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November 2013


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Thief Swipes 2 High-Powered Rifles from FBI SWAT Vehicle

Colt M16-A1

Steve Neavling

You never know what you’ll find when breaking into a car.

For one thief, it was two high-powered rifles.

The Boston Globe reports that a Colt M16-A1 Rifle and an HS Precision Pro-Series 2000 Sniper Rifle were stolen from an FBI SWAT vehicle parked in a residential area, where the agent wasn’t working, the Boston Globe reports.

The bureau didn’t disclose the identity of the agent.

The theft may be connected to others in the area, the FBI said in a statement.

“During that same time, items were stolen from other vehicles parked at nearby homes in Andover.”

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Comment from msfreeh
Time November 8, 2013 at 11:17 am

We have been tracking the Lost and Found Department at the FBI Crime Family for the past 15 years. Google fbi missing computers or see: In 2001 FBI agents lost 449 firearms and 184 laptop computers Not to worry your tax dime replaced them How about in 2002 FBI agents lost 354 submachine guns , shotguns and sniper rifles in a 8 month period. Oh yea 317 laptop computers went missing during the same time period. see Not to worry the Boston taxpayer replaced them. In 2006 FBI agents caused Boston taxpayers to hemorrhage $7.6 million in lost computers see OK in 1997 there was the FBI van that was filled with weapons including a grenade launcher that was never found Yea the van was torched What’s Mass US Senator Ed Markey doing about this? He is reading his FBI Dossier.

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