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Former FBI Director Freeh Delivers Graduation Speech at St. Anselm College

Louis Freeh

Steve Neavling

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh urged graduating students Saturday to give back to their community during a commencement speech at St. Anselm College, the New Hampshire Union Leader reports.

“We should all strive to help create a more perfect union,” said Freeh, who was selected because of his commitment to law enforcement, the Union Leader wrote.

Freeh also remarked about a time when his 2-year-old son pushed his older brother into a pond at the Rose Garden during the nomination process by President Bill Clinton. When the 2-year-old lied and told the president that he didn’t shove his brother, Clinton said the lawyer in the young boy made him proud.

Justice Department Tracked Movements of Journalist, Obtained Telephone Records

Steve Neavling 

The Justice Department tracked a journalist suspected of receiving secret material related to possible leaks of classified information about North Korea in 2009, The Washington Post reports.

In addition to obtaining telephone records from James Rosen, the chief Washington correspondent for Fox News,, investigators used security badge access records to track the reporter’s traffic in and out of the State Department, the Post wrote.

Justice Department investigators also obtained a search warrant for Rosen’s e-mails.

This follows the discovery that the Justice Department also seized telephone records from the AP.


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Gang Land News: Mobster Wants Loanshark Money He Earned While Working Undercover for FBI

By Allan Lengel
The government sees it as an act of chutzpah.

Mob expert Jerry Capeci of Gang Land News reports that Reynold (Ren) Maragni, a Colombo capo, who was cooperating with the feds, “poked his finger” in the eyes of the feds by filing papers demanding the federal government in Brooklyn  return $48,500 in loanshark payments he accepted in 2011 while working undercover for them.

Capeci reports that Maragni returned the dough to  monitoring FBI agents, but could really use the cash now.

Capeci writes:

In court filings, assistant U.S. attorneys Elizabeth Geddes and Allon Lifshitz opposed the mobster’s audacious request. They noted that the money was evidence, that the cash was criminal proceeds that were subject to criminal as well as civil forfeiture statutes, and that Maragni agreed to its forfeiture in a February 9, 2012 “cooperation agreement”

The government also opposed a separate motion by Maragni’s attorney to use some of that money to cover his legal fees. The judge agreed with the feds, but allowed the lawyer to resign from the case, and appointed a new attorney, who won’t have to worry about the gangster stiffing him, too. He will be paid by the government.

Gang Land News is a subscription based website on organized crime.


Two FBI Agents Killed in Training Accident

By Allan Lengel

Two FBI agents who were part of the FBI’s ultra-elite Hostage Rescue Team were killed Friday during a training accident involving a helicopter off the coast of Virginia Beach, Fox News reported.

Fox reported that a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Norfolk office, Vanessa Torres, confirmed Sunday the accident occurred Friday afternoon off the Virginia Beach coast, but did not provide additional details. The FBI said, Fox reported.

In a press release, the FBI said:

Two FBI special agents were tragically killed Friday during a training exercise off the coast of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Special Agent Christopher Lorek and Special Agent Stephen Shaw were members of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team, part of the Critical Incident Response Group based at Quantico, Virginia. The cause of the incident is under review.

In a statement, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller said, “We mourn the loss of two brave and courageous men. Like all who serve on the Hostage Rescue Team, they accept the highest risk each and every day, when training and on operational missions, to keep our nation safe. Our hearts are with their wives, children, and other loved ones who feel their loss most deeply. And they will always be part of the FBI Family.”

Special Agent Lorek, age 41, joined the FBI in 1996. He is survived by his wife and two daughters, ages 11 and 8. Special Agent Shaw, 40, joined the FBI in 2005 and is survived by his wife; a daughter, age 3; and a son, age 1.

The agents were identified as Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw.


Weekend Series on Crime: The Story of Joe “Don Peppino” Bonanno


Column: FBI Needs to Share More Information about Low-Flying Planes Scouring Areas Near Boston

Lawrence Harmon
Opinion for Boston Globe

The Boston office of the FBI clammed up when asked if its agents were at the controls of low-flying aircraft making continuous loops over Quincy and abutting communities during all hours of the day and night in recent weeks. But short of towing a colorful banner declaring “FBI Surveillance Operation’’ behind the propeller-driven Cessna aircraft, the answer is pretty obvious. Less obvious is why the FBI has so much trouble deciding what information it can share without compromising its investigations.

After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the FBI turned increasingly to small aircraft to augment its surveillance capabilities. This is not a state secret. The press has reported that every FBI field office has the capability to launch civilian-style planes equipped with infrared devices and bugging equipment. The FBI’s eyes — and ears — in the sky are used in both counterterrorism and more traditional law enforcement operations, such as drug investigations.

A simple acknowledgment from the FBI that it is engaged in a surveillance operation — if that is indeed the case — would clear the air. Yet wringing such admissions from the FBI has been like getting a compulsive hoarder to give up the floor-to-ceiling stacks of moldy magazines that litter the apartment.

To read more click here.