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LAX Gunman a “Pissed-Off Patriot” Who Wanted to Kill TSA Officers

Steve Neavling

The gunman behind the deadly rampage at Los International Airport planned to kill multiple TSA officers to “instill fear in your traitorous minds” when he unloaded his .223-caliber assault rifle, the Associated Press reports.

Gunman Paul Ciancia, an unemployed motorcycle mechanic, is heavily sedated after he was shot several times. But he told the FBI in a handwritten note that he is a “pissed-off patriot” upset over what he considered the constitutional violations of invasive TSA searches, the AP reported.

Ciancia also said he was angry at former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Ciancia could be sentenced to death.

Michigan Man Says He’s Owed $25 Million Reward for Tip About Bin Laden’s Whereabouts

Steve Neavling

A Michigan man claims the FBI owes him $25 million because he provided a tip that led the U.S. to Osama bin Laden, Yahoo news reports.

Tom Lee, 63, of Grand Rapids, said he deserved the reward for bin Laden’s capture because he told authorities in 2003 about the terrorist’s whereabouts.

Yahoo News reported that Lee maintains he pointed the FBI to the same compound where bin Laden was found.

Lee said he got the information from a Pakistani intelligence agent.

But in 2011, the U.S. said bin Laden’s whereabouts were discovered via electronic surveillance, not a tip.

Border Patrol Agents Make About 420,000 Arrests Last Budget Year – a 15% Increase

Steve Neavling

Border Patrol agents arrested more than 420,000 people – a 15% increase – in the past budget year that ended in September, the Associated Press reports.

This is the second consecutive year for an uptick in arrests following a 40-year low in apprehensions in 2011, the AP wrote.

The arrests represent about 320,000 different people.

Largely to blame for the increase are arrests from people in countries other than Mexico, the AP reported.

Off-Duty FBI Agent Prompts Debate about Guns in Nebraska Schools

Steve Neavling

An off-duty FBI agent’s decision to take a gun into an elementary school in Nebraska has prompted debate about addressing the state’s gun law, Omaha World-Herald reports.

A parent at a Papillion elementary school spotted the gun and asked the school board to clarify the law on plainclothes officers carrying weapons.

Nebraska law, which bars weapons from school grounds, makes an exception for on-duty law enforcement, Omaha World-Herald wrote.

What’s unclear is whether off-duty offices can possess guns on school property.

Now local officials are calling on state lawmakers to clarify the law.

Was President Obama’s Amusing Anecdote About a Mobster and FBI Director Comey Even True?

Gang Land photo

By Allan Lengel

President Barack Obama had a very amusing anecdote several days ago when praising James Comey as his choice to head the FBI during  Comey’s official installment at FBI headquarters.

The only question is: Was it even true?

Jerry Capeci, mob expert who runs the website Gang Land News, reported that the president mentioned the first name of Gambino mobster Lorenzo Mannino during his remarks at the installment. Comey was prosecuting Mannino and some other mobsters in 1993 in Manhattan.

“One of the defendants was an alleged hit man named Lorenzo,” said the President, according to Gang Land News. “And during the trial, Jim won an award from the New York City Bar Association.

“When the court convened the next morning, everybody was buzzing about it, and suddenly, a note was passed down from the defendant’s table, across the aisle to the prosecutor’s table. It was handed to Jim, and it read: ‘Dear Jim, congratulations on your award. No one deserves it more than you. You’re a true professional. Sincerely, Lorenzo.’ “Sincerely Lorenzo,” the President cracked. “Now, we don’t know how sincere he was. We don’t know whether this was a veiled threat, or a plea for leniency, or an honest compliment. But I think it is fair to say that Jim has won the respect of folks across the spectrum — including Lorenzo,” smiled Obama.

Capeci reports that there was polite laughter in the crowd  “but in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, which has been home for Lorenzo since his release from prison in 2004, the 54-year-old Mannino wasn’t smiling. 

The kicker, according to Gang Land: “He never wrote the letter,” said Charles Carnesi, who defended Mannino during the lengthy 1993 trial that ended in a hung jury. “It didn’t happen,” said Carnesi, adding: “Although I personally agree with the sentiments expressed in it.”

Capeci reported that the White House did not respond for comment, but an FBI spokesman insisted the anecdote was true.

As a side note: The jury hung. But a year later, on the eve of the retrial,  Mannino and codefendants John and Joseph Gambino all pleaded guilty and were released after serving their 15 year sentences.  


Weekend Series on Law Enforcement History: Nixon Talks to LBJ About J. Edgar Hoover’s Death


TSA Officer Killed at LAX

New York Times

LOS ANGELES — A Transportation Security Administration officer was killed Friday at Los Angeles International Airport in a shooting that left several other T.S.A. employees injured and led the authorities to evacuate thousands of passengers and temporarily ground all flights there, the authorities said.

The police said that a gunman, identified by a federal official as Paul Ciancia, 23, pulled an assault rifle from a bag and opened fire about 9:20 a.m. as he entered Terminal 3 at the airport, one of the world’s busiest.

Mayor Eric Garcetti said at a news conference that the airport police had responded to the gunfire, trailed Mr. Ciancia and shot him after he crossed through a security checkpoint as he continued firing the weapon. The authorities did not say whether Mr. Ciancia had been killed. The police said one person had been arrested.

“We’re not going to be able to tell you a lot of things you might want to know, but this is ongoing,” Mayor Garcetti said.

To read more click here.

FBI, Other Feds Face Budget Cuts That Could Mean Fewer Personnel

Steve Neavling 

Budget cuts in 2014 could mean fewer FBI agents and other reductions to federal law enforcement agencies, CNN reports.

“What we’re going to see is really tough decisions, really cutting into the bone of programs,” said Scott Klinger, director of revenue and spending policies at the Center for Effective Government, a budget watchdog group. “The belt tightening, the deferred maintenance, the tapping of rainy day funds — it’s all been done already.”

Lawmakers already began meeting to discuss the cuts.

A new round of sequester cuts could mean a whopping $800 million reduction for the FBI budget.

“That cupboard is bare. I can’t avoid it this year,” FBI DIrector James Comey said.