Was Key Figure in Pennsylvania Corruption Case

Christian Morrone

Steve Neavling

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson’s newest appointee has a checkered past, the Washington Times reports.

According to court records, Johnson’s chief of staff, Christian Marrone, oversaw the private renovations of a mansion owned by state Sen. Vince Fumo.

At the time, Marrone was one of Fumo’s legislative aides.

According to the report Marrone spent about 80% of his time working on the private job for Fumo.


Heroin Use Increases Despite Deadly Consequences; Prescription Pills May Be to Blame

Steve Neavling

Despite the dangers of heroin, people are increasingly turning to the drug, CNN reports.

But why?

It’s relatively inexpensive, readily available and becomes the next step for pain pill addicts.

A government study found that heroin use more than doubled in the past decade to 355,000.

“Heroin is pummeling the northeast, leaving addiction, overdoses and fear in its wake,” James Hunt of the DEA’s New York Office, said.

People die from heroin all the time. But on Sunday, we learned of the death of a high-profile figure, Philip Seymour Hoffman.



Fed Prosecutors Break Into “Revolt” Over Atty. Gen. Eric Holder’s Drug Views

Atty. Gen. Holder /doj photo

By Allan Lengel

Apparently not all the federal prosecutors are on board with Attorney Gen. Eric Holder’s views on drug laws.

Retired attorney Paul Mirengoff writes on the website POWERLINE  that hundreds of career Justice Department lawyers ” have broken into open revolt against Attorney General Holder over his support of legislation that would drastically cut back on mandatory minimum sentences for drug pushers.” The legislation Holder supports is known as the Durbin-Lee bill.

The website writes:

This was too much for hundreds of federal prosecutors. Today, Chuck Grassley, the Ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, read aloud from a letter the National Association of Assistant United States Attorneys sent Holder three days ago. The portion Sen. Grassley read states:

We believe the merits of mandatory minimums are abundantly clear. They reach to only the most serious of crimes. They target the most serious criminals. They provide us leverage to secure cooperation from defendants. They help to establish uniform and consistency in sentencing. And foremost, they protect law-abiding citizens and help to hold crime in check.

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