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September 2013


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Retired FBI Official Says of the FBI’s Robert Mueller III: “I Never Doubted His Dedication to This Organization”

As part of an effort to get a broad view of Robert S. Mueller III’s tenure as FBI director, I’ve asked people to write and tell me what they think.  On Monday I published some comments. Later in the day,  I received this from Tom McClenaghan, a retired FBI agent. — Allan Lengel

Robert Mueller/file fbi photo

By Tom McClenaghan

I retired four years ago after 25 years in the FBI. Had the pleasure of being SAC in two field offices and was able to see first hand Director Mueller’s impact on the Bureau.

While I didn’t always agree with some of his decisions I never doubted his dedication to this organization. I wonder if some of his Bureau critics have forgotten how perilously close the FBI was to being broken up into two agencies along the lines of MI5 and Scotland Yard .

At the time, Great Britain was finally realizing the dysfunctional nature of having its domestic intelligence and national law enforcement agencies separated and were making attempts to combine their efforts following the FBI model. Despite this, members of Congress were very close to breaking up the FBI into a likewise organizational mess. I don’t believe anyone other than Mueller could have convinced the Bureau critics in Congress to leave the FBI in its current form.

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Comment from Jerry Atlansky
Time September 23, 2013 at 11:22 pm

Robert Mueller was forced out of the F.B.I. as he hired Ronald C. Ruecker F.B.I. Assistant Director Jan. 6, 2009 knowing Ruecker lost three lawsuits in three cities in Oregon and Ruecker was forced to resign Dec. 1, 2006 for allowing officers to repeatedly beat/kick to death restrained people when officers witness said unlawful homicides. Google: program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement.

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