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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for July 15th, 2013

Top Dog for the Killer Zetas Cartel is Captured

By Allan Lengel

The top dog of the killer Zetas drug cartel in Mexico was captured, Tracy Wilkinson of the LA Times reports.

The Times reports that Mexican naval special forces seized Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, alias Z-40, in Nuevo Laredo, a border city across from Laredo, Texas, in the state of Tamaulipas.

She writes that “this is the most significant blow to organized crime since President Enrique Peña Nieto took office more than seven months ago”

To read the whole story click here. 

However, city council retroactively increases the parking

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President Obama to Search for New Homeland Security Secretary to Replace Napolitano


Janet Napolitano

Steve Neavling 

President Obama soon will have to replace Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano after she announced Friday that she’s resigning to head the University of California system, the Washington Post reports.

Napolitano plans to resign in September, which gives Obama a little more than a month to find a replacement.

The White House gave no indication of a deadline or about who is in the running, The Post reported.

The next Homeland Security secretary is important because he or she will be responsible for overhauling the immigration system.

Environmentalists Concerned About Growth of Border Patrol

Steve Neavling

Add environmentalists to the groups of people opposing the growth of the Border Patrol.

The inundation of 20,000 agents could irrevocably damage the Southern Arizona’s deserts and wildlife, according to the Siera Club Borderlands, which has a Tucson office.

Border Patrol is not subject to environmental laws along the international border, creating fears that heavy SUVs and hundreds of miles of more fencing and hardware would cause significant environmental harm, the Arizona Daily Star reports.

“This goes far beyond what has been considered in the past. It is one thing when you have 10,000 agents. When it is double, it’s something entirely different,” said Dan Millis, spokesman for Sierra Club Borderlands. “We are talking about having 38,500 Border Patrol agents. It’s an agency that has grown too fast, and I fear that it is going to bust.”

NSA Leaker Snowden Has More Sensitive Information about U.S. Surveillance, Journalist Says

Steve Neavling 

NSA Leaker Edward Snowden has information that could cause more damage to the U.S. than “anyone else has ever had in the history” of the country, according to the Guardian journalist who reported about the widespread surveillance.

Columnist Glenn Greenwald said the U.S. should be careful.

“But that’s not his goal,” Greenwald told the newspaper. “His objective is to expose software that people around the world use without knowing what they are exposing themselves to, without consciously agreeing to surrender their rights to privacy. He has a huge number of documents that would be very harmful to the U.S. government if they were made public.”

Snowden’s information could be described basically as “an instruction manual” for how the NSA conducts surveillance, Greenwald said.

Why FBI’s Departure from Pennsylvania Avenue Would Boost Region

Steve Neavling

The demolition of the Hoover Building would create $28 million in additional tax revenue for Washington D.C. and provide much needed aesthetic relief for people who have to see the hulking building every day, the Washington Post wrote in an editorial today.

The move to another building also makes sense regionally, the Post argued. It would bring about 11,000 jobs – about half of which are scattered across various buildings in the District and Virginia – to one building.

“Consolidating them in a modern facility is important for an agency that has grown fast since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks,” the Post wrote. “Given the land requirements for a new headquarters — at least 40 acres — suburban sites with access to Metro are the logical place to look.”


Did FBI Send Racist Coloring Books to White Families in 1960s?

Steve Neavling

Several websites are reporting that the FBI mailed racist coloring books to white families in the 1960s in an effort to discredit the Black Panthers.

The drawings depict black people hitting and shooting police, who are depicted as pigs.

Websites such as and claim the coloring book was created by the FBI’s COINTELPRO, or Counter Intelligence Program.

COINTELPRO existed from 1956 to 1971 to discredit any organization considered subversive.